Date:        5/3/4

Time:       7:00 p

Place:      Clubhouse




Tom Fermi






VC of Operations





Call to Order:  7:00p

Open Session Adjourn:            8:00p

Closed Session Adjourn:        10:15p


Unit Owner Open Meeting Minutes

v    Guests: Leslie St. Jean and John Harrigan

v    Olde Canal Village Financial Position 2003 presented by John Harrigan

1.       Opening of Meeting The meeting was opened by Chairman Habe with his thanking everyone for coming out on a bad night. Chairman Habe introduced two guests, John Harrigan, Olde Canal Village CPA and Leslie St. Jean, our bookkeeper.

2.       Finance Trustee Merle Ray introduced our first guest, Mr. John Harrigan to give the resets of his review of Olde Canal Village  accounting records for FY 2003. He indicated that his prepared report required changes, which he would forward to the Trustees. Our financial status at the end of FY 2003 was positive. The presentation also emphasized the reason, use, and importance of the Reserve Fund. The details are in his report. In the interest of minimizing cost, a copy of the report will be placed on the Clubhouse bulletin board and if any resident wants a personal copy, please contact Merle Ray, 32 Olde Canal Way, Phone 508 278-9413

3.       Chairman Habe thanked Leslie St. Jean for her rapid start-up in helping us with the books. Tom Rogers was acknowledged for his identifying Leslie for us. Andy also thanked John for his work and for the presentation.

4.       The May meeting initiates a change in the basic setup of the Meeting by having residents sit in chairs aligned in rows instead of people sitting around the tables. It was explained that the previous informal manner was not conducive to everyone hearing the comments and questions from the floor. Everyone agreed that this was a much better arrangement.

5.       Advertising in the newsletter was announced by Chairman Habe as something new. Residents were encouraged to contact Bill Oncay if they had anything they wanted to advertise around the community.

6.       Andy told everyone that he got a call from someone who wanted to buy here and that if something became available to please call. Andy said that he would call back and tell the man that we’re going to keep a list and that if someone was contemplating selling their home, they should contact the board before they call the realtor.

7.       There were queries about planting shrubs and trees in backyards. The response was that the Board would like anyone wishing to plant such items petition the Board in writing, identifying what is to be planted and where. In general, the Board is positive to such requests. Use the Trustee Communication Form to make the request.

8.       There is a new bulletin board inside the clubhouse for general public use. The board will be put up in the hallway across from the restrooms shortly. The bulletin board that has been in the clubhouse to the left of the door as you come in is going to be reserved for Trustee announcements, Minutes, etc.

9.       Bill Patten, the newest Operations Trustee, was invited to say a few words about his role in Operations. Bill is on the Landscaping Committee currently working on getting the trees out of the circle and on the Beautification committee which is planning on concealment of electrical and gas meters as part of the project. Many shrubs and bushes will be planted this year with seventeen or more trees next year. Bill announced that Roberto was the most likely to be the winning bidder for the planting business. The Board will not be responsible for replacement of plantings by residents.

Question: Will Roberto also be replacing the dead shrubs too? Response: Yes, as soon as a count can be established.

Tom Fermi spoke about the irrigation system not reaching some of the plants and that some plants have died as a result. Homeowners are encouraged to water the shrubs if it looks as if the irrigation system isn’t providing adequate water. The association will not be responsible for plants that die as a result of inadequate watering.

10.    It was requested that residents with1dead shrubs and/or 2with a preference to what is planted as part of this Beautification, project, please notify Bill Patten.

11.    Regarding fertilizing one’s grass, the Board gave people the OK.

12.    The garage sale was deemed very much a success. Wendy Quinlan the committee chairman gave an accounting of the money made as a result. The net was very positive. There are plans for another sale in a few months and Wendy agreed to coordinate that one as well. The Board thanked Wendy for her involvement. An accounting of the monies made can be found in the next Newsletter.

13.    There was a meeting of the Maintenance committee including Phyllis MacDougall, Marlene Joe, Barbara Van Heest, Tom Fermi and Andy Habe. The original plan was to produce an ala Carte menu of services and their respective prices, however, Roberto agreed to a flat $25 for the first hour and $20 every hour thereafter. There are other companies in the area that do the same thing but for significantly more money. So if you would like something done in you home, contact Roberto @ (508) 887-5442 or John Trombert @ (508) 278-7910

14.    Andy announced that the monthly meetings would be held on the second Monday of each month instead of the first as we’re currently doing. The reason is to facilitate preparation of the financial reports. The audience was polled for approval and the general consensus was positive. The Board is still considering the matter and will notify residents as to their decision.

15.    Moving the annual meeting from February to June was discussed along with extending the terms of affected Trustees from Feb to Jun. There will be a vote on this matter and if approved will result in a change to the Declaration of Trust. The purpose of the move is to facilitate those people that are gone in February. Moving the meeting will result in a higher percentage participation from residents. People were generally in agreement toward the proposal.

16.    Sprinkler system has been extended. This should help the erosion problem.

17.    Waste Management trucks are still dripping oil on the street. Trustees will meet with Waste Management on this issue.

