JUNE 2, 2005

1. Chairman Andy Habe, Jr. opened the meeting at 7:05 PM with William Patten, Tom Fermi, Merle Ray and Bill Oncay present. Tom Rogers was absent.

2. Merle Ray advised the Board of the death of Leonard Labonte, 31 Olde Canal Way and that Mrs. Labonte has offered to donate the handicap ramp in her garage to the Association. Roberto will be asked if he can store the ramp until needed by a resident.

3. The condominium trust must determine the number of residents who do not possess a set of condo documents (rules and regulations, master deed, etc.). Bill Oncay will put a notice in the next newsletter to gather input on this question. The Board will review the results and determine the best way of satisfying the needs of the residents.

4. A letter will be sent to all dog owners along with a copy of the rules. The owners will be requested to follow the rules in the future and if already in compliance, thank them for their cooperation. It may be that we end up issuing Newly Revised, Association Voted, Condo Documents.

5. Bill Oncay will research the rules for those affecting common area decorations and plantings. The Trustees will review the R & R concerning Common Areas/Facilities, association compliance and strictness of the present restrictions and requirements.

6. Invitations to the appreciation dinner will be mailed by June 8 with a requested reply by July 1.

7. Chairman Habe asked Merle Ray to discuss OCV credit card(s) with BankAmerica to determine the best solution, I. E., one card which any Trustee can use or separate cards for each Trustee.

8. The Board was advised of the bookkeeper’s offer of a three year agreement at a flat rate charge per month of $200 for the first two years and $225 thereafter. This agreement would be worded to allow either party to discontinue the term for any reason with a 60 day notice. The trustees approved this arrangement.

9. Tom Fermi will place election notices on the mail box and bulletin board to assure a large turn-out on June 13.

10. After a discussion on meeting minutes, it was agreed that closed session minutes as well as open session minutes would be distributed to the residents through email, hand delivery and posted on the OCV web site.. Sensitive issues of a personal nature will not be included in any minutes being distributed.

11. Chairman Habe asked about the status of the following with responses as shown:

        A. Paint peeling from pillars - Tom Fermi will find out information on the primer used and procedure.

        B. Because of the high cost of the awnings presented at the previous meeting, other sources need to be investigated such as Sunsetter. Bill Patten will look at this.

        C. Repositioning gutters - Tom Fermi advised that Roberto will do 34 Olde Canal Way by July 1 and completion of the balance to be determined.

        D. Budget Review and status of expenditures against the Special Landscaping Budget - Merle Ray will determine this after receipt of the May 31 accounting reports.

12. The meeting was adjourned at 09:35 PM and the next meeting will be R & R June 7th at 7PM in the clubhouse.

Andy Habe, Jr.




(JUNE 13, 2005)

1.The meeting was formally opened by Chairman Andy Habe after giving the residents a chance to talk, to pick up their ballots and to vote. When the meeting Chairman Habe welcomed everyone to the 2005 Annual Meeting and thanked everyone for coming. Attendance was high.

2.The State of the Trust which is normally given at the end of the meeting was delivered first due to the election. Andy thanked Merle Ray and Tom Fermi for their diligence at their Trustee jobs. Both men put in a great deal of effort to see this place runs well.

3.Following presentation of the State of the Trust, the meeting was then turned over to the election facilitator Merle Ray to formally start the election. People were instructed to send forward their ballots. While the votes were being counted, the meeting continued.

4.Clyde Powell, Jack Lewis and newly arrived Bob & Carol Crotty were thanked for being added to the list of unit owners to paint their own deck and front door. Clyde has already painted his bulkhead!

5.Andy Habe thanked Carole Miller for volunteering to run the yard sale. Any one interested in getting involved should contact Carole.

6.The Beautification Committee, Nancy Jackson, Merle Lalor, Carol Perda, Joan Viens, Lucille Whitehouse was thanked for planting the summer flowers.

7.Announcements were made concerning the Appreciation Dinner. It has been arranged for those that have provided their personal time, skills and energy in painting bulkheads, staining of decks, cleaning the clubhouse, etc, with the intent of "Saving OCV Money during 2003/2004" which otherwise would have required costly vendor services and condo fee increases. We thank all of you that have participated and hope that you and others will continue in the future.

8.It was announced that the Trustees have made the decision to have the Trustee’s Open and Closed Monthly Meeting Minutes posted on the OCV WEB SITE. We will continue to email or hand deliver the Open Meeting Minutes, the Newsletter and now the Closed Meeting Minutes as they become available.


9. The Meeting is now open for questions.
    Tom Fermi was asked to talk about the seal coating project which will be occurring this summer. Tom displayed a color coded map of OCV. He explained that the project will require four “good” sunny days. The map will be distributed to everyone showing what units are going to be done on which day. People were told that they will be required to leave their garage doors open. A letter with the plan will be distributed.

    Merle Ray, the election facilitator, gave the results of the ballot count. A quorum was present and both candidates, Tom and Merle, achieved the requisite percentage to be elected, at 71% and 73% respectively.

    A short discussion took place about homeowners insurance and what was covered by what insurance. The people with questions that weren't at the insurance meeting were advised to get with Tom Rogers and to have him explain it again.

With no further questions or comments from the floor, the meeting was adjourned.





JUNE 13, 2005

1. Chairman Andy Habe, Jr. opened the meeting at 8:03 PM with all trustees in attendance as well as Bill Oncay.

2. Chairman Habe read notes from residents Richard and Lucille Whitehouse thanking the Board for the trees being planted to screen headlights in the circle and May Labonte thanking the community for their sympathy and flowers provided at the death of her husband, Leonard Labonte.

3. Bill Patten and Bill Oncay presented the latest version of the condo rules and regulations for review by the Board. This document was discussed in detail and recommended changes will be incorporated and there will be a further review by the Board.

4.. Merle Ray presented the proposed revised agreement with the bookkeeper, Leslie St. Jean, which will provide for payment of a standard fee for services ($200 per month for two years and $225 for the following year) instead of the current hourly rate. The agreement will be effective 1 July 2005 and will run through 30 June 2008. The Board agreed and the agreement will be forwarded to Ms. St. Jean for signature.

5. The vote for two trustee positions will be certified and recorded at the Worcester County Register of Deeds as soon as possible.

6. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 PM.

Andrew Habe, Jr.


JUNE 21, 2005

1.  Chairman Andy Habe, Jr. opened the meeting at 7:00 PM with William Patten, Tom Fermi, Merle Ray, Tom Rogers and Bill Oncay present.

2.  The first item of business was to certify the results of the trustee election on June 13, 2005. This was followed by a discussion as to the requirement for registering the results at the Worcester County Register of Deeds since the incumbents were reelected. Tom Rogers will look into this matter. 

3.  A revised set of by-laws was discussed at length. Some changes were made which should result in the final document to be presented to the owners for ratification.  

4.  The following items were discussed: 

            A.  Budget Review - Expenses through June 30 and projected expenses through December 31 will reviewed in relation to the annual budget to insure that no financial problems occur unexpectedly. Funds borrowed from the Working Capital account will returned as soon as practical. Merle Ray asked that members start thinking about FY 2006 requirements. 

            B.  Road Sealing - A checklist is needed to insure that the job can be accomplished with as few problems as possible.  

            C. Road Stains - Tom Fermi reported that most of that he had discussed the issue with Waste Management and that a new truck will be put into use soon. Existing stains are primarily hydraulic fluid leaks which will stain the pavement but not damage it.  

            D.  Lighting - Use of solar lighting for the areas near the pond and the mail boxes is not practical due to cost. Feasibility and cost of the use of separate meters will be determined. 

            E,  Unit Washing - This will have to be done after gutters are cleaned. 

            F.  Tree Removal - The tree behind Olde Canal Way has been taken down but not removed. Bill Patten will insure that the owner of the property completes the job. 

            G.  Insurance Bids - The committee of Tom Rogers, Bill Patten and Gary Miller will be getting specifications together by October/ November. 

            H.  Deck Awnings - New proposals will be forthcoming on cheaper and larger awnings. 

            I.  Gutters/Ice Dams - In view of the success of the Bellingham condominiums in getting funds to prevent ice dam damage, a letter will be written to Marinella with an estimate of cost to change OCV gutters and a request for repayment. Repair to Komorek’s unit will be used a basis for the amount. 

            J.  Street Acceptance - Tom Rogers reported that there is nothing new and the next move appears to be up to Marinella. 

            K.  Building 11 - Bill Patten made a motion and seconded by Tom Fermi that $600 be provided for loam and grass seed/seeding for a portion of the back yards. The Board voted 4 to 1 against doing this based on our policy of not doing back yard landscaping at this time. This would have be a part of a master plan to do all back yards and the associated funds would have to be approved by the owners of Olde Canal Village as a Landscaping Improvement project. 

            L.  A motion was made by Merle Ray and seconded by Tom Fermi that all current officers of the Board be retained for the next year. The motion was approved by a vote of 5 to 0. 

            L.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM. 

Andy Habe, Jr.