April 14, 2009

  1. Board member present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, Romeo Berthiaume, Roger Lange

  2. Andy Habe opened the meeting at 6:30 P.M.

  3. The financial report was given by Marianne. Because there was no Board meeting in March due to lack of quorum, a February financial report was given as well as The March one. She advised the board that there were several questions on the Profit and Loss Statement in March but that she spoke with Leslie regarding these items and Leslie explained the accounting practice she follows and therefore all questions were answered.
    Marianne then reported on the reserve account and indicated that $1000 originally transferred in February to cover bills was repaid to reserve in March. All bills paid in April and form was signed by trustees on the correct lines. The board then discussed the amount of water usage as indicated by the most recent bill. Tom is tracking the usage hoping to find a means of cutting the usage thereby reducing the bill. Marianne reported that two CD's have matured and will be automatically renewed. The new rates of interest were lower than expected..

  4. Tom suggested that the leaves that accumulate during the winter months be picked up earlier than April 15, 2010 and that the mulch be put down at an earlier time. He reported that Tony Carlino will repair the damage of grassy areas due to snow removal. Carlino thatched the lawn areas and put in a border behind some homes to prevent weed growth that will help with mowing.

    Tom also reported that a new drainage. system will be installed at the end of the road in front of Krause's house. The drain will cross the road in the grass area and will take the runoff water into the trees. The cost will be about $3400 and will be done in the middle of May.

  5. Romeo reported that 13 people have still to respond to the Emergency Information request. Romeo will contact the people again as we are hoping to have 100% response.

  6. The election process is again under way. Names of those wishing to run and resumes should be handed in by May 15. At the end of May, a ballot will be distributed to all residents. There is only one trustee position open. Andy Habe will seek reelection.

  7. Because of the recent accidental fall of a visitor to the clubhouse, rails have been installed which should provide safety for those using the front entrance. However, a suggestion was made to also have the side door as an alternate entrance as there are no steps and the walkway is well lit. The placing of a fence in front of the garbage can area was approved. Marianne will contact Arthur Matson to see if he would be able to make a sign indicating the ramp entrance is available for use. A wreath will be placed on the door and flowers planted in front of the fence to make it an attractive entrance.

  8. The problem of ice dams was discussed and Romeo indicated that the residents were notified of the availability of having wires installed on their roofs prior to the winter months. The cost of the wire would be borne by the homeowner but the board would assume of cost of installation. Application to have the wires installed should be received by September 1 and the work will be completed by October 31.

  9. The sodium light on the road side of the clubhouse will be replaced because it malfunctions most of the time. It will be replace by a double spotlight which will give more light and provide more safety to those who walk at night.

  10. Richard Welch is requesting permission to add another window to the garage. The board reviewed the proposal and diagrams and approved the application.

  11. Tom reviewed the new work schedule for Wilson. Roger will check pillars and garage moldings to schedule painting. A number of resident communication forms were gone over and most of the work requested was already done or is scheduled to be completed

  12. A complaint by a resident has brought a misuse of property by a non-resident. The non-resident claims an easement was granted to him however, research by an attorney has discovered no such easement exists. A letter will be sent to the non-resident asking him to cease using the area in question for disposal purposes and to clean up what has been disposed of up to now.

  13. The question of hand delivering the newsletters was again raised. Sixty people have computer access and Bill Patton has a list of those who want the newsletter hand delivered.

  14. The meeting to meet with financial experts is scheduled for May 11. The deadline for signing up is May 1. Unless there is a significant response, Andy will cancel the meeting.

  15. A suggestion was made to eliminate quarterly owner meetings due to the dwindling number of owners in attendance. The new schedule of meetings would be June, October, and February. Andy will put the question to a vote at the annual meeting in June.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams.