March 13, 2014

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary
Members of the board absent: Roger Lange

1. The board held a lengthy discussion on the issue of increase of condo fees in the future. There is a need to increase the reserve fund for new roofing in 2024-2025 so there is some concern that, if the fees are not raised now to pay for possible non-roof repair work in the next few years, the reserve fund will not grow at a substantial rate to provide funds for the anticipated roof replacement. This discussion will be ongoing during the year and will continue when the entire board is in session.

The cash flow was approved and the bill pay report signed without discussion.

2. The number of homeowners that signed up for the automatic payment remains the same.

3. Frank reported that 56" of snow was plowed as of March 10. Frank will ask J.R. Dowding to attend the next board meeting to discuss criteria of contract and issues that developed during the winter plow season.
     Marianne reported an increase in the Waste Management bill. Frank will call to check on the reason for the increase.

4. The broken sump pump at 30 NVD will be replaced by Dave. Roger called in to say the broken pump is in his garage.

5. Anne Vierstra and Jeannine Komorek reported roof leaks. Frank will get someone to repair the roofs.

6. Frank recommended a cost be attached to each Trustee Communication Form when the job is completed so we can report to the homeowners a more accurate accounting on the cost of repairs to each unit.

Frank recommended that pre-plowing for those who go to work be discontinued because of the large demand for this service. Those needing medical assistance will not be affected. The vendor reported that this service cannot be done because of the number requesting it.

Dave Doppler will stain the decks this summer.
The monthly meeting will be held at the scheduled date, May 8.
The Master Deed is not be reviewed for publication at this time.

7. Frank will provide the board with all materials and records.

8. Marianne asked the parking map be looked at again since some items have changed. She will include information for the placement of no-parking cones. Three will be placed between Mae Labontes' condo (31 OCW) and the pear trees. Parking is permitted in the area of the pear trees by the retention pond. Three cones should be placed on Nature View Drive across from the club house as the road in that area is too narrow for street parking. Emergency vehicles would have a hard time getting to their destination on Nature View Drive if parked cars blocked the way. One cone is needed between the clubhouse parking area and Mellens drive (35 OCW) as their drive backs out directly into the space. Party goers can park in the school lot and walk to the clubhouse. Warsaw Street can be used as a last resort as the board voted this street to be a no parking area.
Mention was made that some residents are continuing to allow guests to park on the street near their homes. This is becoming an issue again because our streets are narrow and the parked cars are often across from a driveway making it difficult for some residents to exit their homes due to fear of hitting the illegally parked car. Residents are asked to inform visitors that they are to park in the driveway or in the clubhouse lot if there is no event taking place that day. The board understands this is a sensitive issue but the board is also concerned with the safety of the residents and their guests and the need for the residents to be aware of the rights of neighbors regarding their ability to enter or leave their condo.

9. The repair of Building #3 roofs will be discussed at the next full meeting of the board. Romeo will be leaving for Florida at the end of March because of family circumstances and will return at the middle of May.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 A.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams