December 6, 2012

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M... Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary

  1. 1. Cash flow and bill payment report reviewed and approved. No delinquencies in condo payments reported. ` Marianne reported the number of late payers of the condo fees has increased, while the people are paying their fees, they are starting to date the checks early but mailing them later. The condo fees are due the first of the month with a grace period of five days. People are taking advantage of this grace period, however, with the sometimes slowness of the post office, these checks are not getting to Leslies box in time to make the due date. Because they are posted the 3rd or the 4th, Leslie is reluctant to charge the late fee of $20. I will call Leslie and ask her to check her box late on the 5th or early on the 6th and anything after that will be considered late and subject to the late charge.

    Frank had a concern regarding Chase bill and will call him to get verification of the charges. He suggested that all vendors, unless they have a total charge upfront for work to be done, fill out a time sheet to assure correct charge. It was noted that Scott Chase has increased his hourly rate.

    The second vote for the 2013 budget was taken and passed. There will be no increase in condo fees for the FY2013. Determination of a condo fee increase in 2014 will be decided on before the June, 2013 residents meeting. The increase in fees will be considered only if there is an extreme increase in expenses.

    Once again, the board is planning to re-top the streets and the line item is in the new budget. Roger will seek a new figure from LaFleur Paving. Warsaw St will be included in the work and the two families have agreed to share the cost of work done on Warsaw St.

    No parking signs have been installed on Warsaw St. Some of the signs will be relocated to some areas on Nature View Drive near the clubhouse. The overflow of parking in this area when the clubhouse has a special event is a becoming a potentially dangerous situation so the board has decided that parking in that area will not be allowed.

    A resident asked that the school traffic monitor be allowed to park on Warsaw St, however, the board decided that she is able to park on Granite St or in the school parking lot and therefore, the request was denied. It was also felt, that once she parked there, other parents would park behind her making this a dangerous situation when the children are crossing two streets when only one is monitored.

  2. 2. Fire Walls – Frank will talk with the town inspector regarding the issue of fire walls to determine if they were up to the building code as established in 1996. Frank wrote to Mr. Marinella regarding the lack of studding in the attics of some condos and is waiting for an answer. Frank would like Mr. Marinella to secure a building permit so the work can be inspected by the building inspector. Frank has sent three letters regarding fire wall concerns to Mr. Marinella and none have been answered. Frank expressed his thanks to Tom Fermi who has been very helpful in this firewall process. Frank said that Tom has been very cooperative and his help was very much appreciated.

  3. 4. Hiring a lawyer- will discuss after the holidays. Frank is doing a time line to illustrate the amount of involvement Mr. Marinella continues to have in Olde Canal Village even though the seven years statute of limitations has passed. This continued interest demonstrates that he has never completed this project.

  4. 5. Trustee Communication forms- Machacz would like to relocate the dryer vents to the front of the condo because of the extended distance it now has to the back of the building. It will be discretely located under the siding. Approval given.

    Two owners have requested heat wires be installed. Roger will have them installed this coming week. Roger has secured the services, on a temporary basis, of a young man named Josh Blauth, to work on gutters, etc. He will be assigned work as needed.

  5. 6. Andy passed out the 2013 schedule of meeting. One will be posted on the bulletin board by the mailboxes and another in the clubhouse.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams

December 11, 2012

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at7:00 P.M..
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary
Members of the Board absent: Roger Lange
33 residents of Olde Canal Village present

Andy welcomed all to the meeting. He introduced the new residents of Olde Canal Village- Mary and Ken Favreau, Pay and John Kennedy, and Jim and Cecelia Linnehan. Andy thanked Larry and Arlene Peloquin of Nature View Drive for all the hard work during the heat of the summer in putting the decorative rocks around air conditioning unit and drain pipes. The effect on the complex is just wonderful and the effort put forth by the Peloquins’ is very gratifying.

Andy then thanked Tom Fermi, who retired from the board in June after many years of service. He was the go-to man and is missed by all. Frank Lary was elected to replace Tom and he is doing a wonderful job. His wife, Pat, has joined the clubhouse committee and has come up with some wonderful idea for socializing. Priscilla Machacz has started the knitting and crochet group that meets each Tuesday from 1 P.M. until 3 P.M. at the clubhouse. Jean McGee, Pat and Sylvia will run a Valentines breakfast open to all in February. A Super Bowl event is also planned with all invited. More information on that at a later date. There is a need for two more volunteers to clean the clubhouse. The women are scheduled so that each volunteer does the cleaning about twice a year. Mary Favreau volunteered.

Frank then explained the use of the remote control of the irrigation system. The system was installed by Tom but Frank has become the recipient of the useful remote as it makes it easier to test the various parts of the irrigation system without having to go back to the clubhouse to turn on the water for that particular area. Frank then went on to discuss the water breaks that have occurred on Nature View Drive. Both breaks occurred because the back fill that was used during construction was broken shale, and through the years, the rocks have rubbed against the piping caused them to leak. The breaks were costly, with the total for both breaks over $8500. Hurricane Sandy did some damage to some condos siding, however, Frank was able to have Scott Chase come in and he repaired the damage in several days. The fire was situation was explained and Frank discussed the need to repair the attic walls that are missing fire walls., Frank is working to find out if Mr. Marinella met the fire code of 1996 when the condo were built in 200and 2001. The roofs on 33 and 35 OCW are repaired. We have spent over $17,000 in repairs in the last six months to correct improper construction at the start of the complex. Frank then discussed Warsaw Street and reported that the neighbors living on Warsaw Street are cooperating with the plan proposed for maintenance of that street. He reported that the Wiersma’s friend, LaFleur paving, came in and filled the cracks in the road at no cost to either the Wiersma’s or the Trust. For that act of cooperation, the Board and the residents are extremely grateful. Frank then displayed the new telephone books and gave much earned credit to his wife, Pat, who designed the book and the cover.

Marianne then talked to the high bills that Frank spoke of earlier. The water breaks were costly- one was over $5600. This bill was submitted as a claim to the insurance company but was denied because the repairs were made before the claim was made and because the breaks did not do any damage to surrounding condos. The board has been working judiciously to keep costs low and thus far we have used very little of the reserve money to pay the bills. Last year, we had $90,000 in reserve funds. Repairing the roofs cost us over $85,000 in unanticipated bills. When we started this year, we had $5000 in reserves. As of today, we have over $42,000. This reserve fund is not meant to pay everyday bills but is a savings fund for the re-roofing of the condos which is due to happen in 2025. Marianne reported that there will not be a fee increase this year, and if all goes well, the next increase as proposed will occur in 2015. This is not cut in stone, and if the board experiences an unforeseen drastic event in the next year, the board will take a vote on raising the fee for 2014 before the June residents meeting. Marianne then asked the residents to abide by the condo fee due date which is the 1st of each month, with the grace period of the 5 days when all fees are due on the 5th. Some are taking advantage of the grace period and not mailing their fees in until the last minute. Marianne has instructed Leslie, the account, to fine anyone who does not send in their checks in a timely manner. That is, when checks are received on the 6th or later. No matter what date is on the check. Marianne then told the saga of one of the residents who applied f or a VA loan only to be denied because Olde Canal Village is not on the list of approved condo units. It seems that the VA does not abide by the approval rating of HUD and requires each condo association to apply for VA approval. Marianne has begun the approval process which will take about 2 months.

Romeo then spoke about trimming of shrubs and said that anyone who did not have their shrubs trimmed did not fill out a required communication form requesting the trimming. He thanks all the building coordinators for completing the smoke alarm inspection in an expeditious manner. He then spoke about the No Parking signs installed on Warsaw St. and noted they are bright to draw attention to the fact that parking will not be allowed on this street because of the nature of the street. He reported that a resident requested allowing the school traffic monitor to park there but the request was denied as it would set a precedent for others to park. He said that he checks the security lights several times a week. If heat wires are needed, please call Romeo. Romeo then reported items normally undertaken by Roger. He reported that painting the trim is scheduled in 2013 as well as the resurfacing of the road.

The State of the Trust was read by Andy and can be found on the website.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams