March 10, 2009

    Board member present: Andy Habe, Marianne Williams, Absent: Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Tom Fermi

    Andy Habe opened the meeting at 7:00 P.M.

  1. Andy welcomed all residents in attendance to the quarterly meeting explaining that the missing trustees in on vacation.

  2. Andy then reminded people that elections will be held in June and if anyone was interested in running they should submit their name to Marianne along with a resume.

  3. Andy then made a suggestion to reduce the quarterly meeting to three per year due to the lack of attendance at these meetings. There were approximately 18 people at this meeting. When Andy asked for a show of hands, two residents indicated they would like to continue with four meetings per year while the majority indicated their acceptance of a change. The issue will be further discussed at the annual June meeting.

  4. Andy informed the residents about a program being offered by the Uxbridge Senior Center which would provide professional, local people who would come to speak to the residents about financial planning and estate planning. There is a notice on the bulletin board for anyone interested in attending to sign up. The meeting would be in the clubhouse sometime in May.

  5. Andy then brought up the problem of people not driving around the rotary correctly and noted that those driving in the rotary have the right of way and those entering the rotary are to yield to rotary traffic.

  6. A hand rail is to be installed on the concrete steps of the clubhouse as we have had several trip and fall. This rail is for the safety of all entering the clubhouse.

  7. The Emergency Information Listing is in the final stages of development and Andy thanked all for being prompt in submitting their contact names and phone numbers.

  8. Andy then presented a comment from Tom Fermi regarding the website www.Oldecanalvillage.Org and reminded people of all the information that could be found there. Bill Oncay , the webmaster, then reported that there have been over 4500 visitors to the site.

  9. Andy then opened the meeting for questions and Comments. Ann Pouliot said the car that has been here in the past doing "road tricks" had returned. Ann said she reported the latest incident to the police and they indicated that they knew who it was and they would speak to the driver.

  10. Andy then read the Chairman's Prospective in which he reiterated that the annual meeting will be held in June and asked all to attend, not just to conduct business matters but to meet and socialize with friends and neighbors. He continued by stressing that self-management and homeowner involvement continues to keep Olde Canal Village an affordable place to live. He thanked everyone for their efforts.

    Andy then spoke of his term in office. He will be running for reelection this year and asked that everyone vote for him. If reelected, he promised to continue to work for self management and to strive to keep the community a beautiful and affordable place to live while keeping an open line of communication between trustees and homeowners.

    Andy then stressed that anyone who wishes to run in the election is to submit a resume stating their background to Marianne. The ballots will be distributed two weeks before election by hand delivery or by mail if the owner is away. The ballots could be placed in the secured box or brought to the June meeting.

  11. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams.