March 14, 2013



The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..

Members of the board present:  Andy Habe, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary

Memebers of the board absent: Roger Lange


1.  Budget review:  Marianne informed the board that a number of vendors have increased their fees over the budgeted amount.  Leslie St Jean increased her monthly fee by $15, Waste Management increased their fee by $30, and Charter Communications increased their fee, once again, to $15.56.  Marianne noted that this increase would bring the cost of having the television connected to cable to over $185 per year with no one using it.  Marianne asked several people who have had parties in the clubhouse whether or not they watched TV during the party and the answer was no.  The board discussed the option of ending the cable hookup but they would like to hear from the residents as to their thoughts regarding keeping the cable hookup or dropping it.  If the cable is discontinued, the TV would remain so those interested in watching a movie or a video  would be able to do so.  If you would like to express your opinion regarding keeping or dropping the cable, please call a trustee.  All opinions are welcome.


Marianne also brought up the possibility of invoice billing for the residents condo fees.  This system would involve having Leslie invoice the bank of any resident who would sign up for invoice billing payment.  The bank would automatically send a check for the noted condo fee amount on the date designated by the resident.  The resident would not have to worry about sending a check to Leslie and the payment would always be on time.  The bank would also deduct any late fees or delinquent charges if necessary.  Because most of the checks would come about the same time, Leslie would have to make fewer trips to the Post Office and she would be able to reduce her fee.  Residents would not have to worry about lost checks or about forgetting to mail them on time.  Leslie investigated a number of banks regarding fees to for this program.  She found that Unibank would be the most economical and would offer more services.  For example, she would invoice just once and the bank would replicate that invoice each month, as compared to other banks that would require her to invoice each month.  The board will continue to look into this process before presenting it to residents would might like to sign up for this program.


Marianne indicated that the possibility of needing an increase condo fee for 2014 is very great because of the continuing increase in vendor fees.  More information will be available for the June meeting.




1.  Cash flow- approved and the bill payment statement was signed.


2. Josh- Frank said he talked to Josh regarding his desire to work for Olde Canal Village and Josh replied that he was seeking full time employment and did not think he could work on an on-call basis. He said he would be willing to help out until he is able to find full employment.  Roger and Romeo will continue to search for someone who is reliable..

3. Lawyer- continues to be tabled.


4. Snow removal- The board had a meeting with Carlino following the blizzard and pointed out a number of areas the board felt did not meet the standards of snow removal as previously outlined to Carlino.  Mr. Carlino was clearly not prepared for the blizzard despite the fact that the storm was predicted for at least a week.  Mr.Carlino admitted that the storm was over his head.  Most of his snow blowers broke down and he was not prepared with spare parts to repair them.  During the meeting, the salt/sand mixture was discussed at length and the final decision was to increase the ratio to 50/50%. It was noted by the board members, that this new ratio mixture was not adhered to for the next  storm.  Mr. Carlino did agree, per his contract, to repair the damage done to the lawns by the plow.  Frank will look into what other landscapers have to offer.


5.  Disposal of medical supplies- one of the residents requested the board look into ways the residents could dispose of medical supplies, i.e. diabetic needles.  Waste Management has containers that the residents can purchase for $45/$55.  Bill Oncay is looking into other disposal options and will inform the board of his findings.

      In conjunction with this discussion, the board also noted that the CFG bulbs should not be put in the regular trash but should be wrapped and given to the trash collector in a separate container. The same instruction goes for all types of batteries. These items should not be put in the  regular trash or the recycle bin.


6.  Sky drive- Bill Oncay has been programming the board members computers so they are able to save any condo related information to the “cloud” and therefore, all board members, present and future will be able to access any information needed at any time by any member.  This will prevent the loss of information in case of computer failure, or any other disaster.

    Handicap parking- Romeo is looking into replacing the sign marking the ramp access into the clubhouse.  He and Roger will get a sign that will note the parking space reserved for handicap parking.  The space will be set off by yellow lines.

    Letter to selectman- tabled

    Plot Map- approved and will be distributed to those requesting use of the clubhouse for a function..

    Welcome book- board members will review the book as proposed by Frank and make any necessary changes or corrections

    Feuti Construction- will correct leak at 20 NVD.  Scott Chase will look into the leaks at 9 NVD and 29 OLW.


The meeting adjourned at 11:00 A.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams