February 9, 2011

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 8:40 P.M.
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, Romeo Berthiaume,
Member of the board not present: Roger Lange

January budget- the cash flow for the month of January was checked and approved. Leslie did not send a copy of the Balance Sheet for the board to review. The bill pay for January was approved and signed.

2. Roof Leaks- Tom reported that we have one contractor who has the qualifications for the work that will be necessary to repair the roofs to insure against future damage. Tom suggested he get several estimates as the cost of the repairs would be excessive. The board discussed the possibility of assessing all owners to help defray the cost of the cost repairs. This will be discussed further once we have an estimate of repair costs. The question about the extent of the repair was raised: do we put an ice shield over the entire roof or just the sides. Tom will get more information from the contractors regarding this issue.

3. Letter from Natl Grid. Several residents have received letters from Natl Grid suggesting they buy insurance to cover the repair of the outside box and wires. Homeowners should be aware that the maintenance of the wires is the job of Natl Grid. Romeo said he would call Natl Grid and check into the validity of the letter.

4. Parking in clubhouse lot- residents who not have their drives cleared out and are having a hard time pulling into their garages can park in the clubhouse lot. Please notify either Andy or Tom if you have to park in the lot until your drive is cleared.

5/6. Heat wires vs. roof rakes- Many residents who have the heat wires on the roof are unsure when to turn them on or off. The instructions for the wires state they work best when the temperature is between 15 and 34 degrees. However, some have left the wires on when the temperature is lower than 15 degrees and have had success in keeping the ice to minimum. It was decided that the individual homeowner should decide when to turn them off. The individual homeowner can also decide when or if to use the roof rake to help combat the ice dams.

7. Canned smoke for testing of fire alarms- the board decided to forego the use of canned smoke for the testing of fire alarms. The best way is to push the button of the alarm until all the other alarms responds in kind. Each alarm should be tested and checked to be sure that each alarm "talks" to the other alarms in the condo.

8. Communication forms- all forms have been answered. Narducci's window will be repaired in the spring as will be Machacz's window.

The meeting adjourned at 10:15

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams

February 9, 2011

Andy welcomed all present and thanked them for coming.

1. Andy addressed the concern of the residents regarding the slowplowing. He told those in attendance that he and Tom met with Tony Carlino and told him of their concerns regarding the performance of his company during the terrible storm. They explained to him what was expected by the residents and that they wanted more attention paid to the removal of snow from the roadways and the drives. Some were not plowed out until the next afternoon and that was not acceptable. The roads need to be wider because of the possible need of emergency vehicles. Tony agreed to address these issues.

2. Roof leaks- Tom had Scott Chase look at the roofs for spring repair. There are 21 roofs that need repair- 19 A units and 2 B units have leaks. We just paid $2620 to have the snow removed from some of the roofs. Marianne explained the insurance procedure for those who want to file a claim. Each unit has an ice dam deductible of $2500 under the master policy with CAU. The homeowners personal policy will cover the deductible except for the deductible for their policy. CAU will cover all damage inside the condo to walls, floors, and insulation. It does not cover damage to personal belongings. Those having damage should contact their insurance company as well as CAU for reimbursement of damage repairs. Call Marianne if your damage is more than $2500 and you want to be put on the list for CAU. She cannot add a homeowner to the list without permission even if she knows there is damage to the condo. Romeo read a letter from a friend who lives in RI regarding the removal of snow from the roofs. This complex paid over $8000 to have the snow removed from 18 roofs.

3. Andy discussed a future proposal to add a lease category to the Rules and Regulations. More information will be given the homeowners in the coming months. A vote on the proposal will be held in November- a vote of 67% of the Beneficial Interest is needed to change the rules in the Rules and Regulation handbook.

4. Parking- a problem has arisen regarding parking on the street when a homeowners drive is full. Homeowners or their guests are not to park on the street when the drive is full as this causes problems for the neighbors who must back out of their drives and cannot because the narrow streets do not afford the room necessary when cars are parked on them. You can park in a neighbors drive if you know they are away or in the clubhouse lot if there is no event taking place. Call Marti or Sylvia to be sure the lot is available.

5. Trustee comments: Gil Joe reported that the roof wires should be used when the temperature is between 15 and 35 degrees-. The wires can cause ice dams if used improperly.

6. Jim Tucceri asked about the work of Tony Carlino. Andy and Tom explained that there was a contract and it could become null and void if Tony did not follow the outline of the contract. Tom and Andy met with Tony and told him of their expectations. Jim asked for a copy of the contract with Carlino as well as notes from Andy and Tom's meeting with him. Tom advised he would forward the requested material to him.

7. Andy then read the Chairman's Perspective

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams