February 14, 2013



The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..

Members of the board present:  Andy Habe, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary

Members of the board not present: Roger Lange


1. Permission was granted for money to be transferred from the reserve in order to pay unexpected bills.  There were no delinquencies in condo fee payments.


2. Fire wall status- Frank will be working with Josh to inspect the fire walls the week of the 18th.


3.  Law Suit- the decision of filing a law suit against Marinella for water leaks on Nature View Drive is put on hold until Roger Lange returns.  Andy has requested a time line of events for presentation to a lawyer if there is a decision to go forward.


4. Tony Carlino was invited to attend the meeting and he arrived at 9:30 as requested.  He brought his crew and his secretary with him to assist in explaining his actions the day for the blizzard.  Tony passed out a sheet with a number of issues that included overworked crewmembers, broken snow blowers, and general inability to work during the roughest part of the blizzard.  His secretary explained that she tried to contact the governor apparently to get the travel ban lifted so they could buy parts needed to repair the equipment.  Ton then said he was able to hire the bobcat to assist in road clearing but it was not too good for driveways.  His skid steer snow blower was in his shop in Sutton and he was not able to utilize it.  He recommends that, for such major storms, the  skid steer be used along with the snow blowers on the walk ways and in front of the garage doors.  He was given permission to park the skid steer near the shed.

            Frank then told Tony that some of the contract stipulations were not adhered to, such as personal on site presence by Mr. Carlino to insure that all work is done to specifications.  The mixture of sand to salt was questioned and it was determined that the ration stated in the contract was reversed and in the future the contract will have the ratio stated as 50/50.  Mr. Carlino was reminded that, according to contract, he is responsible for damage to lawn and shrubs damaged by plows.  He agreed that he will repair.  It was decided that Wilson and Frank will survey the property before the crew is released after any future storms.  Wilson will then come back and rectify any area that needs work.


5.  Marianne reported that Olde Canal Village has been denied approval for loans to residents for two reasons:  We have a statement in our master deed stating that leasing will not be allowed without the consent of the board.  The VA Administration wants the board to eliminate any requirements that limits leasing.  The board has voted to disallow leasing unless it is lease to sell.  The second issue was the lack of clear evidence that Mr. Marinella turned over control of the condominium to the Home Owners Association.  Marianne reported that she was unable to locate any filed letters, legal notices or paperwork in the Worcester County Registrar of Deeds to comply with this request.  Both items must be rectified before the VA Administration will approve the Olde Canal Village Association for loans to the residents who apply for one.

            The board voted to make one of the parking spaces in the clubhouse parking lot a Handicap Parking Only space.  Romeo will investigate the signage needed. 

            The letter written by Andy in November, 2012, will be reviewed before any more action takes place.  The letter asks the selectmen to assist the board in their quest to have Marinella take responsibility for the water leaks on Nature View Drive. 

The leak in Gregory’s condo will be checked again in the spring and repaired.  Tucceri’s leak will be inspected by Scott Chase.  It was noted that no homes that were affected by the ice dam event in 2010 had a leak problem after this blizzard.  Several condos reported lost or loose siding or fascia.  Scott Chase will be noitified.

The new Plot plan for parking was approved.

Frank said that Josh will be utilized more often to do the small jobs on the complex.

Romeo reported that he changed an unusually large number of light bulbs on his return from Florida.  He believes the cold weather was responsible for the number needed to be replaced as many of them were shattered rather than just being blown out.  He reminded the board that there are stipulations already in place regarding replacing blown bulbs.  These rules indicate that the lights are to be on dusk to dawn.  These lights have a sensor in them, and any light remaining on during the day, needs a new sensor and that work must be done by someone qualified to replace it.  The wording in the rules and regulations book regarding the changing of the bulbs will be changed slightly.  The new wording will be as follows: IF YOU NOTICE YOUR LIGHT IS OUT, YOU MUST REPLACE THE BULB YOURSELF.  IF THIS IS A PROBLEM, PLEASE FILL OUT A COMMUNICATION FORM.


Meeting adjourned at 12:00 P.M.


Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams