Date:        Oct 12, 2004

Time:       7:00 p

Place:      Clubhouse




Tom Fermi






VC of Operations





Call to Order:  7:00p

Open Session Adjourn:            8:10 pm


Unit Owner Open Meeting Minutes


In these ‘minutes’, normal text is taken directly from the meeting agenda and the italicized text is from the resultant discussion or comments made by the trustees and/or attendees.



o         Trustee Bill Patten was not in attendance due to illness.

o         Chairman Andy Habe opened the October meeting by welcoming the audience and by telling everyone that community attendance at the meetings signified an acknowledgement and an endorsement of the work the Trustees were doing and their contribution to the community.

Andy announced that this would be a shortened meeting because this evening, Administration Trustee Tom Rogers would be making a presentation on homeowner insurance policies

o         Andy made note of the flowers and other seasonal decorations at the circle and the clubhouse. The result of the work done is fantastic. If ever there was a professional job, it was done by Nancy Jackson, Carol Perda, Lucille Whitehouse, Merle Lalor and Joan Viens. We thank you for your contribution in making Olde Canal Village a place of elegance.

o         The Trustees contacted Tony Marinella concerning the remaining open problems at OCV. The problems are numerous and would be costly to repair. The roof on Building #5 has been completely re-shingled; Bldg #3 had a severe water drainage/basement leakage problem and has been loamed and re-graded. Other units with similar problems have also been completed.  Many of the window shutters were missing off of building # 11 as well as other units and new shutters have now been added. Other problems have been addressed and resolved.

o         Many unit owners have told me how great the OCV newsletter is. One individual said “the best newsletter that he had ever seen“. The Editor is Bill Oncay and thanks for a most unique, informative and professional News Letter.

o         We had two underground water leakages on Nature View Drive. Roberto has already fixed one. We are investigating and will be repairing the second one.

o         If interested, don’t forget to sign up for the 6 PM Ham Pot Luck Supper on this Saturday night, the 16th. A sign up sheet is here on the table and posted on the circle bulletin board.

o         The Trustees have been experimenting with bulkhead doors to determine a process and a reasonable amount of time to allocate toward accomplishing sanding and painting for each unit. We will start on Olde Canal Way as weather permits and continue on next spring.

o         Carol & Bob Troland donated a Christmas tree to the club house. Thank you

o         Treasurer Trustee Merle Ray gave the  OCV financial report.
reporting a generally favorable budget to date in that we are currently under budget. The repair of the water leaks, however, would use some of the under-budget-capital.

o         The floor was opened for questions and/or comments.
There were no questions or comments from the floor.

o         Tom will present Part I tonight and part II next month, with a Rodman Insurance representative. Tom Rogers commenced with part one of a two part insurance program for the unit owners of OCV

Tom provided handouts of three HO6 (standard homeowners policy designation)  insurance policies to illustrate low, medium, and high coverage examples. He covered briefly the difference between the Association policy and the HO6. He covered Section I and Section II coverage including dwelling, personal property, loss of use as well as Personal Liability and Medical payments. In the category of Endorsements, Credits, and Adjustments he covered unit owner coverage C - Special Coverage (contents - all-risk), Premises Alarm or Fire Protection, Loss Free Credit, Unit owner Coverage A special coverage (dwelling - all risk) and several more. Tom gave his opinion about what coverage was good and what was a waste of money. He spoke to the amount of coverage that he considered low, adequate, or high.

Many questions were asked and answered. A few issues require further research and will bepresented at the next meeting.