December 8, 2009

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 6:30 P.M.
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams

  1. 1. November budget- the cash flow for the month of November for checked and approved. Marianne reported on her search for another CPA for the end of year tax reporting she was able to speak with a CPA from Uxbridge. He told her he did not usually do condo reporting and suggested she bring material to a meeting so he could determine what the board was looking for. Marianne was unable to make the meeting and suggested they get together after this next tax year when the report will be for the current tax year. The board agreed that would be a good idea. The board voted for a bonus for Wilson which Marianne will send in a Christmas card. The board also voted to increase Wilson's pay to $11/hour. The board reviewed the water usage for the year in comparison to usage in the previous year. Because of the amount of rain, as well as Tom's rescheduling the sprinkling pattern, the amount of water used fell almost 25,000 gallons saving the complex $400 in water fees.

  2. 2. Current business-

    1. Open communication trust forms: All work was completed. A letter sent to the board by Lucille Whitehouse regarding her concerns about the construction of privacy barriers. She indicated that while she understands the need for privacy by residents who like to use their decks, these wooden privacy fences should not be the only solution and that natural barriers such as arborvitaes might be better especially when the decks could be seen from the road. The board agreed with her thoughts and Roger said her would call and discuss the matter with her.

    2. Building coordinators for the smoke alarm check- Romeo reported that the coordinators as well as home owners are not aware of the proper way to check the alarms. He reported that most of the residents simply push the button of one alarm and say it works. However, the button must be held in until all the alarms are set off by that one alarm. The tester is then to go to the next alarm and repeat the procedure. In this way, the alarms all "talk" to each other- each one setting off all the alarms. If an alarm does not set off all the remaining alarms, it is deficient and must be replaced. Romeo suggested that next year, prior to fire prevention month (October), he would have a meeting of all coordinators to demonstrate proper testing. He also suggested that the coordinators do the testing in each unit for which they are responsible. He also reported that a new law effective January 2010requires that the alarm outside a bathroom or kitchen area be a photoelectric alarm because steam will set off the ionized type currently in use.

    3. Romeo reported on the "bonfire" pile located in a neighbors yard. He spoke to the fire chief and the chief said he would check it out to be sure illegal materials were not on the pile.

    4. Roger reported that the cost of a privacy barrier would be approximately $250. In conjunction with the letter from one of the residents, the trustees suggested that the privacy barriers might be suitable for the condo decks facing the outer perimeter of the complex and more natural barriers be suitable for decks open to view.

    5. Tom reported on the project regarding lighting around the circle. He presented a new schematic layout for lights to be placed on the posts already erected and holding direction arrows. His plan would include an addition post in the area of the mailboxes. The cost would be approximately $1500. This project will be discussed at the general meeting in February.

    6. Clubhouse parking restrictions. The board discussed and approved new parking restrictions in the clubhouse parking area. The parking area is able to hold seven cars. Residents are not to park in the clubhouse parking area because they have driveways. No parking will be allowed in front of the clubhouse. Extra parking will be allowed in the spill pond area on the tree side of the road. Parking will also be allowed along the Nature View Drive side of the clubhouse on one side of the street only. If more parking is needed by guests using the clubhouse, they should be directed to park in the Taft School parking lot. Residents using the clubhouse for affairs are reminded that the maximum number of attendees should be 54-61 which is capacity for the size of the room.

  3. 3. A discussion was held regarding the use of emails to vote on problems that arise outside the meeting. This discussion centered around the use of emails regarding the use of the clubhouse parking area by residents. Several trustees took the discussion via email as indicating a vote had been taken regarding action on this matter. It was decided that emails do not constitute a meeting and votes cannot be taken via email. The question of the parking problems will be placed in the Question and Answer area of the Complex website.

  4. 4. Andy suggested that voting majorities when trustees are not in attendance at meetings called because of emergency circumstances will be 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5, or 3 out of 4.

Comments: Marianne suggested the door of bulletin board be rehung so it opens from left to right, or right to left rather than from bottom to top. Because the locks do not always work, the current placement of the door requires one to place the door on ones head in order to use both hands to write or pin up notices. This matter will be studied.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 P.M.

Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams