JANUARY 8, 2008

  1. The meeting was opened by Chairman Andy Habe with trustees Marianne Williams, Tom Fermi and Merle Ray present.

  2. Chairman Habe stated that the original copy of the revised condo documents has not been located. It was decided that if the need arose in the future for a copy with the Registry stamp on it, one would be obtained from the Registry. Page 7 which was missing from the original distribution has been put on the OCV web site.

  3. No bill has been received from Basement Solutions for work done at 28 Olde Canal Way. Marianne has called them but has not received a response. When received, the cost will be split between the owner and the condo trust.

  4. Merle Ray advised that Dawn Kay, CPA, will be retained to do the 2007 accounting review after we receive a satisfactory quote from the firm. Although the accounting reports for December have not been received, it is apparent that we have exceeded the budget for 2007. The primary cause was building repairs.

  5. Tom Fermi gave an update on Carlino Landscaping efforts to obtain snow blowers and a sander. Carlino has been advised to buy two commercial-use blowers which will allow positioning of one on Olde Canal Way and one on Nature View Drive. As soon as Olde Canal Way is cleared, the second blower will be shifted to Nature View Drive. A sander has not been purchased to date. Andy Habe brought up the subject of the heavy distribution of ice melt on driveways and walks. There was not an even distribution of the material and these areas have piles of the materials sitting on the surfaces. Tom Fermi will work with Carlino to avoid this problem in the future. Tom also advised the board of the manpower and equipment to be used in the future. Carlino will use two plows, a bobcat (as necessary), the sander, two blowers, six people from the temporary pool and three permanent workers. The board also suggested that Tony Carlino come back to the area after each storm to check on the job done and to rectify any problems.

  6. Andy Habe gave an update of the situation involving 21 Olde Canal Way. The OCV attorney has filed necessary papers with Worcester County authorities.

  7. The recent rash of roof leaks was discussed. The major cause was ice dams and corrections were made on several units by installation of heat elements in the area above the sliding doors. There was a suggestion that these element be placed on units subject to ice dams (shaded areas) with OCV paying for installation and the home owner paying for the wiring kit. No further action was taken. It was also noted that raking the roof was not a complete solution to the problem. Since OCV has only one rake, it was decided to purchase another one due to demand.

  8. A temporary unqualified occupant in one of the units has requested permission for long term occupancy, based on medical need. In order to be sure that we are following the Olde Canal Village Condominium Trust Governing Documents, the Board has decided to provide all related communications regarding the matter to our attorney for review and recommended action as identified in the Trust's Governing Documents, which specify that such medical needs and the expected term of such medical needs shall be certified under oath in writing by the physician, etc. We will then discuss and make a determination as to proper action that will be taken. Marianne Williams will assist in monitoring this item.

  9. Merle Ray reminded the Board of the upcoming expiration of the terms of Tom Fermi and himself at the June meeting. He will prepare a letter to the community advising residents of the nomination and election process.

  10. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.

  11. Andy Habe
    UXBRIDGE, MA 01569

    JANUARY 15, 2008

    1. The meeting was opened by Chairman Andy Habe at 3:00 PM with all members present except Roger Lange.

    2. Andy Habe distributed copies of a proposed letter to Frances Buckley from the OCV attorney concerning her request for approval of her daughter living in the unit as a caretaker due to Mrs. Buckley's medical need. The letter contained the form of the required physician statement need by the Board to determine approval/disapproval. Andy to advise the lawyer that the board accepted his letter but additional comments from each of the trustees would be consideration for implementation.

    3. The snow plowing/landscape contractor (Tony Carlino) has asked the Board for a change in the payment schedule previously agreed to by him and the Board. The schedule was $5625 per month to cover both snow plowing and landscape parts of the contract. He has requested that the contract be changed to allow him to bill the Trust $9375 per month for December, January, February and March and $3750 for April through November. All payments would be due on the 1st of the month. Merle Ray pointed out that Mr. Carlino had accepted and signed the contract with the payment schedule of $5625 per month. He also pointed out that under the new payment schedule there will be months where a negative cash flow will occur necessitating borrowing funds from the Reserve account on a temporary basis. The Board accepted the new proposal by a vote of 3 to 1. At this point, Merle Ray left the meeting due to a prior commitment. Minutes were continued by Marianne Williams.

    4. Tom Fermi presented a proposal to restructure the work done by Peter Smith so he would be paid by the project rather than by the hour. After much discussion, the plan was put on hold until it could be reviewed by Roger Lange and a definite project;/rate scale would be established. Tom Fermi also presented the board with a proposed yearly cyclical plan of maintenance of units. The purpose of the plan is to complete each designated major project within a particular time frame that doesn't strain the yearly budget.

    Andy Habe
    UXBRIDGE, MA 01569

    JANUARY 27, 2008

    1. The meeting was opened at 3:10 PM by Chairman Andy Habe with trustees Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, and Merle Ray present.

    2. The primary purpose of the meeting was to discuss the re-structuring of the payment portion of the Snow Plowing/Removal and Landscaping contract with Carlino Landscaping. Currently payments for the contract are divided into 36 monthly equal payments of $5625 for a total of $67500. Due to high start-up costs and higher winter season costs, the contractor has requested that payments be adjusted.

    3. A letter is forthcoming from the OCV lawyer outlining requirements to be met to allow a non-qualified (age) person to reside in Olde Canal Village for the purpose of providing medically required assistance to a parent.

    4. Merle Ray advised the Board that he will be drafting a letter to the residents advising them of the upcoming trustee election in June and requesting candidates. Two of the current trustees' terms will expire at the annual meeting. He also advised the Board that the contract with Leslie A. St. Jean Bookkeeping Services will expire on June 30, 2008. The Board authorized him to negotiate a new three year contract for this service.

    5. The meeting adjourned at 4:25 PM.

    6. Andy Habe