November 9, 2010

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 3:00 P.M. Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Marianne Williams, Romeo Berthiaume, Tom Fermi

  1. The cash flow statement was reviewed and approved. The bill payment request form was signed and returned to Marianne. A discussion on water usage followed the notice that the quarterly water bill for months July-October was $5618. Tom said that he will readjust the water cycle for next year so the system will run for 30 minutes. In times of shortage of rain, the meter automatically kicks up the amount of water used by 30 %. That is what happened this year, however Tom had the meter set for 39 minute cycle. Then the automatic reset went into action causing the excess of water used during the hot, dry days. Thus the high water bill.

    Roger asked if the board would consider putting electricity in the shed. He noted that Wilson has his electrical tools in the shed and must then find a source of electricity when he want to use them. Roger will look into the cost of running an electrical line from the nearby box to the shed. He will check to see if this is to done by the electric company or if an electrician can do it.

  2. After a look at the proposed budget for 2011, the board took a preliminary vote to increase the condo fee by $5.00 across the board. The motion passed. A final vote will take place in December.

  3. Marianne reported that a CD had matured and was renewed by phone for 18 months. It was decided that the CD would be cashed in and as well as money would be taken out of reserves for the purchase of two CDs from Sovereign Bank at a rate of 1.25%.

    The budget will reviewed in December for final approval.

  4. Tom and Andy reported on the contracts for Carlino and Waste Management. The three year contract for Tony Carlino indicated a reduction of charges of $600 because of elimination of fall lime application in the first year. However, Carlino will seed in the fall and the cost of the seeding was not included in the contract and will be paid separately. In the second year of the contract, there would be an increase of $600 as well as an increase of $918 in the third year. This means a total increase for landscaping and snow removal of $1518 over the three year contract.

  5. The contract for Waste Management indicates a reduction of charges in the first year of 3%, then an increase in the second year of 3% to what we are paying in 2010. There is also an icerease of 3% in the third year. The contract calls for 25% discount on our final invoice which will be about $297. If we pay our bill on line, we will forgo the administrative fee of $3.00 The contracts were accepted by the board.

  6. Tom gave a indication of the total savings for the year to be in the area of $80,000. These savings are due to the use of Wilson for additional duties, as well as volunteer work by the residents which brings the costs down.

  7. Romeo reported that all but two building reps turned in the fire alarm check sheets. He will contact them to be sure all units were checked correctly. Romeo reported that not residents are checking their alarms correctly. He is concerned that the residents are not pushing the buttons on the individual alarms until all alarms are triggered. He said some are hearing the alarm they are pressing and then they let go and do not give the alarms a chance to talk to one another. This is dangerous and, because we must be concerned with our neighbors condo as well as our own, the proper procedure must be followed even if it indicates that new alarms must be purchased. The alarms must talk to one another. Romeo wants to stress to all who did not check their alarms correctly the first time to recheck them. A new alarm is not as costly as a fire.

  8. No report on the privacy screen. Roger is looking for a lattice board and will report his results in the spring.

  9. Open reports- there were no open reports.

  10. The board voted on and approved a pay raise of $!.00/hour for Wilson. His new pay rate for 2011 will be $12/hour.

  11. The meeting adjourned at 5:30P.M.
    Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams