Chairman Andy Habe opened the meeting at 7:02 pm thanking everyone for coming and asked that we take a minute to thank Christopher Columbus for coming into this world of ours. Thank you Mr. Columbus.

Andy also thanked Nancy Jackson, Lucile Whitehouse, Merle Lalor and Joan Viens for their continued effort in the fall flower planting, beautification of the Clubhouse and the surrounding grounds. Also thanks to Al Bresciani, Tom Rogers and Sue Paulhus for joining in on the Staining of Your Own Deck Program. We should also mention that Sue Paulhus is not only doing her deck but is also staining Lorriane Crawford’s. To my knowledge, this is a first and we all thank you for your efforts.

We also thank Margaret Derderian , Ed Machacz, Dave King, Bill Oncay and all of us that are cleaning and washing the outside of our units. Tom Fermi has been working on a process for the cleaning of units. Tom is trying to come up with a cleaning process and cleaning fluid that will more easily remove the unsightly bug stains and spider markings. We will let everyone know as soon as we can finalize this project.

Andy announced that the third meeting to review our Governing Documents will take place tonight immediately following this meeting. Next Monday night’s meeting will complete the four Unit Owner scheduled meetings to receive changes, additions and recommended corrections to the Governing Documents.

A fifth meeting will take place on 10/24 to give all unit owners that have not attended any meeting, an opportunity to attend. At this meeting we will review and finalize all the Unit Owner inputs that were given during the four week period. At the December 12 Year End Meeting we will obtain the signatures of all unit owners to complete the process of Ratifying the Governing Documents. We are looking for 99% vote of all Unit Owners.

We continue to request that home owners use the Unit Owner/Trustee Communication Form to communicate with your Trustees. If you have a need or a question and it is not of a serious and pressing nature, than “please” use the communication form and give it to a trustee or place it in the plastic mail box (in back of the circle bulletin board). Of course, if it is a serious situation that must be handled immediately, than a call to a trustee is necessary. This is a requirement that is essential to the orderly operations of the Association and you’re Trustees. The Communication forms are attached to the Clubhouse Bulletin board. Please take a couple of copies.

Vice Chairman Tom Fermi commented on some recent grounds work.

Because of the recent activity of skunks digging in front lawns, the Trustees contracted to have a fall application of Dylox,, a fall grub control insecticide that kills grubs in the lawns. The application was completed last week.

Financial Trustee Merle Ray presented the September financial results.

Bill Oncay presented the status of the new website with a preliminary overview of its capability and content.

Because of exhausted space on the old website, the site was moved to a host that offers more capability and more disk space. The new website is and is currently available. Bill requested ideas from the community on how the site might be made better.

The Trustees are looking at the 2006 Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting schedule and will provide their plans at the December Meeting.

The meeting was opened for questions from the floor.

The open meeting was closed and the meeting to discuss the Governing Documents Review Meeting commenced.






OCTOBER 10, 2005


1.  The meeting was opened at 8.11 PM by Chairman Andy Habe, Jr. with Tom Fermi, Merle Ray, Bill Patten and Bill Oncay present. Tom Rogers was absent. This meeting followed the third of four scheduled sessions with residents concerning the approval process for the revised condo documents.

2.  Current plans are for holding the fourth meeting with residents on October 17 to discuss their review of the proposed revision condo documents. On October 24th, a final review meeting will be held for owners who have not been able to attend a scheduled meeting. At this meeting we will review and finalize all the Unit Owner inputs that were given during the four week period. Prior to the regular trustee/owner meeting of December 12, the final version of the condo documents should be ready for the owners to cast their vote. The Board agreed to send out a ballot (to be completed by Bill Oncay) to all owners prior to the meeting. The completed ballot could be returned by giving it to trustee, placing it in the box on the bulletin board or bring it to the meeting.

3.  Information gathered by Tom Rogers from the Registry of Deeds apparently requires recording of only the changes to the condo documents and a complete re-written set would not be required. Bill Oncay will look into this matter further.

4.  Chairman Habe brought up a plan for 2006 Board of Trustee meetings whereby beginning with the January meeting, only Trustees would attend unless an owner wanted to be present. The February, April, June, August, October and December meetings would be our regular meetings with Trustees and Unit Owners attending. After that, every other month (March, May, July, September, and November), meetings would be Trustees only (with any owner(s) attending if they so desire). The Board voted 4 to 0 approving the schedule.

