January 11, 2009

  1. Board member present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Romeo Berthiaume,Marianne Williams Board members absent: Roger Lange

  2. Andy Habe opened the meeting at 6:30 P.M.

  3. Andy asked the board members for their opinion regarding the possibility of seeking out a new accountant to do the federal and state income taxes as well as the annual review. It was decided the timing for such a search was wrong as this was already the tax season and to get information from several CPA's as to cost and availability would take too long. This search will be conducted later in the year for 2010 but for now, the board will continue with Dawn Kay who has done the work for the board in the past.

  4. The cash flow chart was examined and approved. A new line will be added to the cash flow to show the repayment of monies transferred from the reserve cash account.

  5. It was decided that communication forms sent via email will be sent to all trustees, however only the trustee that is responsible for the particular problem cited in the email to respond and deal with the problem.

  6. Tom presented a new packet of information that will be included in the new resident book that will be given to all new owners. Tom stated that while it would be nice to give this book to all present owners, the cost of producing this book for 72 residents would be astronomical and therefore out of reach of our budget.

  7. A discussion was held regarding the existence of the stray cat and what should be done about harmful animals in the complex. Information from the animal control officer indicates that capturing cats is not on the list supplied to the animal control people by the state therefore nothing can be done about stray cats even if they are harmful. The officer indicated that warning people not to feed stray animals is the best and most responsible solution.

  8. The board members commented on the snow plowing that has been done in these recent storms. Tom told the board that, because of the hydraulic system on the truck that lowers the plow, the plow cannot really get to the macadam as many would like. The bobcat has such a hydraulic system and so the walks are cleaned a little better. Tony has been coming back after the salt/sand mixture turns the snow to slush and cleans the streets.

  9. Andy said that Bill Oncay has been working on an emergency preparedness program. We would like to get information from all residents regarding who to call in case of an emergency with a resident, who has an extra key, or the code for garage door openers so someone could get into a home without breaking down a door. This is needed not just to assist a home owner, but because we are connected to each other, a fire or water leak or gas leak would affect the neighbors if a resident was not home at the time of the trouble. Romeo will try to collect this information and give it to Tom. The board also decided it was not necessary to have a land-line phone installed in the clubhouse. Almost everyone has a cell phone in case of an emergency.

  10. The board discussed the use of the clubhouse as an emergency shelter in case of a power outage. The board decided this was not a good idea as there is not enough room in the clubhouse for all the residents. Plus, if the electricity went out, there would be no heat. The fireplaces in the individual condo ignite without the use of electricity therefore the residents would be better off in their own homes.

  11. Romeo and Tom discussed the feasibility of installing electric wiring on all the roofs in order to prevent ice dams. It was decided that this problem would be worked out on an individual basis as not all residents will have an ice dam problem. If a resident need the wring installed because of an ice dam problem, the resident would have to buy the wring and the board would pay for Beliazario to install it. The board will not accept responsibility of internal damage due to an ice dam. Residents are being asked to have a gutter, down spout extension added, to have the flow of water to be 5' or 6' away from the foundation to help prevent basement leaks.

  12. The meeting adjourned at 9:10 P.M.

  13. Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams