February 13, 2014

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M.
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary
Members of the board absent: Roger Lange

1. January cash flow was approved and signed. Andy questioned the payment of $943 to Whitinsville Water and wondered about the late payment. Marianne explained that she received a bill from them at the end of January for work that was done in the first week of October. A call to the vendor regarding the late mailing revealed that the company accounts clerk was very ill and bills got backed up.

2. There were no additional applications for e-payment of condo fees.

3. Snow removal. Due to shortage of salt in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the snowplow vendor cannot find salt to treat our roads. The price has increased from $40/ton to $190/ton- if you can find it. The next ship will be coming in at the end of the month but that supply has been pre-purchased by states and cities. The snowplow vendor will decide if sand is to be put down. If it is used, the residents are reminded by the board to take care when entering your homes with sand on your shoes. The sand will be used for safety sake. Dowding will not shovel or plow drives that have cars parked in them, but he will shovel the sidewalk as he does for all the residents.. Frank reminded the board that Mr. Dowding will repair the damage to the lawns. The contract calls for retention of $3000 from the last check until such repairs are made. Frank reported that 18 residents have requested early snow removal from their drives. Only one is a medical necessity. This number of requests is difficult to handle in a timely manner so residents are asked to be patient. An extra plow will have an additional estimated cost $7500.

4/5. Communication Forms- Frank has three and has contacted the residents about their concerns.

a. The board voted to allow Bill Oncay to publish the 2015 directory and thanked him for his offer. If anyone’s phone number has been incorrectly listed, or has changed, please contact Bill to make the necessary corrections.
b/c. Dave Doppler is available for work. If any residents needs a hand, the board recommends they call Dave (774-280-9735).

d. Bill Oncay is updating the master deed to eliminate the black-out statements. A copy of the clean master deed will be distributed to all the residents.

7. Frank will provide the Board with the transfer of all paperwork regarding vendors, contracts, and all other material regarding vendor responsibility. Frank asked that a trustee take on the responsibility for the landscape coverage and Romeo agreed to the assignment.

8. Andy briefly discussed the reroofing of building #3 and noted that he would like to take it up when the entire board is in session. He is suggesting that the condo fees for 2015, and again for 2016, be increased by $15 per year to increase the reserve fund.

9. Comments: Marianne told the board that the HUD certification expires in June. This certification is necessary for any loan by residents or those seeking to purchase to be approved. Marianne noted that Olde Canal Village is the only complex in Uxbridge currently approved for certification. She also reminded the board that, in order for certification to be approved, our reserves must have a balance equal to three months expenditure. At the present time, our balance does have the required balance, but she noted, care must be taken to consider this requirement when thinking of major spending.

The boards call for someone to deliver the minutes resulted in many residents volunteering. The following have volunteered to do various jobs dealing with getting information to those who have no computer.