1. The meeting was opened at 7:05 PM by Chairman Andy Habe with all trustees present.
  2. Tom Rogers reported that he had not received any response from Attorney Anderberg concerning review of the revised condo documents. He will try to get another attorney (Weinberg) to provide us with a quote for doing the review.
  3. Chairman Habe asked that the status of the following items be presented at the December 12 meeting:
    1. Estimated year-end accounting results vs. the Budget and presentation of the FY 2006 Budget. (Merle Ray) The new budget was reviewed by the Board and approved.
    2. Address Operations accomplishments for 2005 and present goals for 2006. (Tom Fermi)
    3. Status of revised condo documents. (Tom Rogers)
  4. Added costs incurred for Workers Compensation Insurance due to DPS Landscape & Constructionís failure to update their coverage will be deducted from the January and February payments for Snow Plowing/Removal.
  5. A new bid will be obtained for lighting for the holding pond area and circle.
  6. Chairman Habe asked about the status of dusk to dawn garage light conversion. Tom Rogers announced that the project was 68% complete. Gilbert Joe will be helping out.
  7. Other:
    1. Status of Warsaw Street. Tom Rogers has been working with town officials to get a resolution but there has been no progress.
    2. Ballot to ratify Condo Documents - Bill Oncay has completed it and it will be discussed at the December 12 meeting.
    3. Operating procedure for identification and filing of Unit Owner/Trustees Communication Forms was presented by Bill Patten. Bill has completed this task and will be responsible for the filing of these communications.
    4. Transplanting Trees - This project has been deferred until Spring, 2005.
  8. Insurance Quotes for 2006 - Tom Rogers has sent specifications to five (5) companies for bids.
  9. Bank rates for CDís were discussed. Chairman Habe obtained current and forecast percentages and they are going up. We will watch them over the next few months and invest additional reserve funds at the best time.
  10. Merle Ray announced that a letter will be sent to CPA Harrigan requesting that he provide us with an accounting review for 2005 and that our bookkeeper has been provided with a deposit only ATM card. This will speed up processing of deposits and possibly save us some money in the future when we re-negotiate her agreement with us.
  11. The roofs at 24 and 34 Olde Canal Way will be inspected for broken shingles
  12. Andy Habe, Chairman

    DECEMBER 12, 2005

    Chairman Andy Habe welcomed everyone attending the final meeting of 2005 to celebrate another successful year of Trustee Self-Management. Andy reported that the Trustees look forward to another great year at Olde Canal Village in 2006
    The community has so much to be thankful for. A great location with truly friendly people that are making Olde Canal Village a beautiful and affordable place to live. We are fortunate to have home owners participating in programs that have helped our financial well-being.
    Noting the Beautification Committee comprised of Nancy Jackson, Lucile Whitehouse, Merle Lalor, Carol Perda and Joan Viens who have done remarkable work all year long. Recently they planted bulbs for next springís flowers and decorated for Christmas.

    Gilbert Joe was thanked for hanging the Christmas wreaths on the front doors. We thank Marti and Tom Fermi for obtaining the Christmas tree and the ladies of Olde Canal Village for decorating it. Andy also thanked:
    • Welcoming / Sunshine - Bonnie Trombert
    • Clubhouse Craft - Alice Gregory
    • Clubhouse Cleaning Volunteers - Claire Patten, Bonny Trombert, Maureen Tremblay, Wendy Quinlan, Charlotte Mangano, Lynn Powell
    • Finance - Clyde Powell, Kathy Bordoni
    • Operations - Bill McGee, Jack Cnossen, John Allen

      *****Chairman Habe acknowledged the passing of Al Worsham, 28 Olde Canal Way. Al was a valued member of the community.
    Andy also stated that the Association is always looking for new committee members along with ideas to make our life style more enjoyable. Those interested in contributing should contact one of your Trustees.
    These programs make for a healthy financial community but we also have a group of Red Hatters that roam the country side to enjoy life at its fullest. We have a Ladies Yankee Swap and Dinner, a Christmas tree trimming, a Craft Program at the Clubhouse that includes sewing / quilting and Community Pot Luck Dinners. Your community is working together and friendships are being made.
    Two other programs are A lighting of Olde Canal Village using dusk to dawn sensors on garage lights and B keeping to the right when going around the circle. Both programs are being implemented for safety's sake.
    On behalf of the Trustees, Andy offered thanks to Bill Oncay for his unending efforts to help on various projects, the publication of the Newsletter and the Olde Canal Village Website. Bill is always there when needed. We plan to devote a major part of a Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting in 2006 to the OCV Website and its value to our community.
    Operations Trustee Bill Patten was thanked for his effort on the Board and the Communication/Copying/Mail Committee headed by Bill and his wife Claire Patten with Barbara VanHeest, Carole Miller, Helen Ray, Ann Lewis, Ann Krause and Lorraine Crawford. The effort of this committee is substantial and financially rewarding to the Association.
    Many thanks to Vice Chairman Operations Tom Fermi for his efforts on the board and his consistent and unrelenting efforts to maintain and improve our quality of life and cost of living. Andy introduced Tom who had comments on our 2005 & 2006 Beautification / Maintenance Programs and accomplishments.

    Vice Chairman Tom Fermi provided a recap of the achievements for 2005.
    • Planted 24 pear trees and aborvitaes bushes
    • Landscaped the front entrance to the property.
    • All roads, driveways, and walkways were sealcoated.
    • Installed road signs directing traffic around the circle in the right direction.
    • Installed dusk to dawn garage lights in 70% of the units.
    • Installed new rain gutters and downspouts on all "A" type units to help with the ice dam situation.
    • Removed tree growth in the retention to prevent it from being clogged up and spilling over.
    • Improved the overall sprinkler action by replacing some of the popup fixed sprinkler heads with the type that rotates. This provides better coverage of the grass with water.
    • Negotiated with Marinella to fix two water leaks from underground water pipe damage caused by the pipes not being properly installed. Mr. Marinella agreed to pay for the repair of two underground pipes that leaked this year, a cost of which came to $1500. He also agreed to look at future occurances of the problem.
    • Negotiated with Marinella again to repair, at his cost, basement leaks in five units.

    • Tom Fermi then addressed planned goals for 2006.
    • Complete the beautification project by planting trees and shrubs around the open areas.
    • Install lights in the dark areas at the mailboxes and retention pond.
    • Improve the fertilization and grub control programs. Tom has laid out an 8 step plan to fertilize the grass and to get rid of grubs that are destroying part of our lawns.
    • Continue to enhance the watering program to conserve while continuing to provide adequate water to the lawns
    • Negotiate a new contract for landscaping and snow removal. Our present contract expires this year (2005)
    • Implement a new building preventive maintenance program to include:
      • Inspection of the shingles for damage
      • Seal all skylights against leaking/>
      • Seal all roof top vent pipes/>
    Trustee Tom Rogers was recognized for his administrative efforts on the Board and his volunteer work to install the dusk to dawn light conversions on all garage units. Tom will give an update status on the Dusk to Dawn lighting program and the status of the proposed Governing Documents.

    Admin Trustee Tom Rogers gave the status of the Rules and Regulations project. All home owners have had a chance to read and provide input on the proposed governing documents. The project is at the point where advice is required on the legal nature of what we at OCV propose. The first attorney never responded to the attempts to contact him so a second one is being contacted. Once the attorney has had a chance to review the documents and make his recommendations, we will make sure everyone has a chance to review the results. When that happens, all unit owners will be asked to ratify the proposal at an election sometime in 2006. Tom also said that we could put the legalized documents on the web site for those that have access to the Internet.
    We thank Financial Trustee Merle Ray for his expertise in the financial management and reporting system. Merle wpresented the estimated 2005 year-end accounting results vs. the Budget and presentation of the FY 2006 Budget.
    Merle Ray said that we would close out the financial year about $2800 over budget. $1400 of that money will be recovered in January/February 2006 because of an insurance rebate.
    For 2006 there will be a budget of approximately $150 less than 2005. The amount of income is static unless the condo fees are increased which is something the Trustees don't want to do. The 2006 budget includes $9000 capital expenditure for additional beautification of the property. This figure will be the subject of a Association wide election in the early weeks of 2006. All accounting reports and a copy of the budget are available on the clubhouse bulletin board and by contacting Merle Ray for a personal copy.
    State of the Trust. The State of the Trust was read and will be printed in its entirety in the December newsletter.
    The floor was opened for questions and comments
    Concern was expressed that DPS Landscaping was again digging up the lawn with the snow plowing. The suggested reason is that he is trying to expedite the clearing of the driveways. Tom Fermi will speak to Roberto. Other comments were made that snow blowers weren't used on the Nature View side, only the snow plow. Tom Fermi will look into this as well.
    Andrew Habe Chairman

    UXBRIDGE, MA 01569

    1. The meeting was opened at 8:00 PM by Chairman Andy Habe with all trustees and Bill Oncay present.
    2. Bill Patten and Bill Oncay reported on the status of lighting. They are waiting for quotes from prospective bidders. They need to find out what buildings have available outlets for meter installations. There was also a discussion about using the resident's meter but this was ruled out because of inherent problems. Bill Patten wanted to look at the possibility of using pole lights in lieu of lights on the buildings but this was not acceptable.
    3. Tom Rogers reported on the progress of legal review of the revised condo documents. He is still waiting for a response from Attorney Weinberg.
    4. Merle Ray brought up a computer problem that he has downloading reports from the bookkeeper because of differences in operating systems. He would like to obtain the necessary program to solve this difference. Bill Oncay offered a solution using available free software and he will provide a program disk to Merle.
    5. Bill Oncay suggested that the Board of Trustees start a program to encourage residents to obtain carbon monoxide detectors. The Board agreed that this was a good idea and it will be promoted. The newsletter would be the best way to do this. It may be possible to get a price break if enough interest can be generated.
    6. Chairman Habe asked about the status of the following open items with the results as listed:
      1. Roofs at 24 and 34 Olde Canal Way - These still have to be inspected and repaired as necessary.
      2. Ballot for ratification of revised condo documents - Bill Oncay is still working on this and suggested investigating the possibility of using a combination of on-line voting along with paper ballots where necessary.
      3. Voting on the Capital Improvement portion of the FY 2006 Budget ($9,000 for trees) - The above method could be used on this as well.
      4. Insurance - Tom Rogers reported that he has not received anything to date.
      5. CD Rates - Chairman Habe found some information where a bank is offering 4% and asked Merle Ray to check with BankAmerica to see if they will match or better this rate.
      6. Accounting Review - Merle Ray has written a letter to John Harrigan requesting his estimate for performing the review for 2005. As yet, no response has been received.
    7. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.

    8. Andy Habe, Chairman