December 13, 2011

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 1:00 P.M.
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams

  1. The cash flow and the bill payment report were approved and signed.

  2. Roof repairs- the last building on Olde Canal Way is currently being repaired. After that, the last building to be repaired is building 14 on Nature View Drive. Scott Chase is continuing to take pictures of the roofs. Andy and Tom have not had a response from Tony Marinella regarding these roofs that were poorly constructed in 2000-2001.

  3. Governing documents- many of the new owners are not getting the governing documents nor the clubhouse keys from those selling their condos. As a result, the new owners are not aware of some of the rules and regulations of the complex. Andy recommended that Marianne remind the real estate agents that these documents and keys should be made available by their clients. Marianne will make copies of the booklet for those needing one. Marianne suggested that all owners should have their copy in a safe and accessible place. Any current owner who has lost his or her copy and would like a new one is reminded that replacement copies will cost $25.00. Any condo owner that loses his or her key will be assessed $10 for a replacement.

  4. Wilson- Wilson is almost finished repositioning the roof wires as well as installing new wires for those who are requesting them for the first time. The board voted to give Wilson a $100 Christmas check.

  5. Old business- residents and their visitors are complying with the new parking regualtions.

  6. A resident has an unqualified resident residing in the condo. The board has requested and is waiting for a notarized letter from the owners doctor to validate her claim for medical assistance. Tom will call speak to the owner again after the holidays.

  7. Andy reported that a misunderstanding between neighbors was mediated by him and resolved.

  8. The board then prepared the letters regarding the increase in condo fee for distribution.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 P.M.
Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams