March 9, 2011

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe 3:00 P.M.
Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, Romeo Berthiaume,Member of the board not present: Roger Lange

February budget- the cash flow for the month of February was checked and approved. The bill pay statement for February was approved and signed.

The water bills for the months September thru December was discussed. Tom pointed out that the sewer charge was higher than the consumption charge. The water used covered the last of the irrigation for the summer season. Plans to use less next year are being investigated as Tom will use a different regulation on the amount of water used during the hot spells. The electric and gas bills were also discussed and there was great concern because both bills seemed very high for a building that was not in use all the time. Some trustees reported finding the heat left on and two trustees said they found the fan was turned to on rather than on automatic. This means the fan on the furnace is running all the time even when no one is in the building thereby using electricity. The discussion continued into the amount of fees collected in January and February. Some people paid for several months in December; however, the income for both months was down considerably. Marianne will call Leslie to find out how many are in arrears. The income for February was $11956 and the expenditures for the same month were $19959. The difference was made up by transferring from reserve as well as using monies remaining in the January balance.

Marianne reported that homeowners are concerned about the method of determining damage by the CAU inspector. Some other adjustors used instruments to determine amount of moisture in the wall and floors, but it seems the adjustor from CAU did a visual inspection. Some are afraid the insurance company will not award enough money to repair the damage correctly.

  1. Roof Leaks- the inspector from CAU has not come to inspect the roofs to determine if we are able to get a rebate of some of the money spent to clean the damaged roofs in order to prevent further damage. The cost of raking the roofs was over $3400. Marianne checked with the insurance company to determine what the deductible was and found the deductible for common area was $2500. While the refund would only amount to about $900, there board felt it was enough to submit a claim. The complex has 16 buildings and Tom reported that 11 of the buildings sustained damage.

  2. The use of reserve funds to pay for the needed repair was discussed. According to MA Condo law 183A and the Olde Canal Village by-laws that are based on these laws, the reserve funds must be depleted before an assessment can be imposed on the condo owners. Andy referred the trustees to page 7 of the by-laws Section 5.5. He suggested we seek legal help in interpreting this law as the board felt it couldn't deplete the funds to that extent as HUD requires us to maintain a certain amount in our reserve fund. The funds were also accumulating to fiancÚ the roof replacement work that will be necessary in 15 years. Tom will seek estimates from three different sources and ask each one to give a detailed description of the work to be done.

  3. Carlino Snow Removal- Tom sent a letter to Tony Carlino listing the concerns of the board regarding the poor performance cleaning the snow during the month of February. While we are aware that the storms were very severe and out of the ordinary, Mr. Carlino and his crew did not complete the job as described in the contract. In the letter, Tom advised Tony that next year he is to have a snow removal machine such as he described to the board in the February meeting. This machine will prevent snow from being deposited at the end of the drives form road plowing. The rotary must be completely cleared with no snow or ice left in the mail box area. The goal of plowing will be bare pavements. All drives are to cleared side to side. Time allotted for clearing drives must be decreased and the catch basins and fire hydrants are to be cleared. No personnel should leave until all drives are cleared.

  4. Letter from Natl Grid. Romeo checked with National Grid and learned that they gave permission for the Home Services to use their name in soliciting prospects for insurance to cover outside wiring. Homeowners who got these letters should be aware that it not necessary to purchase this insurance and the letter should be disregarded.

  5. Richard Viens has responded to a letter sent to him regarding the end of lease currently in effect. He has agreed to abide by the trustees decision that the condo be put up for sale and the current tenet must vacate the condo unless he is going to buy it. The lease expires July 7. He must give his tenet 60 days' notice to vacate.

  6. The spring meeting dates are changed as some trustees are taking some time away. The meeting in April will be April 7 and the May meeting May17.

  7. Andy has recommended that the trustees be given appropriate titles according to the work they are responsible for. The new designations are as follows: Andy Habe- Chairman; Tom Fermi-Vice-Chairman; Roger Lange- Operations; Romeo Berthiaume-Administration; Marianne Williams- treasurer.

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams