November 15, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Habe at 8:10 a.m.

Members of the Board present included Andy Habe, Romeo Berthiaume, Roger Lange, Frank Lary, and Marianne Williams

1. Budget Review: No major questions Re the Cash Flow for October. It was noted that an additional amount of $2699. was spent to repair yet another leak in the water lines of Nature View Drive. The Reserve Cash Flow showed that we have $52,919 in reserves. This amount is down slightly from the previous month due to the necessity to transfer funds from our reserves to pay for the latest water leak. Four condo delinquiencies were reported by Leslie (our bookkeeper). The Board continues to encourage unit owners to take advantage of the automatic withdrawal system that is being offered by Unibank. Only 19 unit owners have signed up for this system. Forms are available at the Community Bulletin Board.

Marianne presented the Board with the proposed 2014 Budget. The Budget calls for a total expenditure of $184,778 which is approximately the same as the 2013 budget. This is the result of effective property management which includes the successful negotiation of new contracts with the landscaping and snow removal contractors. The end result will mean that there will be no condo fee increase for 2014.

Rodman Insurance: The Board is once again reminding unit owners to contact their individual insurance carriers to notify them that the condo insurance carrier (Rodman) has raised the deductible on claims to $5000.

David Doppler: The Board is very pleased with its new handyman, Mr. David Doppler. David is very capable and continues to save the Trust money by his knowledge and abilities. For example, he will open the sprinkler heads in the spring at a considerable savings to the Trust. As per past practice the Board will award David with a small quarterly bonus to show its appreciation.

Shut-Off Valves: Frank reported that Whitinsville Water was able to locate 3 of the 5 shut-off valves during a recent survey. This will assist the water company when future leaks arise and prevent a total shutoff of the water supply for the entire Village in the event of an emergency. The other 2 shutoffs locations would entail considerable excavation at great expense. Frank was also able to obtain the blueprints for the underground utilities in the complex.

Building Repairs: Frank reported that Scott Chase had completed the roof repairs on Building #3 He also reported that he has hired Feuti Roofing of Mapleville, RI to repair an existing leak on Building 2. Feuti is an expert roofer who will eventually inspect the roofs of all of our buildings to determine which ones will need eventual attention.

Trustee Comments: Roger indicated that he will try to trade in the wood chipper purchased in 2011 for a golf cart that would assist our maintenance person.

Andy announced that the Board will hold a special meeting with fellow unit owner Ed Machacz (29 NVD) on Tuesday, November 19 to discuss his findings with the MassSave Home Energy Audit operations.

Romeo reported that the smoke alarm testing for 2013 has been successfully completed.

Sadly, Frank announced that he and his wife are planning on re-locating to Western Massachusetts. As a result, he will be leaving the Board. This means that a vacancy will soon occur on the Board and we will need someone to fill the position. Andy suggested that the various Board members should actively recruit unit owners to strongly consider running for Board of Trustees in the years to come by creating “associate” positions to encourage residents to assist our community. The hope is that these “associates” might consider running for the Board in the future. Otherwise, we could revert back to hiring a property management company which would not only mean a considerable increase in the condo fee but a sharp decline in the service to our residents.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Romeo Berthiaume