November 13, 2014

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Jim Hayden

Prior to the scheduled meeting, the board discussed the pending contract with Village Green. The price offered for 2015 ($41,035 with aeration) and 2016 ($37,835) per year and that included spring cleanup, including Warsaw Street to the end as well as the fall clean-up. With pruning, in case Romeo is not able to continue doing the pruning because of his shoulder, the price would be an additional $4200. Village Green was present for the signing of the contract.

1. Several items on the Balance sheet were mislabeled and Marianne will contact Leslie for a correction.

2. Leslie will contact those residents who pay their condo fee through the e-payment plan. She will send an authorization form which will allow her to change the amount due with the bank. 40% of the residents use this program to pay their condo fee. The bill pay report was presented and approved. The cash flow report was accepted. Marianne presented the 2015 budget and, after a discussion regarding the insurance from CAU, the budget was presented for a second vote and it was accepted. Marianne spoke to Debbie from Rodman Insurance regarding the cost of the new insurance policy which would take effect in March, 2015. Debbie recommended the board budget this item for $1835 for the three year policy. Although they do not have any definite figures, Debbie said that the insurance companies have been raising their fees by 10%.

2.[sic] There are no open communication forms to discuss.

3. a.  Brick fascia repair- this repair job is the responsibility of the owners.
   b/c. The questionable invoice charge for Waste Management has been cleared up.  Owners will
        continue to call Waste Management directly for bulk pick-up (1-800-972-4545). If this procedure
        continues to present a problem, the board will discuss other options.
   d. The roofing problems with 49 NVD and 22 MVD have been remedied.
   e. Jim has been in touch with Waste Management regarding the spills on the roads.
      Jim reported that the major spills have been cleaned up and he will continue to monitor the situation.
      He  is currently in negotiations with Waste Management for a 2/3 contract.
   f. Andy reminded Marianne that she did not budget for the drive to shed that will be installed
      in the spring.  Marianne corrected this line item prior to the meeting and it was approved.
   g. Jim will contact Bob Crotty to assist him when he needs help.
   h. The October Alarm Testing project is complete.  All forms have been turned in.  Marianne received
      the emergency information sheets and is presently recording this information for the trustees and the
      building representatives.
   i. Andy contacted the police to inquire about the approval for the school crossing guard to park on
      Warsaw Street.  The police said they did not give approval and will instruct the crossing guard to
      park in another area.

4. a.  All residents have been notified of the condo fee increase of $19-$22 (depending on the BI of the condo)
   b.  The Board continues to review the operations responsibilities of the five teams.
   c.  Andy asked the board to continue to give Bill Oncay items for the on-line bulletin board.
   d.  Village Green signed the contract with Olde Canal Village.  See report at the beginning of these minutes.
   e.  Bob Crotty will work with Jim as the need arises.
   f.  Telephone directory- Bill Oncay is working on the telephone directory and has requested the large stapler.
       Marianne will give him the numbers listed by the residents on the emergency information sheets as the number
       to be listed in the directory.  If this number is not the one the residents listed in the directory, the
       resident is advised to contact Bill prior to the publication of the directory.
   g.  A letter was sent to a resident regarding dog issues and action has been taken to correct the situation.
   h.  JR Dowding has been advised to install longer protection sticks to avoid damaging the plants and shrubs
       in the islands. Residents should not put their own posts in the ground without permission from the board.

Comments: Roger has suggested the board purchase a leaf blower that Dave can use to blow the leaves out of the gutters. He is currently using his own. Roger called the town hall to get information as to when permits are needed for repair of roofs or other parts of the buildings. He was told a permit was needed for every repair job. He will continue to investigate this


Marianne asked that the board approve the purchase and planting of 5 pear trees along the area from Melons house to the clubhouse parking lot in addition to a white pine to replace the two cut down in the fall. Approval granted.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 A.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams