Olde Canal Village eBallot  
Annual Trustee Election
ER16219   January 01, 0001 to June 05, 2019

Electronic Voting Vision: To make voting at Olde Canal Village anonymous, convienient, simple, and secure.";

Trustee Certificate
Welcome to the annual electronic trustee election event. Thank you for taking the time to vote and for participating in the management of our community. The calculations required to get and process votes are done entirely by an unattended host on the Internet. The program will start itself on the correct date and time There is no human intervention (except yours, of course). There is no personal information kept. The software will take your name and address and will use them to obtain your beneficial interest (percentage of ownership), to verify you are a Qualified Occupant** of Olde Canal Village, and to assure you vote only once. Except for the beneficial interest, the rest of your information is discarded immediately after clicking the "Go Vote" button. Your identification is simply not relevant to the voting event. It is not needed to conduct a fair, honest, accurate, and anonymous election.

Description of this voting event
Every year at the Annual Meeting in June, the Olde Canal Village ownership elects Trustees to replace those currently on the Board with expiring three-year terms. Elections begin at least 14 days prior to the annual meeting as per Massachusetts condo law [MGL 183A] and the Olde Canal Village governing documents. (Master Deed, Declaration of Trust, Bylaws, and Rules & Regulations, which all residents should have.) This year we're holding an election to fill two vacating seats on the Board. Roger Lange's latest three year term expires in June after many years as a Trustee AND Property Manager. We're grateful for his service. Thank you!.
Also this year Don Godeke is stepping down as Trustee. Professor Erwin Corey is stepping up to run for office. Thank you Don for your service as well.

Voting Instructions
Below are four green boxes. You must fill in your first and last name, street address, and PIN to vote in this election. All four boxes must be completed. (The PIN was emailed to you prior to the Election start date.) Enter your identification information and click the 'Go Vote' button. In OCV elections, there is only one vote per household. For someone to vote, log in to eBallot with your name, your spouse's/co-occupant's name, or your nickname. (Bill for William, Dick for Richard, Andy for Andrew, Bob for Robert, etc.)   Sorry, no nicknames for spouses/co-occupant's. The nicknames are not 100%. If yours isn't recognized alert one of the Trustees and I'll add it. Info you provide will be verified and if there is confirmation, your electronic ballot will be displayed on the next screen.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to see all Election Information.
 First Name   Last Name   Address  PIN 

Before you are permitted to vote, you must first be validated as a qualified voter here at OCV. Your electronic ballot will be displayed when you have successfully entered all required information.
Election Info
1. Election ID: ER16219
2. Election Start: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM   (You cannot vote until this date/time.)
3. Election Stop: 6/5/2019 7:00:00 PM     (You cannot vote after this date/time.)
4. Your Voting Date and Time will be: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Election Rules
For a Trustee election to be valid, a quorum must be achieved, in other words, at least half (>50) of the residents (by B.I.) must vote to certify the election. A candidate must then achieve greater than 50% of that quorum in accumulated beneficial interest.
Definition of Qualified Occupant

"OLDE CANAL VILLAGE is an adult community. This definition comes from the OCV Master Deed, Section 8, Para (a)
Occupancy of units is limited to people fifty-five years of age or older (a "Qualified Occupant"), the spouse of a Qualified Occupant (whether or not age fifty-five or older) (including the surviving spouse of a deceased Qualified Occupant) and relative(s) by blood or marriage of such Qualified Occupant or spouse, provided such relative is age fifty-five or older (Qualified Relative), all together hereinafter referred to as Qualified Residents A Qualified Occupant/Resident must also own their home and must not be in arrears in their condo fees.