5.  Lighting the dark areas around the circle and by the holding pond was discussed. So far, Bill Patten and Bill Oncay have not been able to arrive at a solution. Use of small post lights, flood lights on a couple of the buildings or a combination of both have been discussed. A plan needs to be developed to resolve this issue. At this point, Bill Oncay left the meeting.

6.  The FY 2006 Budget is being formulated with inputs received so far from Tom Fermi, Andy Habe, the Clubhouse Committee. Insurance requirements will be developed by the Insurance Committee based on quotes received from interested parties. Merle Ray will assemble all inputs and present a draft budget to the Board as soon as possible. The completed Budget is scheduled to be available to the owners at the December Board of Trustee meeting along with goals for 2006, progress on 2005 goals and assessment of the 2005 budget estimated results.

7.  The following open items were discussed with actions as shown:’

            A.  Ice Dam Related Roof Leaks - Tom Fermi reported that there is no schedule yet for gutter changes on A units. He will follow up with the proposed contractor. He has arranged for a roofer to come October 11 to assess the roofs of those units where ice/snow was removed last winter for damage and provide an estimate for repair as needed.

            B.  Rotary Signs - Directional signs have been installed and the “Do Not Enter” signs will be put up as soon as all the materials are obtained.

            C.  Bulletin Board - The large bulletin board in the clubhouse will be moved from the hallway to the front entrance wall and will replace the small one currently there.

8.  Requests from Residents:

            A.  Communication Form received from Quinlans for planting two (2) Rose of Sharon trees in the back yard common area next to the deck. Approval granted.

            B.  Communication Form received requesting permission to plant tulip bulbs in front of the trees on the circle was not approved.

            C.  The Brunos are agreeable to the removal of the tree in front of their unit. It will be planted elsewhere.

            D.  Waiting Communication Form from the Millers’ verbal request for planting a pine tree in the back of their unit (at their expense) and to perform some repair work on the front steps of their unit.

            E.  The Andersons have requested permission for their daughter and son-in-law (qualified) to live in their unit while their new home is completed. The Andersons will be in Florida and not occupying their unit. This request was approved for the period that the Andersons are in Florida. Any additional time would have to be re-visited and approved by the Trustees upon the return of the Andersons from Florida.

            F.  A letter was received from the Rosatis requesting a check on their roof for damage due to removal of ice last winter. (see 6A above)

            G.  A resident questioned the Board approval of small expansion of a deck on Nature View Drive since this would involve taking over a small portion of common property. Bill Patten will look at the current and revised condo documents to determine the validity of this question.

            H. A request was received from a resident for the Board’s response on their plan to transfer unit ownership to a trust providing life-time residence and subsequent transfer of ownership to a third party. More information is needed on this request.

I.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 PM.

Andy Habe, Jr.






OCTOBER 20, 2005


1.  The meeting was opened at 7:00 PM by Chairman Andy Habe, Jr. with Tom Fermi, Tom Rogers, Merle Ray, Bill Patten and Bill Oncay present. This meeting was held to review the comments made by residents concerning the draft condo documents.

2.  The Board was unable to complete a ‘’talking paper” because of legal issues brought up by Tom Rogers concerning the wording of the proposed condo documents. He had discussed the proposed changes with an attorney on an informal basis. Some of the issues were:

            A.  The builder had an easement from a resident on Warsaw Road to complete the road into Olde Canal Village. Even though the units were turned over to the Olde Canal Condominium Trust several years ago, he has not completed the documentation on this issue.

            B.  Another issue is that if we change the master deed as planned, 100% approval by the mortgage holders would be required particularly in the area of language pertaining to leasing/rental of units.

3.  The Board decided that the re-write process should continue as well as the preparations for the voting process.  However, legal review is required but may not be available by December 12, therefore requiring more time and causing a delay in voting. Bill Oncay will incorporate all of the Board approved changes submitted by residents and prepare a new package for the December 12, 2005 meeting. Ballots will be distributed to the residents by December 1 for voting on the rewritten documents. They may turn the completed ballots in to a trustee, the plastic mail box behind the bulletin Board (if not attending the meeting) or to the vote facilitator on December 12.

4. Tom Fermi announced that the roof leaks in the two units at 34 and 36  Olde Canal Way were caused by leakage around the vent pipe. New boots will be installed. Broken shingles will be replaced on the roof at 24 Olde Canal Way. The leak at 17 Olde Canal Way will be corrected by replacing the flashing over the sliding door.

I.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:30  PM.

Andy Habe, Jr.