JANUARY 8, 2007

  1. Chairman Andy Habe, Jr. opened the meeting at 7:08 PM with all members present.

  2. The first item of business was to review the status of the condo documents revision. Tom Rogers has completed the re-write of the Declaration of Trust and the By-Laws and they are ready for review by the residents. Bill Patten said that he would like to review them before distribution to the community. There was a discussion concerning changes made originally by the Board and the residents which have not been approved by the community as a whole. This should be cleared up in the final review by the residents signing off with an approval or disapproval. There will be a time limit for the return of the community's vote and if there is no response by a particular resident within the limit, it will be considered as approval. Bill Patten will prepare the cover letter and sign-off sheets and distribute the package. Tom Rogers will complete the review of the Master Deed and it will be reviewed by the full Board either at next month's meeting or a special meeting.

  3. Merle Ray announced that the accounting reports for December had not been received but he had enough information to produce the cash flow report. It shows that we finished the year in excellent financial status.

  4. Andy Habe asked about the status of our request that the builder pay for all or a part of the cost of the water line repair on Nature View Drive. Tom Fermi said that it appears that we will not get favorable results. The builder's position is that the lines were put in according to the standards at that time and that the warranty period has long since elapsed. There was a discussion as to whether or not the builder met the requirements of the Town of Uxbridge. No evidence exists to determine whether he did or did not. Tom Fermi will look into this matter further.

  5. Tom Fermi announced that he and Andy will review trash pick up and removal bills for 2006 and determine whether to try to negotiate a lower rate with the contractor.

  6. Fire alarm testing was discussed in detail. It appears that garage alarms may or may not be connected to the same electrical system as the indoor alarms. Massachusetts law does not require fire alarms in garages. At any rate, the system for self-testing by residents will be finalized in the near future. Additionally, future replacements of alarms will be photo type as opposed to iodized.

  7. Andy Habe brought up the problems associated with functions at the clubhouse and within the complex where a large group of people are in attendance. Cars are being parked on grass areas which not only causes damage to the lawn but can destroy the sprinkler heads. Replacement costs for these heads is about $100 each. It was decided to have something in the clubhouse rules concerning this matter as well as in the newsletter.

  8. Hiring of a CPA to complete an annual financial review in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 183A, General Laws of Massachusetts was discussed. The Board agreed (5 - 0) to pursue the hiring of Dawn Kay, CPA to complete this task at a cost of $1500. Merle Ray will handle the administrative details of this as well as obtain more detailed information of what will be provided to us in the final report.

  9. Solicitation policy was discussed and it was decided that a sign will be placed on Warsaw Street advising the public that no solicitors are allowed on the premises.

  10. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Andy Habe, Jr.


JANUARY 29, 2007

  1. The meeting opened by Chairman Andy Habe at 7:20 PM with all board members present.

  2. The primary purpose of the meeting was to review the status of the re-written rules and regulations. The package (not including the master deed) is ready for distribution to the residents for approval/disapproval. Tom Rogers has completed the re-write of the Master but he does not think we should continue without legal review. During the discussion, the Board realized that the current re-write did not take into consideration the changes made and recorded by the builder prior to turnover to the residents. The Board voted 5 - 0 to proceed with the re-written declaration of trust, the rules and regulations and the by-laws. Bill Patten and Bill Oncay will review the Master Deed and all the amendments thereto and recommend a position for the Board to take on making any changes.

  3. Bill Patten will prepare a plan for obtaining final approval by the residents on the all revised documents except the Master Deed. A cover letter will accompany the package which will have a dead-line for return of their vote. After approval, the new documents will be register with the Worcester County Registry of Deeds.

  4. The following items were discussed with action taken as indicated:

    1. Insurance - The Board voted to accept the estimate from CAU for the upcoming year with the deletion of the coverage for terrorism. In conjunction with this, the fire/smoke alarm inspection program was discussed. Roger Lange is working on a procedure for accomplishing this task and for recording the results for review by the insurance inspectors annually.

    2. Parking - There have been incidents where cars have been parked in the complex on the grass areas. Residents need to be reminded that this can cause damage to the sprinkler heads. Replacement of these heads is expensive (about $100 each). Of particular interest are functions at the clubhouse where nonresidents are in attendance. Clubhouse rules need to be changed to include information on this problem.

    3. CPA Financial Review - Financial data is being provided to the CPA (Dawn Kay) for use in performing this review. Tax documents have been sent out to those individuals who performed work for the Trust during 2006.

    4. Year End Financial Results - Reports have been posted on the bulletin board. The Trust finished the year within the Budget and in a good financial position for 2007.

    5. Tom Fermi advised that he had discussed our water leak problems with the Uxbridge DPW. They indicated that common practice is to use a bed of sand and/or pea gravel for the lines before backfilling to prevent formation of leaks caused by shifting stones, rocks, etc. Tom will try to set up a meeting with Tony Marinella, himself and Andy Habe to discuss this issue further.

    6. Tom Rogers recommended that an item be placed in the newsletter to emphasize the need for traffic in the rotary to follow the signs.

  5. The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 PM.

Andy Habe, Jr.