November 8, 2012



The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..

Members of the board present:  Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary


1.   The cash flow account was approved.  Marianne emailed the board a copy of the proposed budget for FY 2013.  The proposed budget cut back on some landscaping expenses as well as irrigation and buildings, but increased in the Carlino and Waste Management line items to reflect contract increases.   The insurance costs were adjusted to reflect an downward adjustment in the contract for 2012-2014. Money was added to legal expense in anticipation of a possible lawsuit for the broken water lines. The board took the first vote on the budget and it was passed. A second vote by the board will take place at the December meeting.


2. Firewalls- The inspection of the fire walls on Olde Canal Way are complete.  Inspection of fire walls on Nature View Drive will begin the week of week of Nov 19.  It was found that some condos need studding and additional wall  to attach the firewalls correctly. 


3.  Andy drafted a letter to that will be sent to the Board of Selectmen at a future time.  The trustees discussed the content of the letter and voted to approve it for mailing.


4. Current business-   Wilson- no longer employed by the Trust until his personal business is resolved.

                                    Marianne has not heard from the insurance company regarding our claim for the broken pipe.


                                    Frank sent an email to Waste Management informing them that the cleaning of the leaks was not acceptable and more should be done to remove the stain marks from the roads.  He has not gotten a reply as of the meeting.

                                    The damage to sidings and roofs caused by hurricane Sandy has been repaired.

                                    The leaves in the gutters at 2,3,5 Olde Canal Way and 12,14,10,9 Nature View Drive have to be removed before winter sets in.  Roger is in the process of looking for someone to replace Wilson or to find someone who is willing to do the work on a temporary basis.


5.  Romeo and Roger have gotten a price for the no parking signs to be put on Warsaw Street.  Mention was made of the generous and neighborly act by the Wiersmas of having their friend, Ed LeFleur fill in the cracks on Warsaw St at no charge to us or them.  Many thanks to them for this help in maintaining the street.


6.  Roger will contact the electrician regarding the notification of National Grid as to the installation of the meter at the shed.

Several residents have family members that are using excessive speed on Nature View Drive and Olde Canal Way.  The streets are short and narrow and those speeding will be reported to the police department.

The December board meeting will be on Dec 6 at 9 A.M. and the semi-annual residents meeting will be on December 12 at 7 P.M.

Leslie St Jean has  new email address- lstjean@verizon.net.

The plot plan outlining the new approved parking areas are on the website.

Frank asks that anyone whose name or phone number that is misspelled or in error in the 2012 edition to please notify him for correction in the new 2013 edition.


Comments:  Frank made note that the side window in the clubhouse is broken and needs to be replaced.

                        Several residents notified the board that their screens were damaged during hurricane Sandy.  Residents are reminded that windows and screens are the responsibility of the homeowner.  New ones can be ordered from Silverline at 1-800-218-7713 or they can be repaired by Koopmans in Whitinsville or Ace Glass in Whitinsville.  Ace Glass is owned by the Palmero family who resides on Nature View Drive.

                        Romeo told the board that all but 5 have returned their fire alarm reports.  These reports are essential as the insurance company would be interested in whether the alarms were tested and working in case of a fire.  Thanks to all who returned their forms in a timely manner.

                        Andy passed out the meeting schedule for 2013.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30 A.M.


Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams