November 10, 2009

Board member present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume

Andy Habe opened the meeting at 6:30 P.M..

  1. The board reviewed the cash flow and the Balance Sheet for the month of October. The Bill payment for the month of October was approved and signed. The board took up the question of the 2010 budget. After much discussion, the budget was approved. Several line items were designated to be paid out of reserve funds rather than out of monthly funds. These line items included legal, buildings, and roads and walkways. The final total of the budget was $163547. Because this budget figure is the same as last year, there will be no increase in the monthly condo fee for 2010. Marianne reported that the latest CD to mature was a 7 month CD which she converted to a 12 month CD because of the better interest rate. Marianne will continue her check for other CPA prices for tax reporting.

  2. 2/5b. Tom reported that an investigation into the possibility of solar lights around the rotary was not doable because solar lights do not provide enough illumination. He said that installing electrical lights mounted on the five posts already in the circle would be feasible. He checked with the assessors office as well as the original surveyor to determine if there is any piping from the clubhouse to the circle that can be used as a conduit for electrical wiring. He has checked with Baroque Bros as well as Ed LaFleur. Cutting a trench for such piping could be done at a reasonable cost.Gil Joe indicated he would be willing to help with the installation. The lights would controlled by a timer in the clubhouse. The estimated cost would be $1500 which includes the cutting and replacement of the asphalt as well as the estimated cost of materials at $1129.

  3. The parking situation has been resolved.

  4. Open items:

    1. Complaints regarding leaves being blown and left on the sides of the buildings has been discussed with Carlino and the matter is resolved.
    2. All heating wires are paid for.
    3. Fire alarms- all condo alarm systems have been checked. Romeo is concerned that the forms are not being filled out correctly. Some people are not indicating on the form whether or not their systems are "talking" to each other. The button on each fire alarm must be pushed in until the testor can hear all the other alarms responding. If any alarm does not respond, that alarm must be replaced. In the future, all new detectors are to be photoelectric and are $30. This new fire alarm will be required in 2010. The older model for $15 will be available for the remainder of 2009.
    4. The white spots on the roads have been painted over. Residents are reminder to empty all paint cans, to add cat liter to the can to absorb any remaining paint, and to put the lid on securely when disposing the can in the trash.
    5. Tom was unable to secure a vendor who would give the residents a negotiated price when replacing hot water heaters. It is up to the individual owner to find someone to do the work. Residents are asked to let Tom know if they find someone who is reasonable and reliable.
    6. Painting the decks will remain on the master schedule.
    7. The fire chief has been in contact with Romeo regarding the pile of materials collected by a neighbor who is planning to burn the pile. The chief has been in touch with the neighbor and he is aware of the rules and regulation regarding open burning. Romeo indicated that the pile has gotten larger and he will report this to the fire chief.
    8. Wilson and Roger have constructed a privacy barrier on Roger's deck. This is a model barrier and will be inspected by the board.
    9. New water sensors- Tom indicated that the replacement of any new sensors would be taken out of reserves.
    10. Bulkheads- Tom and Roger will check the bulkheads in the spring and those needing repair because of rust issues will be sanded and painted. Other work will be done in 2012 as per schedule.
  5. The flags along the upper walkway are the results of the town indicating presence of gas lines. Tom has placed an explanation of the flag situation by Dig Safe on the bulletin board as well as on the website.

  6. Gutter guards. Tom is going to install gutter guards on his gutters to check their effectiveness against the collection of leaves and debris in the gutters. A discussion about the style of guard resulted in the selection of ane that covers the gutter but would not allow pine needles to get into the gutter.

  7. .
Meeting was adjourned at 10:35 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams