2004 Trustee Goals / Accomplishments
Meeting Minutes January 10, 2005

  1. Good evening everyone, we welcome you to a new year at Olde Canal Village and thank you for coming tonight.
  2. The Vote Results on the Common Area Improvements are as follows:
        57 units        Yes                         79.3%
        11 units         No                         15.2%
          4 units    (did not vote)                5.5%

The Yes vote being over 75% means that the improvements have been approved.

In the December 8, 2003 Unit Owner Meeting, the Trustees identified the following goals for the year 2004:

  1. To establish a Board of Trustees that would have the right mind set and willingness to personally commit to the management of OCV affairs.
    ……This has been accomplished but must continue with new additional volunteers.

  2. Take the necessary action to reduce operating costs, prevent condo fee escalation while maintaining contributions to the Replacement Reserve Fund.
    …….Accomplished. with $20,100 going into the Replacement Reserve Fund.

  3. To minimize the cost to repair, maintain and beautify the buildings and grounds by finding and hiring a competent maintenance company.
    .……Somewhat accomplished with DPS Landscaping & Construction but still an open item.

  4. To find a way to get the total management job accomplished without making it a full time job for any unit owner involved.  It is absolutely essential to find unit owner volunteers for special assignments and the development of committees, for the operations of OCV.
    ….This has not been adequately accomplished. There is a need for additional and continued unit owner support and involvement with the Operations of the Association.  We are looking for additional owners to step forward  and run for office or  work with one of the trustees and/or committees. WE NEED “YOUR INVOLVEMENT” TO MAINTAIN THE FUTURE OF OCV SELF MANAGEMENT.

  5. To find a maintenance company that would perform our needs routinely and be  cost effective.
    …..This was substantially accomplished with DPS Landscape & Construction. Roberto assisted in making 2004 a successful and cost savings year.

  6. To obtain vendor quotations,  on the major cost items,  to reduce costs and improve service.
    ……Landscaping, snow removal and Trash pickup were renegotiated with significant cost savings but the process of vendor quotations never ends, it just pauses momentarily and  re-ignites for a variety of reasons.
In summary, the Trustees's accomplishments for 2004 were certainly operationally effective and would rate a high grade for a merit award but what it really means to  Olde Canal Village homeowners is:

…………. Repair Cost savings in the thousands of dollars were made through communicating, negotiating and working with Tony Marinella to correct problems throughout the complex.
………… Condo fee Saving of over $20,000 per year due to Trustee Self Management

…………Operations cost savings of over $17,000 per year due to vendor contractual negotiations and other operations cost savings.
…………With the above savings and without a Condo Fee Increase or  a Special Assessment we have accomplished the Financial Reserve goals,  the Maintenance & Repair Programs, the continued Beautification of Olde Canal Village. We are proud of our accomplishments for the year 2004.


2005 Goals

 Most of the 2004 items remain a work-in-progress for the year 2005 and we have identified the following items, as goals to be accomplished:

  1. Common Area Beautification project front yards, open & privacy areas
  2. Clean, prepare Asphalt surface and apply two coats Emulsion Pavement Sealer roadways, driveways, sidewalks and parking areas for prolonged life of asphalt - maintenance
  3. Establish a Neighborhood Watch Program with 100% garage lights on, and provide additional lighting for specific non-lit areas for -safety.
  4. Cleaning and Washing exterior of buildings - maintenance
  5. Deck washing & Staining - maintenance
  6. Scraping, sanding and painting bulkheads - maintenance
  7. Utility systems update and repair - maintenance
  8. Finalize the responsibility and posting of  traffic signs at OCV circle, with the city - safety
  9. Form a committee to put together a plan for beautifying the remainder of the common areas. Bill Patten will be committee chairman and is asking the help of all interested residents.  
 Our Goal is keeping  Olde Canal Village a friendly, beautiful, affordable and a great  place to live.

     ** At the June Meeting we will be electing two Trustees for a three year term. There is potentially one trustee that will not be running for re-election. The election process is extremely important to keep the Board of Trustees strong in their efforts. We would like any home owner interested in becoming a Trustees to let one of the Trustees know.

 **Financial Trustee Merle Ray will present the December 2004 year end financials

**State of The Trust” -
The meeting is now open for questions
Andy Habe