October 9, 2014

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M.
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Jim Hayden

  1. The Cash flow and bill payment reports were approved. Marianne explained there was a problem with two of the new e-payment accounts during September. In one, Leslie made an error inputting the information. The bank withdrew the condo fee twice and Marianne refunded the second payment to the resident. The second error was bank generated and Leslie has been in touch with the bank to be sure this does not occur again.
    As of this date, 48 residents have applied for the e-payment of condo fees.

  2. Open TCF- residents are reminded that they must ask permission to post a notice not dealing with OCV on the bulletin boards. The snow removal people will be around to put posts to signify where the plows are not to plow. Several people lost shrubs last year because the posts were not in the proper place or they were too short and thin and fell over because of the heavy snow. It is not necessary to put reflectors without asking the board for permission. The vendor has agreed to put taller posts than he did last year, and more of them. He will also salt the drives and walks of the units.

  3. Unit repairs:
    1. The brick fascia on the front of a unit was damaged due to an accident. Personal insurance paid for the repair.

    2. b. Smoke alarm re-placement- Romeo will take calls for a beeping smoke alarm while he is here. However, he and Diane will be going to Florida for a few months during the winter. If an alarm needs the battery changed, the owner should try to replace it himself or have a neighbor, friend or family member to assist. If there is no one to help, the owner is advised to call the fire department. The board would like volunteers from the complex to come forward to assist those who are unable to replace the battery themselves.

      Romeo also notified the board that the new alarm laws indicate that alarms within 20 feet of the kitchen or a bathroom are to be photoelectric alarms. Presently the alarms in the units are ionization alarms. The new photoelectric alarms are more expensive that the ionization alarms. However, they need not be replaced until they are no longer viable.

    3. Bulk trash pick-up can be scheduled directly by the unit owner by calling Waste Management (1-800-972-4545) and prepaying for the pick-up with a credit card.

    4. The roof at 49 NVD is leaking into the unit and will be repaired by Superior Roofing.

    5. A leak at 19 NVD was reported but further inspection indicated it was not a roof leak.

    6. The maintenance vehicle (golf cart) has an ignition problem but it is under warranty and will be repaired.

    7. A resident has volunteered to work with Jim Hayden. Jim will contact the gentleman when needed.

    8. A resident has suggested a design for the new drive that will be installed in the spring near the shed. While the trustees thought the design was pleasing, the cost for such a design would be more than budgeted.

    9. A new owner had his condo unit tested for radon and it scored above the accepted level. Any repairs would be the responsibility of the owner.

    10. The notices for the smoke alarm testing have been sent out. Residents are reminded that, when testing, two people are needed – one to push the button on the individual alarms and the other to go around and listen to be sure all of the alarms are "talking" to each other. All alarms are to be individually tested.

    11. The smoke alarm testing program also includes a sheet for residents to update their emergency information, including their phone numbers. Although there is no line, residents can also update their email address as well. This will assure that all residents will be able to get the minutes and other notices in proper fashion. Just add your email address at the bottom. If you have a code for a garage door opener, this can be added as well.

    1. Marianne submitted two fee scales indicating the new condo fees if the fee is raised $15/month or if the fee is raised $20/month. After examining both suggested increases, the board voted to increase the condo fee by $20/month. This $20 will be allocated by half to the budget and half to the reserve. This means that both the budget and the reserve will be increased by $716. The fee increases will go from $19/month to $22/month depending on the Beneficial Interest of the resident. The board voted to refrain from implementing any further increase for three years unless there is a major catastrophe.

    2. Roger passed out a list with new information regarding vendors, including phone numbers and pertinent information. He also provided a new listing of the trust teams and their responsibilities.

    3. Andy asked the board members to continue to keep the community informed via the Olde Canal Village website (OurOCV@ocv.org). He suggested that we add new items to the website bulletin board as often as possible.

    4. Village Green will be meeting with Romeo and Andy on Oct 16 at 9:00 A.M. to discuss a new contract.. Romeo asked that all members of the board be present at this meeting.

    5. Board permission-See # 2.

    6. Telephone directory- Marianne will make a list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers for Bill Oncay as soon as she receives the emergency information forms from the residents. Bill will produce a new directory for 2015 with this information. Volunteers will be needed to distribute the new books to the residents.

    7. The board will meet Tuesday (Oct 14) at 9 A.M. to review a proposal from Republic Services for trash pick-up. Any proposal will then be compared to whatever proposal Waste Management provides the board. The present Waste Management contract ends in March, 2015.

    The board had a discussion regarding the spills from the truck that are marring the newly resealed roads. These seem to originate from materials improperly placed in the trash. Liquids should not be put in the trash. Wet cat litter should be securely bagged so the waste is not forced out of the bag when the compactor is activated. Recycle items (cans, bottles, etc.) should be washed out and drained before putting them in the recycle bin.

    Romeo has been in touch with Revell Tree Services to reshape the tall pear trees in the complex. These trees have not been pruned since they were planted. Revell will trim them after the leaves have fallen which will be some time in December.

    Several people have asked for names of vendors who clean dryer vents and for garage door repair vendors. Romeo has secured some names and has placed them on the vendor list on the website. If anyone knows of a good reliable vendor of any kind and would like to share the name and number, please call Bill Oncay and ask him to place the name on the vendor list. This list is helpful when you are searching for someone to do good repair work at a reasonable cost. Angie’s List costs money to join, the OurOCV@ocv.org vendor list is free.

    Meeting adjourned at 12:30 P.M.

    Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams