May 9, 2013



The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..

Members of the board present:  Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary

Non-members present: Wendy Brown, Wilson Barrera, Ed Machacz


9:00 A.M.  Marianne told the board that she and Leslie St Jean, the board accountant, had visited Wendy Brown at her office in the Unibank Building in Grafton on Wednesday, May 8, Marianne said she and Leslie were there to gather information regarding the Unibank program of On line collection. Wendy then explained to the board what the program offered those who wanted to enroll.  Those residents who enroll in the program would fill out a profile which would include their name, address, telephone number, the name and account number and routing number of their bank, the amount of the condo fee that would be collected and the date the resident wanted Unibank to collect this fee.  These registration applications would be collected and held by Leslie.  Leslie would give Unibank a list of those residents wishing to enroll and Unibank would then collect the designated fee from the residents bank and deposit it directly into Olde Canal Village’s account.  Once it is set up, the program will work automatically until a resident needs to  change information. Leslie would be notified by the resident and she would make the necessary change. Checks would never be lost as there would be no checks.  Payments would always be on time, and Leslie would not have to collect the fees at the post office or make deposits.  Leslie has indicated that she would lower her fee to compensate for the monthly fee for this service. There is no minimum number of applicants needed in order to participate in this program. Marianne will explain this program at the June meeting of residents.  Marianne noted that St. Mary’s church has this program and that she is enrolled in it.  Each month she gets an email telling her how much has been debited from her account and on what date.  Her church contributions are always made on time and she is always made aware of what has been deducted from her account.


9:45 A.M.  Wilson explained to the board that he would like to come back to work for the Olde Canal Village complex.  He told the board that there is an 80% chance that he would be able to come back to work in June because of pending legislation in Congress.  He believes he would pay a fine and then work with a lawyer to get his working permits.  The board asked Wilson to keep them informed and up to date on where he stands.


10:00 A.M.  Ed Machacz presented the board with information regarding radon gas in his basement.  An examiner told Ed that he needed a mitigating system in his basement that would pump the radon gas out of the house.  Ed asked permission to purchase this system and to allow it to be put in his basement. The board gave him permission for its placement.

In a discussion following the meeting with Ed, the board decided to further investigate radon gas testing.


10:30.  The agenda of the meeting was taken up.


1.  Cash flow and Bill pay  report for April was approved.  There are no delinquencies.


2.  Fire Wall status- all condos are complete regarding installation or completion of needed fire walls.  Frank reported that the remaining issue is the inspection by the town building inspector.


3. Interviews for prospective landscape/ snow removal vendors will start in June. 


4. Trustee Communication forms-

             Sink hole at 35 NVD-  it has been filled in 


5.  Frank collected the newly prepared Olde Canal Village Homeowners handbook which the trustees were editing. He will incorporate the suggestions with the material already in the book.  The new residents should be receiving the book in a few weeks.


6.  Part time worker- Roger and Frank have found a person who is willing to sub for Wilson.  His name is Dave Doppler.  At the present time, he is unable to work because of a hand injury.


7.  Frank had an indoor antennae made for the television in the clubhouse that will bring in several channels clearly.  This antennae will replace the cable the board voted to discontinue because of very limited use and increasing cost.


8. June election-  Frank Lary and Romeo Barthiaume are co-chairs for this election. The election will begin May 27 and will be an on-line process.

            Roger will present a report on the OCV cost savings for the FY 2012.

            Trustee candidates will be able to speak and answer questions.

            A quorum of qualified voters with greater than 50% of the beneficial interest is required to win the election.


9.  Debit card fraud- Marianne reported that the bank has credited the OCV account with the improperly debited amounts.  Actually, she noted, the bank has over credited the account and that issue will have to be resolved.  Romeo became a detective and tracked down the culprit who happened to live in London, England. He purchased a handbag for over 200 pounds ($324 US currency).  The culprit, who set the complex back for $48, has not been discovered.

            Andy clarified who is eligible to seek office as a trustee:  “To seek office of Trustee, the resident candidate must be a qualified occupant (55 years of age or older), a home owner, and condominium fees paid up to date at all times.

            Bulletin board- the board is responsible for authorizing all items posted on the circle and clubhouse bulletin board.

            Handicap parking- Romeo and Roger have ordered a sign indicating the handicap parking area.  A sign that points out the ramp entrance is also being prepared.


10.  Trustee comments:  Marianne reported that several residents have asked about awnings for the deck  to help with the sun during the summer months.  She also asked for an opinion regarding the retractable gazebos that could be placed on the deck and taken down each night if necessary.  These gazebos are just like a square umbrella that sits on four legs that would be tied down for stability.  They are not permanent structures and would serve to shield the sliders as well as the deck from sum.  The board will look into this proposal.


The board adjourned at 12:00 P.M.


Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams