MAY 15, 2006

1.  The meeting was opened at 7:00 PM by Chairman Andy Habe with all members and Bill Oncay present.

2.  The B0ard has rescheduled the Annual Meeting from June 12 to July 10, 2006. Voting will take place to elect one Trustee and the second is for the $9,000 Common Area Improvements Capital Expenditure Budge vote. There are two situations, we are still negotiating with vendors a 3 year fixed price Landscaping/Snow Removal contract and Andy announced that he cannot be available on June 12 due to personal reasons. Merle Ray advised that at the present time Andy is the only candidate for trustee. The date to apply for trustee has now been extended to June 30th. It is felt that by July 10 the bids for the follow-on contract will have been received and a vendor selected. Depending on the cost impact of the new 3 year vendor contract, the Board will then make the decision to move forward, delay, partially cancel or completely cancel the capital improvements for 2006.

3.  Merle Ray announced that no response has been received from CPA Harrigan concerning the incorrect statement in his annual review concerning Reserve Funds. Mr. Harrigan indicated that Olde Canal Village had never done a reserve study even though one was conducted in a prior year. His lack of communication concerning this statement has caused the Board to consider hiring another CPA for the FY 2006 annual review.

4.  Chairman Habe asked Tom Rogers about the status of the changes to the Master Deed/Declaration of Trust. Tom will take the current documents and will add the changes as an amendment and present it to the Board for review.

5.  Tom Rogers brought up an issue on insurance recommending that the Board consider adding coverage for flood and earthquake damages to the master policy. The Board voted by a majority of 4 to 1 not to add these items. However, an article will be placed in the next newsletter and residents will be asked to contact any trustee if they have comments concerning this issue.

6.  Lighting quotes have not been received but are expected soon.


7.  An estimate has not been compiled for the cost of painting the porch columns and garage door trim on units with problems with peeling paint. The units have been identified.

8.  The Board decided not to pursue the issue of emergency entry into units any further. Instead, it will be recommended in the newsletter that residents handle this issue on an informal basis either by giving out keys or the garage door opener code (if they have remote keypads) to neighbors.

9.  A request was received from 31 Olde Canal Way for permission to plant an ornamental tree on the right side of the unit. This was approved. Notification was received from two unit owners concerning water leaks in the basement. Tom Fermi will contact the Marinella Builders for resolution of the problem. One of the owners also has a problem with water entering the garage under the door. The Condo Association is not responsible for correction however a possible solution will investigated and the owner will be notified.

10.  Tom Rogers said that he will soon start putting sensors into the garage lights of the remaining units. The weather of late has delayed finishing this project.

11.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.



Andy Habe, Jr.