Date:        Dec 13, 2004

Time:       7:00 p

Place:      Clubhouse




Tom Fermi






VC of Operations





Call to Order:  7:05p

Open Session Adjourn:           


Unit Owner Open Meeting Minutes


In these ‘minutes’, normal text is taken directly from the meeting agenda and the italicized text is from the resultant discussion or comments made by the trustees and/or attendees.




o         The December Trustee/Homeowner meeting was opened by Chairman Andrew Habe. Mr. Habe welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending the last meeting of 2004.Andy emphasized his belief that 2005 would be another great year.

o         Andy stated that we have so much to be thankful for, a great location, and truly friendly people that are working together to make Olde Canal Village a beautiful and affordable place to live.

o         The Beautification Committee was thanked for their Christmas decorations and the hard work in planting of bulbs, for next spring's flowers, that will beautify the circle and the club house. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

o         Chairman Habe reported that many residents asked for something to remind them, on the day, of a Meeting. The Trustees decided that a Meeting Alert Flag hung on the bulletin board would do the job. Donna and Bill Oncay were thanked for making a most professional looking flag.

o         The water leaks at 24 & 59 Nature View have been repaired. Marinella Construction Co. is paying for the repair at 59 NVD. An explanation and a request to Mr. Marinella to accept responsibility concerning 24 NVD, was written to obtain reimbursement. Olde Canal Village is currently awaiting a reply.

We are well outside warranty period but are trying to negotiate with Mr. Marinella, because of negligent construction methods used in laying the pipes without surrounding them with sand to prevent wear-through by rocks. We are awaiting his reply.

o         All ladies of Olde Canal Village are invited to a Yankee Swap & Xmas Dinner this Wednesday Night (15th)  at 6 pm, here in the clubhouse. If you haven't already signed up its not too late. They would love to have you. Anyone interested should call Marti Fermi or Sylvia Habe.

o         Vice Chairman of Operations Tom Fermi commented on the Beautification and Maintenance Program recapping the accomplishments of 2004 which included staining of all decks on NVD, painting bulkheads at OCW, completed planting of shrubbery, installed AC in the clubhouse, sealed all the cracks in the roadways, driveways, and walkways, Installed many timers on garage lights and successfully transplanted five of six evergreen trees from the circle to the area next to the clubhouse parking lot.

Mr. Fermi also told everyone that we have a new Three Year Service Agreement with Waste Management after recent negotiation at a better, lower price, saving over $2000 in a three year period. OCV has also finished the first year of a three year contract with DPS Landscaping and Construction (Roberto) We’re looking forward to two more years of his work. Things are getting better.

People were requested not to ask Roberto’s employees to do anything. Roberto is contracted to perform specific services and asking his people to do something may be outside of his contracted services. People should find Roberto himself or ask Tom Fermi for what they need.

There were complaints from the floor regarding brown spots in the grass. It was said that the spots were from dogs urinating on the lawn. There was a discussion about what might be done to rectify this situation.

The board was asked if power washing the unit siding was being considered. The Board reported that they were hesitant to use any power washing because of the problem it caused on the decks. Further research will be done to look into the cost involved in having the siding professionally cleaned.

o         Financial Trustee Merle Ray presented the November Financial Results as favorable and on or under budget in all areas. Merle requested that people planning to move give him two weeks notice to prepare the “6d Certificate” which they will need at closing.

Andy Habe announced that the Trustees are working with Bank of America to do away with the service charges we are experiencing. The Trustees are also looking at interest rates for Certificates of Deposit. With the right rates, OCV will invest some of our financial reserve in CDs.

o         The January, Trustee / Unit Owner Meeting will review the Financial results for the year 2004. The Operating Goals presented at 2003’s year-end meeting and our attainment of those goals will be discussed. Also, Operating Goals for 2005 will be presented.

o         Bill Oncay, the Editor of the OCV News Letter, has asked that the Chairman and the Trustees periodically write in the Newsletter, as to the “State of The Trust”. Tonight will be used to present that information.

o         Chairman Habe read a prepared statement regarding the “State of the Trust” which will also appear in the Newsletter. The statement recaps the accomplishments of 2004 and the expectations for 2005. Of good news was the announcement that there will be no increase of condo fees for the upcoming year.

o         Chairman Habe then opened the meeting to questions from the floor.

A discussion ensued regarding the bad condition of the grounds in back of building #11. It was stated that Marinella Construction removed too much top soil resulting in an abundance of  rocks and weeds. The same condition exists behind building #6 and to lesser extents, other buildings, throughout the complex. The Tustees have taken action to help solve this problem by additional grass seeding and fertilizations. The cost effective measures to beautify the backyards will continue. Representatives of  building #11 expressed their dissatisfaction at having to wait for the problem to be rectified.

Andy Habe