April 7, 2011

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 3:00 P.M.

Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Roger Lange, Marianne Williams Member of board absent: Romeo Berthiaume

Non-board members present: Bill Oncay, Frank Lary

Bill reported the results of the on-line survey regarding on-line voting. Of the 42 people voting, 98% voted in favor of the proposal and 1 against. The total BI of the vote was 58.31%, the quorum was reached. Therefore the proposal passed and the June election will be held on- line. It was stressed that those who do not have a computer will continue to vote by paper ballot, or they can use a computer owned by a relative or friend. Bill will send out an email to all thanking them for voting and asking those who did not vote to do so in order to check the procedure and to make sure that those who vote do not have trouble with the system. Bill said some had problems because they abbreviated the word 'drive', or the listing was not in the name they were trying to use. The owners name must be typed in, not the occupant of the condo. You can check with Bill to see how you are listed on the data sheet.

Frank Lary gave the board a short description of his work experience and said he was interested in running for trustee. He then reported that Mark Anderson will meet with the selectmen on May 14 and he will present a compromise proposal that would ask the town to continue to plow, sand, and salt Warsaw Street and Olde Canal Village Condo Trust will maintain the road. Legal papers affirm that Warsaw Street was deeded to Olde Canal Village and the Trust is the rightful owner. The board asked about the possibility of turning the street back to the town, but the procedure to do this is time consuming and costly. Each home owner would have to sign a sheet agreeing to this proposal, and they would have to hire a lawyer to take care of the legal paperwork. Any bank or mortgage holder having an interest in a condo would also have to sign an agreement form and they, also, would have to hire a lawyer to represent them legally. Any other person having a financial interest in any condo would be subject to the same conditions. Since the street is in good condition, maintaining it appears to be doable.

The regular meeting then commenced.

  1. A vote was taken to have all future elections, whether for trustee or any other issue that would need residents approval. Those without a computer can continue to vote by paper ballot or by using any computer available. Passed.

    A vote was taken to delay resurfacing the roads until next year. Cracks will be filled in by Wilson. Passed.

    The bill pay statement was accepted and signed.

    The cash flow statement was approved with no objections.

    The profit and loss statement had an error in the snow plow line item. Marianne will notify Leslie and have it corrected.

  2. Marianne reported that she was made aware of the status of our recertification with HUD. Our current certification expires May 10. This means that anyone seeking a loan to buy or refinance their mortgage will be denied after May 10 unless we can be recertified and put on the HUD approval list. Marianne and Tom worked several days getting the application filled out and the necessary paper work put together. This paper work included maps, master deed, rules and regulation as well as budget information and insurance paperwork. All information was then mailed to the Philadelphia office.

  3. Tom reported on the letter sent to Tony Marinella regarding the help with the cost of repairing the roofs. He spoke with Joy who said the insurance company will not give financial reimbursement because the age of the roofs was beyond the time limit (seven years) for seeking any monetary restitution. However, some of the roofs repaired might come into consideration for partial payment because they were repaired in the last several years. The firewalls are a non-insurance issue and the data and pictures are being studied by Mr. Marinella. Tom also reported that Scott Chase is aware of the shingle problem on 20 NVD and 30 NVD.

  4. Wilson is slated to work on several projects. The posts behind the bulletin board need replacing. There is a piece of metal projecting out of the ground near the Olde Canal Way sign that could pose a danger to anyone crossing the lawn at that point and Wilson will be asked to dig it out or cut it down below ground. The bench in front of the clubhouse also needs to be re-stained and polyurethaned. His summer schedule this year will be concerned with washing the fronts and backs of the buildings. The gutters at 36 OCW will be repositioned. He will also check the sump pumps, and adjust the sprinkler heads as needed during June and July. Tom said he will asked Baroque Bros about remote controls for the testing stations. These remote controls make it easier for the repairman to test the sprinkler station without having to go back and forth from the area being tested to the control center.

  5. Open issues. ummerfield Condominiums has been investigating the possibility of approaching the selectmen to seek a lower tax rate for 55 and over communities and has met with the trustees regarding this issue. The chair of the Summerfield Board of trustees notified the Olde Canal Board that their investigation into whether any community has offered tax relief of this nature has not been fruitful. The board voted to discontinue any further involvement in this project.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 P.M.

Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams