October 10, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Andy Habe at 9:03 a.m.

Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Romeo Berthiaume, Roger Lange, Frank Lary

Member of the board absent: Marianne Williams

  1. Budget Review: There were no major questions about the Cash Flow for September. The Reserve Cash Flow/Activity shows that our reserve fund is up to $53, 947. The Trustees approved a total expenditure of $16,081.63 for the month of September which includes $1,950. for the reserve account. There were no condo fee delinquencies reported by Leslie. Romeo wanted the record to show that the additional $50.59 that he was given was for the purchase of plants and not for the removal of trash as was noted on the approval sheet. The Board agreed to make that correction. Roger reported that there is $1,406.21 in the Trust checking account. In order to improve the reception of our important financial documents from our bookkeeper in time for our monthly meetings, Andy agreed to call Leslie to remind her that the Board meets on the second Thursday of every month except for June and December when the Board meets on the second Tuesday of those months.
  2. Automatic Withdrawal: It was noted that only 19 residents have signed up to pay their condo fees via the automatic withdrawal system set up by Leslie through Unibank. Forms are available at the community bulletin board and board members agreed to encourage residents to participate in this process.
  3. Rodman Insurance: As previously noted, our insurance company has raised the deducticle on our claims to $5,000. Unit owners should contact their individual insurance carriers to notify them of this change.
  4. New Contracts: The landscaping contract for 2014 has been awarded to Village Green of Holliston, MA for $40,735. The snow removal contract has been awarded to the J.R. Dowding Co. of North Smithfield, RI for $29,290 with stipulations relative to the amount of snow that falls in the upcoming winter season. The two contracts total $70,035. This total is approximately $4,000. less than what we are presently paying our current contractor.
    It should be noted that Village Green was hired by the Board to core aerate the lawns (both front and back) this fall for a total cost of $4,850. This project was pursued to assure that our lawns are brought back to good health in the spring.

    The contract for Waste Management remains the same.
  5. Building Repairs: Building 3 (19-29 Olde Canal Way) continues to experience problems (mostly leaks) related to poor construction of the roof by the builder. Frank reports that Scott Chase has repaired some of the problems but #'s 19, 23, and 29 have yet to be fixed. Frank showed the Board several photographs of the roof taken by Scott Chase which clearly show what the issues are. Unit #29 has also experienced leaks around the skylight which indicates that the "boot" and flashing must be replaced. There was concern expressed by various Board members that Mr. Chase isn't very reliable about showing up to do the work. The Board will also insist that Mr. Chase re-shingle a portion of the roof on Building 10 since he did not match the color of the original shingles when he worked on that roof in 2011. Since there is much concern about potential roofing problems on other buildings at Olde Canal Village, the Board agreed to retain Feuti Roofing Co. to establish a schedule to inspect the roofs of all 16 buildings plus the clubhouse and to forward his findings upon completion. Feuti has recently done roofing work at OCV much to the satisfaction of the Board.
  6. Smoke Alarms: Romeo reported that the annual smoke alarm testing is underway and should be completed by the end of October. Building Coordinators are assisting in that regard. Romeo also reported that we have 3 new Building Coordinators: Building 13 (Ken Favreau). Building 14 (Tom Fermi) and Building 3 (Fred Tognacci). The Board expressed its appreciation to these as well as to the other 13 Coordinators for agreeing to volunteer their time and efforts.
  7. Charter Communications: All necessary documents have been signed, notarized and delivered. Andy reports that we should receive payment by December 14 if not sooner.
  8. Whitinsville Water Company: . Frank reported that the location and mapping of the shutoff valves has been completed. Due to certain restrictions, however, only 3 of the 5 valves could be located. This will assist the water department when future repairs become necessary. {Ironically, shortly after today's meeting was adjourned, yet another water leak was discovered (in front of Building #12) on Nature View Drive. This is leak # 13!}
  9. Deck Stain: Roger reported that all decks will be stained in 2014. He suggested that we change the type of stain from "cedar" to "pigment" and used Bill Oncay's deck (29 OCW) as the model. (Mr. Oncay had recently repaired his deck and re-stained it with the "pigment" type stain). After the formal meeting adjourned, the Board did a site visit to the Oncay residence and all agreed that the stain would be an improvement over previous stains used to do the decks.
  10. David Doppler: Mr. Doppler is the new handyman at Olde Canal Village. Currently, he is being paid at the rate of $12. per hour. Board Members are very happy with his performance. Mr. Doppler is a talented individual who can do plumbing as well as electrical and tile work among other things. He recently started a business called "Dave Handyman Service" and is offering his services to the general public and to the individual unit owners at OCV at less than $20 per hour.
  11. The meeting adjourned at 10:35.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Romeo Berthiaume