Trustee/Resident meeting

November 14, 2005

1.Chairman Andy Habe opened the meeting wishing everyone a good evening and thanking everyone for coming.
2.Andy thanked John Trombert for his continued personal efforts. John swapped the smaller bulletin board that was here in the main clubhouse, with the larger one outside the restrooms. This will provide some space for requested unit owner usage.
3. Some unit owners have asked if Roberto would be allowed to trim their bushes. The answer from the Trustees was yes, but one should request it on the Communication Form.
4. There are three major objectives that the Trustees are working on:
     o To present the preliminary budget results for 2005 and the 2006 budget.
     o To report the 2005 goals/accomplishments
     o To identify the 2006 goals
5. All of the above will be presented at the December 12th Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting.
6. The Governing Documents are also a major factor in the objectives but is not a pressing need for completion. The pressing need is to do it right. The Trustees have the following items being worked on:
     o Incorporating unit owner/trustee changes into the present documents
     o Obtaining legal review and approval.
     o Inputing revised Governing Documents to the Registry of Deeds in Worcester.
7. The installation of the dusk to dawn electrical wiring by Trustee Tom Rogers is approximately 60% complete. The Trustees intend to have all garage lights converted by next summer. This is a safety issue. The first priority are lights that are not operating dusk to dawn. Your compliance is essential.
8. The Trustees continue to request that unit owners utilize the Communication Form to transmit requests, comments or suggestions. This is most helpful to the trustees and they appreciate your cooperation on this matter.
9. Financial Trustee Merle Ray will give us the September Financial Results.
     Unless there is an unexpected event OCV will finish the year well within budget.
10. Chairman Habe read the State of the Trust (See below)
11. The floor was opened for questions and/or comments.

A question was asked about who to call for garage door repair. Tom Fermi reported that the company that worked with Marinella on the garage doors is out of business. The sticker on the garage doors is obsolete. The new vendor is "Jolicoeur". Call at (508) 883-2011

Someone asked about the association cleaning the skylights. The Trustee said that they would not undertake that task but that if someone wanted it cleaned, Roberto would do it at the homeowner's expense.

Open Session

1. Chairman Andy Habe welcomed everyone in attendance and thanked them for coming. Andy reported that the Trustees are pleased to say that the State of the Trust continues in fine shape here at Olde Canal Village.

2. As reported at a previous meeting, the trustees are changing the monthly meeting structure and reflected below are the changes through 2006. The meetings schedule will also be published in the Newsletter.

12/12/05 Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting


*All meetings will continue to be held on the second Monday of each month.

*The Trustee/Unit Owner Meetings will be every other month.

*The Trustee meetings will also be held every other month.

*The reason for this change is that things are going very well for OCV and there is little to discuss with such frequent Trustee/Unit Owner meetings. We also feel that with the meetings being held every other month, we will have better attendance.

*If there is a need to go back to monthly meetings, we will do so.

*It should be noted, that the Trustees will provide time for Unit Owners to present pressing matters during the first hour of the Trustee Meeting or the Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting.

Andy Habe
1/9/06 Trustee Meeting
2/13/06 Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting
3/13/06 Trustee Meeting
4/10/06 Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting
5/8/06 Trustee Meeting
6/12/06 Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting
7/10/06 Trustee Meeting
8/14/06 Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting
9/11/06 Trustee Meeting
10/9/06 Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting
11/13/06 Trustee Meeting
12/11/06 Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting


1. The meeting was opened at 7:35 PM by Chairman Andy Habe with all trustees present as well as Bill Oncay.

2. Chairman Habe asked for the status of the following items:

  1. Condominium documents - The latest issue of the draft documents have given to Attorney Erik Anderberg for legal review and to file the finished documents with the Registry of Deeds.

  2. Pine tree replacement - This will be held in abeyance until it is determined whether to buy a tree from Weston Nurseries. We may be able to get a new one planted for the same cost or less than moving a tree. At this point, Bill Oncay left the meeting.

  3. FY 2006 Budget - It is almost complete and ready for presentation to the Board. Chairman Habe set December 5 for a Trustee meeting to review and finalize the budget. It will be presented to the residents at the December owner/trustee meeting.

  4. Status of goals for FY 2005 and establishment of new goals for FY 2006. This should be ready for review at the December 5 meeting and subsequently presented to the community at the December owner/trustee meeting.

  5. Insurance Proposals - This area is still being worked on by Tom Rogers and Bill Patten. They are still trying to identify an additional carrier to respond to our Request for Proposals in December.

  6. Approval by all trustees was granted for the deck extension on Nature View Drive. Even though this is common property, it will not be offensive to anyone and is more or less hidden from view.

  7. A letter will be written to the residents at 19 Nature View Drive to remove the lattice work for the winter season.

  8. The dusk-to-dawn lighting program will be enforced by the trustees. The installation of the "new" Dusk to Dawn light switches by the association, is 64% complete and is to insure that all unit garage lighting operates as required. This is a preventative measure to discourage any crime or mischief in the Olde Canal Village complex.
3. CD interest rates at various financial institutions will be monitored by the Board so that we can invest additional Reserve Funds.

4. In response to a residentís question regarding marking of street drains for the winter, Roberto will be tasked to do this as well as mark all fire hydrants and clear them of snow.

5. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Andy Habe, Chairman