18.    A discussion about bees and the problems they can and do cause. The item is on the agenda for resolution for the Board. It was acknowledged that this was a significant problem.

19.    Deck awnings were brought up. Andy suggested that it get written up and submitted to the Board for consideration.  Tom Fermi produced marketing info from a company that everyone seemed to like. The proposed model is premium. There are many of implications to allowing this because of ownership issues.  The Board as of now has not voted against the proposal, however, more information has to be collected and potential issues resolved.

20.    Andy thanked Mr. Ray Welsh for designing and building the new bulletin board. Mr. Arthur Matson agreed to do the artistic design and fabrication to duplicate the patterns from the old sign to the new bulletin board.

21.    Potluck Supper is June 12.

At this point, the Open Session of the May 3 Condo meeting was declared closed.


Closed Session

1.       The Trustee ‘closed session’ was called to order at 8:10p by Chairman Habe

2.       Bill Patten was assigned the project of looking into the bee problem. He is going to find a beekeeper to see if there may be a solution.

3.       The wooden stakes to identify which traffic circle trees to remove and their subsequent new locations have been made and are in Bill Patten’s garage. In the morning, Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, and Bill Patten will meet at the circle and plant the stakes.

4.        Dig-Safe has been called. They will mark where it is safe to dig.

5.       If the trees cannot be relocated (determined after the removal of the first tree) Roberto has agreed to take them off our hands.

6.       Documents and Forms --- The board reviewed and discussed in some detail,  the proposed forms and agreements. Revisions to those documents will be forthcoming.

a.                Use of the clubhouse

b.                Clubhouse Agreement

c.                Clubhouse Rules

d.                Clubhouse Alcohol Policy

e.                Proxy

7.       Bill Oncay was asked to produce copies of the Revised Rules and Regulations.

8.       A problem was identified that there is no common denominator regarding emails and any attached documents. Bill Oncay was asked to work on the problem so all trustees can communicate with each other.

9.       Need to establish a date to meet with Anthony Marinella (Joy) on open problems. To date, Mr. Marinella has refused to fix Mr. Mellen’s roof. The discussion was held regarding having someone knowledgeable come in and look at the problem. Roberto has offered $1,350 to fix the problem. Some Trustees weren’t comfortable having Roberto fix the problem without a second quote.

10.    There was a discussion about the association’s responsibility and the homeowner’s responsibility with regard to ownership of windows, doors, door frames, basement floors, etc; what’s in the Rules and Regulations and what might be deleted and/or changed. Sharper focus will be required in subsequent discussions on this topic. In all cases, labor to fix or replace windows, (for example) is not included in any warranty and will ultimately be the responsibility of the unit owner or the association.

11.    Trustees are seeking consent from unit owners to move the annual meeting date from February to June. The Trustees also ask that the terms of trustees now in office be extended from a February expiration date to June. This change will occur in only one year (2005) and is not intended to extend the standard 3-year terms. The ratification of the proposed change will require an assembly of at least 50+% of unit owners and a positive vote of that assembly in excess of 50% to become new policy at Olde Canal Village.

12.    Oil stains from the trash pickup trucks. A meeting will be confirmed with Waste Management to discuss this matter. The question was raised, regarding recycling, what the Waste Management Company will take and what they won’t and on which days they take it.

13.    Questions about the web site were raised about getting Olde Canal Village’s own website. A brief discussion occurred about Web Host Sites, Domain Name Resolutions, etc. It was reported that the URL OldeCanalVillage .com, .net, .org, and .edu were all available. The question of cost was raised. Bill Oncay was asked to gather some cost information to present to the board. In the meantime the existing web site will be reactivated.

14.    The Trustees will look into assembling a list of what should go on the OCV website. Once that list is complete, the labor to create it can be quantified.

15.    Reserve Fund - the Trustees have to address the validity of the report received from Noblin Associations that was/is being used to set aside money for the Reserve Fund. The Board has to decide which items on that report are valid and which are not. Some line items may be over zealous in their enthusiasm and some may be under estimated. The Board at a future meeting will make those decisions. Andy will look to scheduling that meeting.

16.    Parking on sidewalks. Visitors have been parking on the sidewalk. They should be parking  in the driveway or on the street but not on the sidewalk. Decision was made to put an “Effective Immediately” notice up on the new bulletin board. The notice will also go in the newsletter.

17.    Near the end of the Closed Session the Board discussed the current landscaping/beautification project(s). There needs to be a walkaround with Roberto to better understand the proposal and exactly what he’s going to do and what we’re paying for, There are currently three landscaping proposal: 1.To add new plants, 2. To add 17 trees (next year), 3. Replacement of dead plants.

18.    John Trombert has submitted a diagram for landscaping he’d like to do on the south end of his unit.  The general assessment was to give John the OK to implement the plan. The only question that remains is the ownership and responsibility. The garden area will be John’s responsibility to upkeep but ownership is still part of the “common area”

19.    The Board talked about investing the Reserve Fund. It was considered too early to tie up the money in CDs. The Reserve Fund may, in some time, become large enough to invest a portion.