June 12, 2012

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 3:00 P.M. Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Roger Lange, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams, Non-member present: Frank Lary

  1. The cash flow statement was approved and the bill payment sheet was signed by three trustees. There were no delinquencies to report. Marianne reported that we were dropped by Chartis Insurance who handled our workers compensation insurance and we were picked up by The Travelers group. The initial down payment was $324, the same amount we paid in previous years.

  2. The July meeting was rescheduled for July 13 at 3:00 P.M.

  3. Wilson is back to work after recovering from a medical problem. Roger said that Wilson will inspect the fire walls in all the condos to report which ones need additional wallboarding where missing. Marinella will install the missing wall boards. Wilson is also in the process of washing the condo fronts and backs. Wilson is using a chemical called Purple Power that is more effective than the product he formerly used. It must be washed off decks and walks. Roger said he will notify the building coordinators as to when their building will be washed so all residents can make the water available. Tom reported that Marinellas’ insurance company has denied his claim for the shoddy roof work that resulted in ice dam damage to the condos in the winter of 2010-2011. Olde Canal Village will not receive any funds to compensate for the repair expense.

  4. Andy told the board that he researched the complaint of illegal occupants and that th situation was not an issue. The owners in question had family members residing while work was being done on their own home. Any having family or friends residing for an extended period of time is asked to file a communication form with the board so we are aware of the situation. Marianne reported that HUD had not approvered the recertification of Olde Canal Village as of June 12. (Marianne received an email indicating that Olde Canal Village was subsequently approved later in the day) Tom reported that the gutter guards will not be replaced as they do not completely keep the leaves out of the gutter and, after a period of time, they decay.

  5. Comments- A resident called to report that the grass in his front yard was burned when workers replacing a storm storm laid the door on the lawn and the sun burned the grass under the glass. Investigation showed no major damage to the grass and it was determined that the grass will regrow. Parking on the street is increasing again. Residents are reminded that family and friends are to park in the drive. When there is no more room in the drive, the cars can be parked on the street as close to the walkway as possible. There is no parking on the grass as sprinkler heads are near the surface and can be easily broken. Parking is also available in the clubhouse parking lot except when the clubhouse is being used for a function. Roger is investigating the cost and logistics of getting electricity in the shed. Frank explained the new remote control system that will allow one person to check the functioning of the sprinklers without have to go back and forth to the control area.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 P.M.

Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams

June 12, 2012

The meeting was opened by Andy Habe at 7:00 P.M. Members of the board present: Andy Habe, Tom Fermi, Romeo Berthiaume, Marianne Williams

Andy welcome all the residents and he introduced the new residents- Tony and Fran Amara, John and Pat Kennedy, Al and Sharon Thompkins, Joe and Sharon Wyrostek.

Andy then recognized Bill Oncay who reported the winners of the election- Andy Habe and Frank Lary. Congratulations to both trustees. Bill reported that 51 out of 72 condo owners voted in the election. While this is a nice response, the board is hoping that 100% of the residents will vote in the next election. Voting will continue to be on line by accessing the website, oldecanalvillage.org Those without a computer, or who do not know how to access the website, can ask for a paper ballot.

Marianne reported that, while the financial standing of the complex is in good shape, our reserves are lower than last year because of the roof work last summer that cost the trust $80,000. This money was taken out of reserves and the breakdown of the condo fee increase that went into effect in January of this year mandates that $15 of the increase be used for monthly expenses and $5 of the increase be added to the monthly amount transferred to the reserve fund. That means that $1950 is put into the reserve fund each month to build it up again. Marianne also reported that as of this date, the Olde Canal Village Condo Trust has not been approved by HUD for recertification.

Romeo congratulated the winners of the election and thanked Tom for his many years of service and noted that he will be missed by all. He also thanked Bill Oncay for instituting the on-line voting process and expressed disappointment that only 51 unit voted. Romeo then talked about the work he is involved with, such as trimming, changing the bulbs, fire alarms, etc., and reported the savings Olde Canal Village has benefited from by the trustees doing the jobs around the complex that might otherwise be done by outside help at a significant cost to the trust.

Roger submitted a report that was read by Marianne. He reminded owners of the cleaning of the buildings and said the coordinators will be calling the condo owners to have the water available for Wilson. He said that the cracks in the roadway will be filled in by Wilson. He reported that the trust paid Wilson $4605 last year to do work that would cost approximately $15,350.

Tom thanked the board for their cooperation while working with him. He gave a brief description of his work through the years.

Andy asked for volunteers to assist in cleaning the clubhouse. Contact Sylvia Habe or Bonnie Trombert if interested.

Andy then read the State of the Trust which can be found on line at the Olde Canal Village website.

Andy then thanked Tom Fermi for his years of dedicated service to Olde Canal Village and wished him well on his retirement from the Board of Trustees.

Refreshments were served.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 P.M.

Respectively submitted by Marianne Williams