January 9,1014

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M...
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary
Members of the Board not present: Roger Lange

Andy began the meeting by explaining his concern about members of the community not coming forward to help dismantle the Christmas tree that was assembled in the clubhouse. He noted that, during the residents meeting in December, he asked for volunteers to come forth to help take down and disassemble the tree as it is quite heavy. No one responded to his appeal and he, therefore, asked Dave Doppler, our maintenance man to do it. The board discussed the lack of interest in the community to volunteer for the small jobs that do not require paying the maintenance man to do. The board is now seeking someone to deliver the minutes to those who do not have a computer. There are less than 15 residents that would need the minutes delivered to their door. If two or three people volunteered for this assignment, the time allotted for delivery would be less than 15 minutes per month. If you are willing to give the board a hand in this delivery, please call Marianne at 508-779-0120.

Romeo also suggested that the newsletter be delivered to all when it published twice a year. It has come to attention of the board that few people read it when it is sent via email because they would have to print it and many who have a computer do not have a printer or they just do not bother reading it on line. Volunteers would be needed for this assignment if the board decides that it will be in hard copy form.

The board is especially concerned about the lack of interest by residents in running for the board of Trustees. Romeo, whose term is up in June, has agreed to run again because there seemed to be no one who was interested in the position. One position is definitely going to be open as Frank Lary is leaving the board because he is moving. His house is currently up for sale. Marianne reminded the board that she has stated several times that she will not be up for reelection when her term is up in 2016 and she will hold to this. Without people willing to come forward to be a member of the board, the functioning of the board will have to be turned over to a management company. Past history with a management company indicates that is not the way the residents want to go. It will greatly increase our condo fees and it will take away the freedom we now have to decide what we want for the complex as far as what vendors are hired and how we want to deal with personal concerns of the residents. Residents are asked to consider running for the board. Notices for the election will be distributed in April for the June election.

  1. The cash flow was reviewed and approved. Marianne explained the $26 listed under Miscellaneous. This sum was to balance the checkbook because of the extra money the Bank of America erroneously credited the account in April when the account was fraudulently debited. Marianne notified the fraud department of the bank several times to clear this amount but they failed to do so. She suggested that perhaps the amount was too small for them to take action. The bill pay report was signed and approved without question.

  2. Leslie has notified the board that there are now 29 residents who have signed up for the e-payment of condo fees. It was suggested that this would be a good time to sign up as the cost of stamps is going up to $.49. Applications are in the bulletin board near the mailbox or residents can call Marianne (508-779-0120).

  3. Frank gave a report regarding the salting/sanding of the roads. Sanding is limited, under the contract, to 18 deliveries. Additional sandings will be at a cost of $450 each. As of Dec 30, 2013, there have been 9 deliveries of salt. The total snow plowed as of Jan 3, 2014, is 18 in. Under contract, snow over 70 will be plowed at an additional charge of $120/hour with a minimum charge of $360.

  4. A reminder to residents that the snow plow vendor will charge the homeowner directly $35.00 for having to hand shovel the drive if a car is parked there which would prevent him from using the plow. The homeowner would have the option of clearing the drive on their own or paying Dowding the fee to do it.

    Frank reported that there are three open communication forms which need to be addressed. He has spoken with Scott Chase regarding these repairs.
  5. iscussion of Dave Doppler and the proposal for additional assignments has been tabled until Roger returns. Dave has been added to the TCF email function so he can be aware of needed repairs and make plans accordingly. Frank will provide him with information regarding vendors, contractors, and associated matters.

  6. Homeowners who have a computer are asked to send their email addresses to Bill Oncay. This includes all those who have changed their address or who may be new to the community and has not provided him with their address.

  7. Comments- Romeo reported that some people have reverted to parking on the street. Residents are reminded to tell guests that they must park in the drive unless the drive is full. If needed, additional parking can be in a neighbors drive if they are away (ask permission first) or in the clubhouse lot. Street parking is dangerous because our streets are narrow and there is need for an ambulance to get through safely. Also, people often times park directly across from another drive and the possibility of an accident is great. This has already occurred when a homeowner backed out of their drive at night and hit a car parked in the road across the street. (See By-laws, page 7, Rev 1-27)

Marianne suggested that she purchase cones to place in the roadway where parking is not allowed. When there is a function at the clubhouse, the parking becomes an issue especially now that two parking spaces have been taken up by the disabled parking sign.

Residents are reminded that there is a restriction on alcohol being served in the clubhouse. The exception is if those in attendance to a function are residents only and can walk home rather than drive. Residents having a function at the clubhouse are asked to remind their guests ahead of time that beer, wine, or alcohol of any kind is not allowed.

(See Clubhouse rules-alcohol policy)

Frank reported that he has a proposal for repair to the entire roof on Building 3, expect for the back of the condo owned by Bill Oncay, from one roofer and is waiting for a second proposal. This project is tabled until the second proposal is received. It will then be reviewed and discussed by the board.

Because the incandescent light bulbs, watts 40 and 60, are outlawed as of January 1 and will not be available for purchase after June, Romeo has reported that he intends to stock up on these bulbs for replacement of the burned out security lights on the garages. Homeowners are asked to look for the bulbs if they replace their own bulbs.

Meeting adjourned at 1115 A.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams