November 11, 2008

  1. Board member present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume

  2. Andy Habe opened the meeting at 6:30 P.M.

  3. The board reviewed the proposed 2009 budget line by line. Some changes were made to the structure of the budget as well as to the proposed figures. Tom has reached an agreement with Tony Carlino of Carlino Landscaping to do additional work to what was already included in the contract. Mr. Carlino will aerate the soil and do thatching work on the grass in the spring as well as additional reseeding of some areas. He will also now be responsible for fertilization taking over the work previously done by Trugreen Fertilization. Tom presented the board with a cost saving analysis indicating a savings of $73365. This figure is derived from compassion of normal cost of work when done by outside contractors compared to actual work done by volunteers and through contractual agreements between vendors and the board. The cost savings outline will be discussed at the year end meeting of residents to be held Dec. 9.

  4. Tom sent a letter to Tony Marinella, the complex contractor, informing him of the water line leaks and repairs that have been done at great expensed to the complex. He has not received a reply indicating what remedy might be forthcoming.

  5. Romeo has been investigating what future action might be taken regarding the leasing of condo units. He will write up a proposal to amend the master deed and will present it at the December meeting of residents. The question that must be answered is "Is amending the master deed legal?"

  6. Andy and Tom met with Tony Carlino to review the snow plowing procedure. Tony advised Andy and Tom that he will be using ice melt on the drives and will use a spreader to prevent the piles that occurred last year.

  7. Tom put together a packet of information about Olde Canal Village that could be given to new residents. The packet explains the rules and regulations, ives information about the board, organizations, the use of the clubhouse, and forms that a new resident might need, as well as other material that new residents would find very useful. He will have a sample of the packet available for viewing at the December meeting.

  8. Meeting adjourned at 10:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams.