May 12, 2009

  1. Board member present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Marianne Williams, Romeo Berthiaume, and Roger Lange

  2. Andy Habe opened the meeting at 6:30 P.M.

  3. The financial report was given by Marianne. The cash flow statement and bill approval form was discussed and signed.

  4. Andy spoke about the annual June meeting and the election process. Andy will run for office and he turned in his resume to be published by the committee. He then read an advance copy of his remarks for approval or clarification. No clarifications were necessary. The matter of the Master Deed will be discussed. Marianne will have remarks concerning the financial situation, Romeo will discuss buildings, Roger will report on Wilson's work, and Tom will report several items including landscaping. Andy will discuss the board's vote in April to have tri-annual general meetings rather than quarterly meetings. These meetings will be held in June, October, and February. Andy will remind residents that the monthly meetings are open to all.

  5. Romeo reported that three people have still to respond to the Emergency Information request. Romeo will contact the people again as we are hoping to have 100% response. All trustees will have a copy of the access information. Trustees will not have keys and information on the forms will not be shared with other residents.

  6. The election process is again under way. Names of those wishing to run and resumes have been handed in by May 15. At the end of May, a ballot will be distributed to all residents. There is only one trustee position open. Andy Habe will seek reelection. Romeo and Marianne will prepare the ballots and distribute them to the residents. Only owners or non-owners with proxy permission can vote. Only one vote per household is allowed.

  7. Because of the recent accidental fall of a visitor to the clubhouse, rails have been installed which should provide safety for those using the front entrance. Arthur Matson has made and installed a sign for the ramp entrance. Two fences have been erected to house the equipment stored near the walkway. Shrubs and plants have been added to make that an attractive entrance. Roger said that red bricks would be added to the space between the fences to serve as a floor as well as a substitute for the grassy area.

  8. Romeo will discuss the problem of ice dams at the June meeting. He indicated that several residents were interested in putting the wires on their roofs. The cost of the wire would be borne by the homeowner but the board would assume of cost of installation. Application to have the wires installed should be received by September 1 and the work will be completed by October 31. Wilson indicated that he would be able to install the wires for us.

  9. A number of communication forms were reviewed and Tom, Romeo and Roger indicated that the work on many of them had been completed and the other repair work was scheduled. Roger reported that the painting of the front of the buildings, the columns and the wood trim will be started May 18. They will be sanded, primed and painted by Wilson.

  10. The board reviewed and discussed the presence of large lawn decorations in front of some of the homes. The rules of the Master Deed, Rule #10, page 3, that states "The type of decoration the Trustees would consider are any decorative ornament placed in front or side yards of the common area that are non-dominating and that discretely blend in with the size of the plants and flowers in the vicinity". No decision was made at this meeting.

  11. Tom reviewed the new work schedule for Wilson. Roger will check pillars and garage moldings to schedule painting. A number of resident communication forms were gone over and most of the work requested was already done or is scheduled to be completed".

  12. The tree placement program has begun and a number of residents have already responded and indicated they would be interested in purchasing a tree to be placed in an open area.

  13. A complaint by a resident brought to the attention of the board a misuse of complex property by a non-resident. Andy and Tom spoke with the non-resident and reached an amicable settlement in which the non-resident agreed to clean the area and reduce the pile of leaves. The situation will be monitored.

  14. The spring cleanup program in 2010 will begin earlier than usual. Carlino will begin the cleanup by April 1 and finish by April 15. This will include the raking of winter leaves and mulching. The agreement also includes an early payment for landscape in April 2010.

  15. The meeting to meet with financial experts scheduled for May 11 is cancelled because of lack of interest.

  16. Other items: Romeo suggested the placement of privacy fences on the decks. He agreed to bring in a mockup of one so the board can make a decision regarding their construction. Romeo also suggested the purchase of loam for use when planting in the rocky soil. It would be placed in the snow dump area and would be available for use by all residents. Tom reported that grass clippings will be dumped further back away from the unit and that lime will be added to deter the smell. The grass will be cut on Thursdays.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams.