October 11, 2012



The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..

Members of the board present:  Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary


1. Sept budget review- the cash flow and bill pay reports were approved and signed.  A question regarding condo fees payments was presented to the board and discussed.  The questioned pertained to payments deposited by the accountant after the grace date of the 5th of the month as to whether these payments were for the month of payment or for the next month.  Marianne will call Leslie to verify these mid m month deposits.


2.  Firewall inspection status- Frank passed out the schedule for inspections.  On Olde Canal ‘way, 13 condos did not need firewalls and 14 needed work.  Some of the condo needs two triangles in attic.  Frank and Wilson will continue on Nature View Drive on Tuesday.  Frank talked to Brandon Lynch and learned that  Frank Carterelli will begin to install needed firewalls as soon as inspections are finished.  Nelson Burlingame, building inspector for Uxbridge, will inspect once the repair are made. There is no present time table to write a letter to Mr. Marinella until after the fire walls.


3. Meeting with Benn Sherman- the purpose of the meeting was to gain support and objective information that may assist Olde Canal Village in getting financial support for the many water line breaks that have occurred on Nature View Drive. Very little information was forth coming from the meeting.  Frank was able to get a letter signed by Lucille Whitehouse, dated Oct 3, 2001, in which there was a list of items that were in question regarding the development but none pertained to the water line problem.  Frank and Andy will write a note to Benn Sherman regarding lack of information and help they  received at this meeting held on October 15.

Andy had a phone conversation with a lawyer versed in condo law as a preliminary to meet regarding a possible lawsuit against Tony Marinella. The board tabled vote regarding such a lawsuit until a further date.  A letter will be sent to the Uxbridge selectmen about the problem of water line breaks/leaks, the lack of inspection, etc. and to gain support for potential law suit. 


4.  Waste Management- stains on roads way are diminishing through rain and attrition.

No information from CAU regarding  insurance claim for the water line break on Nature View Drive that cost the trust $5695.  There is a $5000 deductible and the claim is for the remaining $695


5.Warsaw Street- a letter was sent to the Wiersma and Connor families regarding verification of items discussed and accepted at the September 27 meeting.  These items retain to no casual parking and financial assistance by both parties when repairs to the road are needed.  The Wiersma’ agreed to notify the board when they are planning a big party and parking will be required on Warsaw Street.  They told the board they generally have two such events a year and the board agreed to allow parking at these events.  No parking signs will be erected as well as No Trespassing- Private Way.


6.  Open issues-Several residents suggested that death notices be sent to residents via email as many do not hear about the passing of neighbors or family members of neighbors in a timely way.  Frank Lary agreed to notify residents.  His email is FrankLary@gmail.com if anyone wants to submit a notice.

      Roofing repairs- Frank got a quote of $8000 form Fueti Construction to repair the roofs at 33-35 Olde Canal Way which was lower than others submitted and more concise in what work will be done.  The work is guaranteed for five years.

      Roger purchased louvered covers for the dryer vents that need replacing.

       Carlino has been leaving the grass clipping in the front of the disposal area leaving large piles which begin to smell as they turn to mulch.  Wilson spread the piles out to allow for these clippings to disintegrate at a faster rate.  He spread lime to prevent clippings from smelling.  Franks put up tape to direct the mowers to deposit the clipping further back into the treed area.

        The board will discuss the possibility of surveying Olde Canal Village at another time.


7. Comments- Andy was reelected   Chairman of the board of Trustees and Frank was elected Vice-chairman.\


The meeting concluded at 11:00 A.M.


Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams