1. Chairman Andy Habe opened the February meeting by wishing everyone a good evening and thanked everyone for coming. The Board appreciates resident interest in the State of the Trust at Olde Canal Village.

  2. The monthly meeting minutes and newsletter are being distributed by Email and by hand delivery. If anyone would like to make a change from one manner to another, please advise Bill Patten. The important thing is that everyone should retain a printed permanent copy for your personal records.

  3. A reminder to everyone. Unit owners wishing to make changes to common areas must request the changes in writing, with a brief description, using the Unit Owner / Trustee Communication Form and obtain Trustees Approval.

  4. An Olde Canal Village financial accounting review for FY 2004 will be given by John J. Harrigan (CPA). Mr. Harrigan will present the results of the financial review to the Unit Owners at an upcoming monthly meeting.

  5. Chairman Habe thanked Gilbert Joe for the carpentry work he did adding fixtures to the clubhouse restrooms. Also, notice the new table and attractive lamps that have been purchased by the Club House Committee; through their money making activities. Thank you all.

  6. Trustee Vice Chairman Operations - Tom Fermi and Trustee Administration - Tom Rogers have prepared information on reporting damage to trustees and insurance claim processing  and will answer questions.

  1. The June annual meeting will also be an election for Trustee meeting. Anyone interested in becoming a Trustee should submit their name to one of the Trustees.

  2. Bill Oncay will report in the Newsletter that Gas Utility Companies advise customers using natural gas to heat their homes to check the exhaust vents to assure they do not become blocked by blowing and drifting snow. It could result in a loss of heat or a buildup of deadly carbon monoxide within the structure.

  3. Residents were reminded to change their furnace filter if they haven’t done so in the last month or two.

  4. Mr. Habe issued a reminder to check the three bulletin boards for association happenings and save your Newsletters for all the important information that Bill Oncay publishes in its content.

  5. Chairman Habe delivered the current State of The Trust.
    The contents of the report can be found in the Newsletter

  6. The meeting was opened for questions.

Several questions were asked regarding the Master Policy's $2,500 deductible.
A question was asked about the cracks that have developed inside the units. The response was that this is a naturally occurring event resulting from units settling following construction. Mr. Marinella will not be fixing those cracks. Repair is the responsibility of the unit owner. 1 02/16/05