MAY 22, 2007

  1. The meeting was opened at 7:00 PM by Chairman Andy Habe with Trustees Bill Patten, Tom Rogers, and Merle Ray present. Marianne Williams and Roger Lange (Trustee candidates) were present as guests.

  2. Roger Lange provided the status of fire alarm testing. A coordinator has been named for each building who will oversee the testing either by the residents or a volunteer team. A list of dates has been scheduled (June 4,5,11, and 12 when the volunteer team(s) will be available. A sign-off sheet will be used to signify that alarms were successfully tested and will be filed forfuture reference by the insurance company. Roger Lange and Tom Rogers will coordinate the dates for testing by the team(s). Roger Lange then left the meeting (7:12PM)

  3. Andy Habe presented a list prepared by Tom Fermi proposing the formation of teams made up by residents to assume responsibility for certain jobs around the complex such as oversee the landscaping, irrigation, etc. This would relieve the Trustee workload and improve oversight of critical areas. This will be addressed further at later meetings.

  4. Marianne Williams questioned the condo associations's responsibilities in the case of young people coming into the property and walking/running around the complex. They appear to be members of athletic teams on training runs. Andy suggested that she discuss the issue with the high school officials and advise the Board of the results. She left the meeting at 7:30 PM.

  5. Andy advised that LEI personnel would be meeting with the Board on Wednesday at 9:00 to discuss the deficiencies in snow plowing and landscaping being experienced by Olde Canal Village. Issues are:

    1. Salt damage to grass areas.

    2. Failure to use ice melt in place of rock salt on driveways, sidewalks, and streets

    3. Damage to the area used to store LEI equipment, needs leveling and seeding.

    4. Gouged out areas by plows need to be filled and seeded.

    5. Establish schedule to weed beds, mulch, and fertilize

  6. Merle Ray advised that the annual accounting review would probably be completed and received within the next couple of weeks. He also provided an update on the upcoming Trustee election. Two candidates are on the ballot to replace outgoing Trustees Tom Rogers and Bill Patten. Ballots will be distributed to the residents by June 1 or shortly thereafter. Residents may return them to Merle Ray before the June meeting or at the June meeting. Recording of the vote will be done by Tom Rogers and Merle Ray at the meeting.

  7. The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.