March 13, 2012

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 3:00 P.M.
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams
Members of board absent: Roger Lange
Non-member present: Bill Oncay


Bill Oncay gave an overview of the adjustments made to the on-line voting program he prepared for the board. There were corrections to the program itself as well as corrections to the process of voting. The concept of maintaining complete confidentiality is upmost in the minds of the members of the board, and Bill has devised the program that adheres to that concept. The residents are going to be asked to try out the program by actually voting on line and the question for voting will be to ascertain whether or not the residents would be in favor or not of on-line voting. While the vote will be a practice run, the results will be conclusive, and will be used to determine whether or not the board will proceed with on-line voting in the future. Those who do not have a computer can continue to vote by paper ballot, use a neighbors or relatives computer, or come to the club house on a designated day to use a computer that will be set up there. An email will be sent to all residents informing them of the vote (time and days of voting), a notice will be posted on the Bulletin Board, and a notice will be posted on the Olde Canal Village website. A paper notice will be distributed to those who do not have a computer.

1. The board reviewed the cash flow report and the bill payment was signed by three board members. The reserve cash flow report was reviewed and Marianne reported that one of the CDs still held by the board was maturing on March 23. Because the interest rate is still very low, the board voted to cash in the CD and deposit the money in the reserve account. An out- of -meeting question regarding insurance was sent to Marianne and she contacted Rodman Insurance. The question concerned some of the declarations that are listed on the policy and are not pertinent to our complex. Donna, of Rodman Insurance, told Marianne that we could not remove these items as they are part of the general policy. The only item that could be removed was Environmental Impairment; however, removing this item from the policy would not lower the cost of the policy.

2. Roof repairs- Tom spoke with Joy at the Marinella Construction office and she reported that the insurance company is investigating the framers who worked on the condo buildings at the time of construction. She had no idea when a final report will be made. Tom then reported on other issues. He inspected three condos in two different buildings and found some items that need to resolved. He is going to report this to Joy and ask her to report it to the insurance company.

3. Wilson's schedule- Wilson has completed most of the work items. One needs to be resolved as there are issues regarding the shingles currently on the roof. There are some items that are on the to- do list for Scott Chase. Tom is going to ask him to give us a price for each job rather that works by the hour.

4. See report by Bill Oncay.

5. Open items: Frank Lary has joined the Operations committee. It was decided that Marianne Williams will continue to take the minutes until June. Warsaw Street: Tom and Andy will meet with Mark Anderson on Monday to continue discussion regarding the ownership of Warsaw Street. He will provide the legal documentation that transferred Warsaw St to Olde Canal Village. Heat wires- someone reported seeing the heat wires still being plugged into light fixture. All heat wires should be plugged into the correct box or directly into the outlet. The paperwork for the green book that contains emergency information for the condo residents was upgraded to contain information on the new residents. Tom passed out the information for Olde Canal Way last month and followed it up with information on Nature View Drive at this meeting. Romeo has received the remotes and the string of lights that will inform the homeowner when the heat wires are on without having to go to the deck to check. The price for the remote and the string of lights is $15. We have received word that the ranger is aware of the fact that we are dumping grass on what is possibly state property. Andy and Tom will continue to search for the marker that denotes where the property line is. Although they have looked for it on several occasions, they have not been able to find it. A meeting with Juniper Hill and Summerfield has been set up for Tuesday, March 20, to discuss approaching the town regarding the lowing of taxes on the 55 and over condo communities.

Meeting adjourned at 6:10 P.M
Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams