April 10, 2006
  1. The meeting was opened by Chairman Andy Habe at 7:00 PM. He welcomed the residents in attendance and thanked them for coming to the meeting.

  2. Chairman Habe called attention to the shutters placed on the clubhouse by John Trombert with assistance from Gilbert Joe. He addressed the following items:

    1. The annual meeting will be held on June 12. There will be an election of one Trustee to fill the position now held by Andy Habe. He will be running for re-election but other candidates are welcome. Interested parties should notify Merle Ray by May 15 and provide a resume. Ballots will be distributed to all residents after that date and prior to the meeting on June 12. Completed ballots may be returned to any trustee, placed in the mail box on the bulletin board or brought to the annual meeting. Only one vote may be cast per unit.

    2. The pot luck dinner is being planned for May. Any help will be appreciated.

    3. Andy thanked Gilbert Joe and Tom Rogers for their work on the garage light program. About 83 % of the units have been converted to daylight/dark sensors.

    4. A survey will be done to identify the units requiring painting of front entry way pillars, bases and trim as well as garage door trim. Many units have peeling paint on these areas.

    5. A project is underway to resolve the problem of emergency entry into units when the residents are not present. One idea is to have a key for each unit in a central place such as the clubhouse. Another is to give a key to a neighbor and tell the trustees who has the key. However, there is a lot of controversy associated with any system. Any ideas will be appreciated.

    6. The second annual appreciation dinner is being planned for residents who have contributed their time and efforts to the betterment of the community. Painting your own decks and bulkheads, planting shrubs/flowers, assisting in various projects and other similar things saves the entire money and contributes to keeping our condo fees at a reasonable level.

    7. Andy gave a report on the state of the trust covering the annual meeting, candidates for and election of one trustee position, presentation of the accounting review by John Harrigan, CPA and a possible vote for capital improvements (lighting and tree planting.

    8. Residents comments and questions were as follows

      1. Gilbert Joe reported that there were two dead trees behind his unit with broken limbs that may be a danger to the unit if they were to fall. Tom Fermi will address this problem.

      2. Lucille Whitehouse brought up the issue of leaking hot water heaters and the result of high water pressure. She suggested an article be placed in the newsletter addressing this problem. Water leaks from the overflow pipe because of the pressure and a relief valve has to be installed to alleviate the problem. Costs are relatively high. It appears that Uxbridge water pressure has increased over the past year or so.

      3. Several residents brought up the issue of real estate signs at the end of Warsaw Street particularly one for a unit already sold. They were advised that they were not on our property and not much could be done about it other than talk to the individual agents. (Subsequently, authorization for removal of the sign for the sold unit was given to a trustee by the agent and it is no longer there).

  3. The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Andy Habe, Chairman


APRIL 10, 2006

  1. The meeting was opened at 7:55 PM by Chairman Andy Habe with all members present.

  2. The first item to be discussed was the status of the proposed re-write of the condo documents. A lot of effort has been put forth to date especially by Bill Patten and Bill Oncay but it appears that we may not be able to accomplish this by going in the direction already taken. Legal issues and costs may reduce the efforts to preparation of amendments to existing parts instead of complete re-writes. Tom Rogers suggested starting with the current recorded documents and writing up amendments where needed, get legal review and proceed from there. Any issue that involves mortgagors' interests should be avoided and the current wording left as is. Tom Rogers suggested working on the deed and declaration of trust first. He offered to look at the courthouse for all current documents to identify what amendments have be recorded and then to prepare a plan for prepare further amendments.

  3. Chairman Habe discussed the capital expenditure and trustee vote to take place at the June annual meeting. Merle Ray and Tom Rogers will handle this process. There is an open question as to the process for on-line voting, this will be addressed at the Trustee meeting on May 15. That date will also be the deadline for residents to submit their names as candidates for election as Trustee as well as a resume. It is proposed that ballots for the Trustee election and the capital expenditure vote be distributed during the week of May 29 and be returned at the annual meeting, placed in the mail receptacle on the bulletin board or given to a trustee. On-line voting may become another option.

  4. Tom Fermi and Bill Patten reported on the following items:
    1. Lighting Quotes - Still waiting for quotes from electricians, they should be available by May 1.
    2. Snow Plowing & Removal/Landscaping Solicitations - Tom and Bill will meet on these issues.
    3. Spring Clean-up, Irrigation System, Fertilization - Tom Fermi has been working on these issues with DPS Landscape & Construction.
    4. Bill Patten will look into the possibility of getting Vocation and Technical Schools students to do small maintenance jobs around the complex.
  5. Merle Ray advised that he has written a letter in addition to an email to Mr. Harrington (CPA) requesting clarification on his report comments concerning reserve funds. No response has been received as yet.

  6. The subject of additional insurance coverage for earthquake and flood damage was brought up by Tom Rogers. He thinks that we should have this coverage which would cause our premium to increase by $3000 to $4000. The trustees will vote on this issue at the next meeting.

  7. Tom Rogers brought up the subject of moving vans and the difficulty they have getting around the circle without running over the curbs, etc. He will send a note to residents who are moving advising them to tell the movers to cut through the one way portion of the circle from Warsaw St. to Nature View Drive instead of going around.

  8. Tom Rogers will have an article placed in the newsletter concerning the need for residents to review their insurance coverage as pertains to payment of the deductible of the Association's policy.

  9. The next closed meeting of the Board will be May 15 followed by the open Annual meeting on June 12.

  10. The meeting adjourned at 10:20 PM.

Andy Habe, Jr. Chairman