FEBRUARY 13, 2006

  1. Chairman Habe welcomed everyone to the the first Trustee/Unit Owner Meeting of 2006.
  2. Andy announced that we will have six Trustee/Unit Owner Meetings this year. Each meeting will be on the second Monday of the month. Future meeting for 2006 will be April 10, June 12, August 14, October 9 and December 11. The June meeting will involve an Election for a replacement Trustee.

  3. Andy stated that his term as Trustee will be up in June but that he would be running again. Andy also solicited others to run for office. The only requirement is that you be a unit owner and give your name to one of Trustees.

  4. A new law requiring Carbon Monoxide Detectors in a home is coming and we recommend that you buy and install one for safety sake. Andy told everyone that he just purchased and installed two for his home.
  5. Operations Vice Chairman Tom Fermi had some important information on this subject. - Tom

    Tom stated that in March of this year everyone will be required to have carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. The law will require that a CO detector be installed on every floor with living space. The sensor should ideally be within 15 feet of a bedroom. Tom said that for safety sake install one in the basement near the furnace. A discussion ensued over where in a room a detector should be placed, up high on a wall or near the floor. The consenses of opinion is that since air and carbon monoxide are nearly the same weight and because the air in a room was being circulated by the furnace that the location really didn't matter since CO in a room would be distributed evenly both up and down.

  6. Tom Rogers gave everyone a status update of the revised Governing Documents and the offering of his "personal assistance" in the replacement of defective smoke detector batteries and smoke detector units . - Tom
  7. Administrative Trustee Tom Rogers announced that our governing documents were in the hands of our attorney who is suggesting that changing the master deed will be problematic since so many others, beside residents of Olde Canal Village, have to ratify it before it can be officially amended and filed with the Worcester County Registrar of Deeds. Chairman Habe announced that the Trustees are in the process of deciding whether this is a prudent project to be undertaking. The results of that decision process will be announced at a subsequent Trustee/Home Owner meeting.

    Tom also presented his offer to aid anyone that needs help to replace a defective smoke detector or to change a battery in a smoke detector at no charge. His generous offer is made as a resident of OCV, and not as a Trustee. The new smoke detector program will purchase the detectors and then sell them at cost to residents. If you think you have faulty detectors in you home, you can buy new ones from the Association. If you can't install them, you can ask Tom Rogers for help.

  8. Chairman Habe suggested that everyone look at the Olde Canal Village Website (www.oldecanalvillage.org). Bill Oncay has done a good job with the site. He continues to improve and expand its' content. Bill will be giving us a briefing on the website at a subsequent meeting. Andy urged everyone to take a look suggesting people will be surprised and pleased.
  9. Residents were asked to contact Bill with suggestions on what might make the website even better.

  10. A dangerous situation happened which exemplifies the importance of a neighbor having a key to your unit. A unit owner called for a nurse but when the nurse arrived no one answered the door. The police and fire departments were called and it was ultimately necessary to break into the unit. A new medication had an adverse effect and the person lost consciousness. The situation could have been deadly because of the time of the time it took to enter. The homeowner is OK and has subsequently given a key to a neighbor. A key to your unit in someone else’s hands could save your life.
  11. The annual Trustee/Unit Owner meeting is scheduled for June 12th. On that date, Andy Habe's term as Trustee and Chairman of the Board expires, so unit owners must elect a new Trustee. I will be running for another term, but we need more people to get involved. If you have an interest with General Operations of the Association or in running for Trustee, tell one of the Trustees.
  12. Trustee Self Management of Olde Canal Village is the reason for no condo fee increases and no special assessments. Let us know if you would like to contribute to the effort.
  13. State of the Trust - Chairman Habe read the State of the Trust which will appear in the Newsletter in full.

Chairman Habe then opened the floor for comments and questions.


What direction should a furnace filter be installed and how often should it be changed?

There were widely varying suggestions of how often to change the filter. The answers varied from once every three months, to once a year. The answer has to depend on the amount of dust in the air and how long the furnace fan runs. Rooms with rugs will generate more dust than hardware floors. Some people may like it hotter and therefore have their furnace running more often than others. You should inspect your filter frequently (quarterly) and change as required. The filters are not expensive and you can't change them too often.

As for the direction to install the filters, there is usually an arrow on the frame of the filter that indicates the proper direction of the cold air flow. The arrow should point toward the furnace so that the arrow points in the direction of the air flow.

Where should carbon monoxide detectors be installed, near the floor or up higher up on a wall?

Tom Fermi answered the question by saying that air and carbon monoxide have very close to the same weights and as such, carbon monoxide and air will mix freely in a room making the location of the detector insignificant



FEBRUARY 13, 2006

  1. The meeting was opened by Chairman Andy Habe at 7:50 PM with all members present as well as Bill Oncay.

  2. 2. Bill Oncay brought up the subject of formation of a "Citizens Corps" in conjunction with the Town of Uxbridge's disaster preparedness plan. He was concerned about the present lack of information available to citizens of Uxbridge about such things as location of the shelters, plans for movement of people away from the sight of a disastrous occurrence such as terrorism, etc. He envisions a plan that would involve at least some of the townspeople. He will provide more information to the Board at a later date.

  3. Chairman Habe asked for the status of the following open items:

    1. Lighting Project - Approximate cost of materials is estimated to be less than $500. However, installation costs will be substantially more. Bill Oncay will try to obtain a quote from an electrician for the project. This item will require a positive vote by the residents as part of the capital expenditures project.

    2. Changes to the Master Deed/Rules and Regulations - Tom Rogers received a response from an attorney who had reviewed the changes but not in depth. However, his response did not answer all of the Board's questions. Generally, he questioned the need for changes to the Rules and Regulations and he recommended that an amendment be made to the master deed rather than changes. Chairman Habe asked Tom to discuss the following with the attorney:

      1. Cost estimate for legal review.

      2. Recommendation of the attorney on whether changes are really a necessity.

      3. Explore the possibility of setting up a meeting between the Board and the attorney to clarify the situation.

    3. Bill Patten expressed his views on the work already done by he and Bill Oncay on identifying changes and updates for the Master Deed and Rules and Regulations.

  4. Chairman Habe advised the Board of receipt of the following communications forms:

    1. A complaint from an unknown resident (unsigned Trustee communication form found on the table tonight). The subject was about children riding bicycles on the streets of Olde Canal Village creating a dangerous situation due to auto traffic. The Board voted not to take any action until the resident first identifies himself/herself and then provides more information such as when and where the incident occurred and the child's name or the family in the Village that he or she was visiting. The Board also agreed that no action will be taken in the future on unsigned communications.

    2. The Mellens (35 Olde Canal Way) requested that something be done to the hill between their unit and Nature View Drive. They feel that actions taken by the Board to divert the water flow has not been successful and would also like to see trees planted there to provide more privacy. The Board will prepare a response.

  5. Preparation of the Request for Proposal for new contracts for snow plowing/removal and landscaping will start on April 1 with a target date for distribution to prospective bidders on May 1. Tentative plans are to get a single contractor and spread the annual payments over a twelve month period.

  6. Financial Activities: Merle Ray advised that two vendors have been identified as requiring IRS forms 1099 because of payments to them from Olde Canal Village Condo Trust. These will be sent out as soon as possible. Additionally, the funds in the Working Operations Fund have been transferred to the Checking Account and the Working Operations Funds account closed at the direction of the Board. Funds in the amount of $10,000 in the Reserve Account have been placed in a short term CD to obtain higher interest. This was also at the direction of the Board.

  7. Tom Rogers advised the Board that an insurance quote for 2006-7 has been received from Rodman Insurance Agency/CAU. The price quoted was $19,075

  8. Andy Habe, Jr..