June 6, 2013

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 9:00 A.M..

Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Frank Lary

  1. Cash flow- Marianne explained the double payment for the month of May for landscaping. Carlino did not receive the original bank check for April and Marianne ordered a new one which he also did not receive. She again canceled the check and sent him a paper check instead. He received two checks in May, one for April and one for May. The town is now charging us, on our irrigation bills, for the shed it built. We were never charged for this before. There was a double payment for Roger Lange for his trustee compensation payment, again because he never received the check sent in March. The two checks covered the lost March payment and the May payment. The Bank of America has not completed its fraud investigation and therefore the check book does not agree with the bank statement as the trust has been given too much money by the bank in trying to compensate for the fraudulent use of the credit card.

  2. Unibank program- Marianne will discuss the program at the residents meeting and she will have applications available for anyone who wants to participate.

  3. Interview for landscape/ snowplow- Frank has 7 possible contractors who are interested in submitting a bid. Frank asked the board to read and consider the pre-bid request for price quote given to potential vendors.

  4. Trustee communication forms- Roger and Frank will inspect several condos that are in need of minor repair. Dave Doppler will be here on Sunday to clean gutters.

  5. Review homeowners information book- Frank made necessary changes. Question regarding required dryer vent cleaning will be discussed at the next meeting.

  6. Election-

    1. a. Romeo made his report on the election. He noted that several people had a difficult time voting and he visited them and helped them with the process.

    2. b. Savings report- In all, approximately $48,000 was saved by being self- managed. Romeo saved the trust about $13,785 through his work with the shrubbery, changing lights and smoke alarms. These figures do not include the manual work done by Frank, Andy and Roger.

  7. 7. Bulletin boards- the trustee will control the use of the bulletin board next to the mail boxes. A Trustee Communication Form must be sent to the board if a resident wants to post something on the board. The handicap parking sign will be erected at the top of the first parking space in the clubhouse parking lot. The ramp sign has been repainted and planted in the ground nest to the ramp. The back door must now be open whenever an event is taking place in the clubhouse so anyone needing to use the ramp can enter the building. The board recognized the work done by Larry and Arlene Peloquin in spraying the weeds in the walkway and the road. Andy brought a letter he received that was really a sales pitch for unneeded insurance to cover the water pipes outside his home. He suggested that all residents be aware of such fraud letters that come to the home trying to get owners to purchase insurance or other items that are not legitimate. Town water rules- washing cars is allowed before 9 A.M. or after 5 P.M. Homeowners can water plants using a hose. A homeowner cannot wash the condo or the drive during the banned hours. Awning/ gazebos- owners who would like to install an awning or gazebo should notify the board for approval. The owner should be aware that awnings cannot be permanently attached to the home. Pictures of gazebos and specifications on size must be submitted to the board. Trash cans- the board has received complaints of trash cans that are being left out on the street for several days after the trash has been collected. Homeowners are reminded that all trash barrels are to be put out before 7 A.M. and returned to the garage as before the end of the day. If a homeowner is not going to be home, the board recommends that he or she ask a neighbor to remove the barrel to the garage area. Neighbors can also assist in the removal of the barrels when necessary. Smoke alarm procedure- trustees and building coordinators will continue to use the established procedure during the yearly smoke alarm testing. Romeo suggested that all homeowners become aware of which breaker controls the smoke alarms in their home. If the alarm begins to beep because of a dead battery during the night, the homeowner can flip the breaker and all the alarms will quite. Repair to the alarm can then be made in the morning. Comments- a bird house was erected in the middle of a lawn. Romeo said he will speak to the homeowner regarding replacing it elsewhere. It was noted that the grass surrounding the retention is not being cut. Frank will speak to Carlino.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Marianne Williams