October 11, 2011

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 7:00 P.M.
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams

NOTE: Don't miss the second meeting minutes that follow these.

17 residents were in attendance.

Andy welcomed all to the meeting. He introduced the new residents who were present. They included Larry and Arlene Peloquin and Joe and Terry Reardon, Andy also welcome newcomers Al and Sharon Thompkins and Joe and Sharon Wyrostek. He then thanked several residents for their assistance in helping with various projects in the complex. He especially mentioned Ray Welch for allowing the use of his garage as a storage area for the materials used by Scott Chase while he is repairing the roofs. Andy mentioned that Ray was also responsible for building the bulletin board near the mailbox that is always used for announcements and information material. He thanked Donna Oncay for making the red meeting flag that is displayed from the bulletin board each time a general meeting is held. He thanked those who assisted in removing the tree blown down by the hurricane. He included Romeo Berthiaume for his use of his truck to haul away the debris as well as several residents who assisted in loading the truck. They included Tom Fermi, Roger Lange, and Norma Wenkalman.

He then asked the trustees to give a report on the current issues. Tom Fermi reported that the roof repairs are continuing and that there are 11 more roofs to be repaired. The repairs have been slowed somewhat because Scott Chase has been asked to do other repair work because the rain has been coming in some of the condos. Tom reported that he and Andy met with Tony Carlino and Tony has reported that he is in the process of buying a Bobcat which will greatly improve the removal of snow from the drives and roadway. The cost of the Bobcat will run about $50,000 and will come with buckets that will move more snow. He agreed that the snow will be removed from side to side on the roads and the rotary will be completely plowed with no snow left on the edges. Tom also announced that the roads will have to be sealed next year, however, the drives and walkways will not be done as they are not as bad and can be delayed for several more years.

Marianne announced that the board is considering a $20 increase in condo fees for the coming year. This increase in fees is due to the financial situation the complex in in because of the cost of the roof repairs. At this time, the cost has reached over $55,600 and is being taken from the reserve fund. This cost has lowered the amount of money in reserve fund which was to be used to reroof the complex in 2024. Marianne said that $15 of the increase will be dedicated to the budget with the remaining money ($4-$7) will be put in the reserve. The plan is to build up the budget money so all expenses can be paid out of the monthly income and the reserves will increase. If all goes well, the next raise of $10 in fees would be in 2015 and all monies would be applied to the reserves. All of these suggestions are just proposals and the board will have a second vote on these proposals at a future meeting.

Roger reported that all the bulkheads have been painted. Next year Wilson will concentrate on cleaning the sidings. He noted that there is excess mildew on some of the buildings and Wilson might be able to get to these this fall. Romeo thanked all those who serve as building reps and he reported that he has been able to get replacements for those who are no longer able to serve. The new reps are Joe Reardon and Joe Marenghi. He said that October is fire alarm testing month and he had the paperwork necessary for the testing. New alarms are available if anyone needs one. Security lights are constantly being checked and sensors are available if anyone is having trouble with theirs. Trimming is almost done for the season.

Andy then read his State of the Trust which can be found on the website.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 P.M.

Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams


October 11, 2011

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 8:15 P.M.

Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams

  1. The cash flow and bill pay report for the month of September were approved.

  2. Marianne passed out a proposed budget for 2012. The board members did a line by line analysis of this budget. Because of additional money needed to cover increased costs for landscaping, there were several line items that needed to be amended. Marianne said she will go over the budget using the new figures. The budget has to be finalized on at the December 13 meeting.

  3. Andy and Tom are putting a portfolio together to present to Attorney Lovely in considering legal action against Tony Marinella for improper construction of the roofs as well as the water line installation that has been the cause of the constant breaking of the pipes on Nature View Drive. They are using information and pictures supplied to them by Scott Chase who has been documenting all the repair work he has done, not just on the roof area but also on the window leaks. They will seek advice on the viability of such legal action.

  4. Roger reported that Wilson is all caught up on his work and there are no outstanding problems. Romeo has written up a proposed to establish a "no overnight parking" policy. He noted that some visitors are leaving their cars parked on the roadway overnight. Because of the narrow roads in the complex, this practice presents a dangerous problem to those who come into the complex at night. We have no street lights and sometimes these cars are parked on the corner or across from a driveway. Emergency vehicles must have a clear line of sight when navigating the streets. The by-laws state that all vehicles are to be parked in the drive. If the drive is full, parking is allowed on the street but not on the grass. If the drive is full, residents can call for permission to park overnight in the clubhouse lot. The board voted and passed the proposal. A second vote will be taken in November and, if passed, the proposal to ban overnight parking on the street will become effective Dec 1, 2011.

  5. A letter will be sent to a resident regarding status of visitors.

  6. Roger proposed that, on months when the general meeting is held, the regular meeting of the board be held at its usual time of 3:00P.M. rather than following the general meeting. This was approved. Romeo noted the lack of attendance at the general meeting and suggested the these meetings be reduced to two per year, one in June at which time elections would take place, and one in December which could be followed by a Christmas get together for the residents. Voted and approved.

  7. Ann Pouliot spoke to several electricians including the electrical inspector regarding the plugging in of the roof wires into the light fixtures. All suggested this was not a good idea as these fixtures do not have a ground. It was suggested that a heavy duty extension cord was safer. Tom will check into this.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 P.M.

Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams