January, 10, 2013



The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..

Members of the board present:  Andy Habe, , Marianne Williams, Frank Lary

Members of the board absent:  Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume


1.  The Balance sheet was discussed and Andy wondered why there was a -$14,737.99 on the Accounts Receivable-fees line and we are under budget on the common fees line.  Marianne said she would contact Leslie for an answer. The cash flow sheet and the bill pay report were approved and the signed.


2..Fire Walls- Frank said that Brandon and the framers were going to be here to determine the amount of  lumber needed to completed the unfinished walls so the fire walls could be installed.  Frank had pictures showing the various missing wall sections- some were whole walls, others had framing but no fire walls, and others just parts of a wall that prevent access to areas that  need to be repaired.  Again, the code for fire walls in 1996 vs the 2012 code was in question.


3.  Lawyer- the topic of hiring a lawyer for a possible suit against Marinella regarding the incorrect water line construction was tabled until all trustees are present.


4.  The letter to the Selectmen was also tabled until all trustees are present.


5.  Cloud application- Bill Oncay has suggested that all pertinent information dealing with Olde Canal Village be backed up with storage in off- site archives (Cloud Storage and Cloud Applications).  The trustees voted in favor of this storage application.


6.  Plot Map- all trustees agreed that the street names should be put on the pap.  There was discussion regarding the placement of no parking signs on Nature View Drive opposite the clubhouse and the acquisition of sandwich signs that say “Party Parking” to be used where parking is allowed.  It was agreed that better communication between party givers and their guests regarding the allowed parking areas would alleviate a lot of the parking problems.  The streets are narrow and cars should park only on the side of the street (on Olde Canal Way) by the retention pond, on the sidewalk side opposite the clubhouse next to the Whitehouse residence, and in the clubhouse lot.  Party givers should determine how many parking spaces might be needed and, if there are more cars than spaces, the party giver is to notify a trustee so arrangements can be made to park at the top of Warsaw Street as a last resort.


7.  A discussion about the drives and the walks that are covered with ice and snow after Carlino plows resulted in everyone agreeing that almost all the drives are icy after the snow melts during the day and is refrozen at night, not just those on Olde Canal Way.  This situation is not new and homeowners should be aware that there will be ice on the drives and take proper precaution. Anyone needing sand and salt can take some from the container found in the clubhouse parking area. Frank will discuss the situation with Tony Carlino to see if the roads and drives can be over salted to help eliminate this situation.  Andy spoke to Carlino after the last storm as he was dissatisfied with the work.  Carlinos  representative was also aware of the poor job of plowing.  Frank said he would oversee the next storm to insure a better job.


Meeting adjourned at 10:45

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams