The meeting was called to order at 7:07 by Board Chair Roger Lange.

Board members present: Roger Lange, Jim Hayden, Marianne Williams, Romeo Berthiaume. Absent: Peter Garvey

Roger welcomed the 37 unit owners and called upon Romeo to give the annual Board election report. Romeo reported that 89% of the Beneficial Interest participated and both candidates, Roger Langer and Don Godeke both received virtually all of the votes cast. Roger was elected to a fourth term and Don Godeke was elected to his first term. Veteran Board member Marianne Williams chose not to seek re-election.

Marianne gave the Treasurer’s Report and was happy to point out that Olde Canal Village is in good financial order. She added that the Trust has $109,465. in its reserve account. No condo fee increase is scheduled until 2018 and the increase should be minimal, according to Marianne. Marianne thanked her fellow Board members (both past and present) for their assistance and camaraderie during her tenure on the Board. Peter Garvey will assume duties as Treasurer in July.

Marianne also reported that the Mass Saves program was a relative success. Several residents took advantage of the reduced-fee insulation program. To her knowledge, no one has yet received a bill. She advised that any mail from Clear Results or from Chuck Dutton should be read since it may include that long-awaited bill. Marianne also noted that many residents took advantage of the RISE program which resulted in free energy-saving light bulbs.

Jim Hayden reported on his assigned areas which included roofs, water leaks, snow removal and Waste Management. He noted that Superior has done an excellent job with the roofs and will continue to be our roofing contractor. Jim reported that Waste Management has been very cooperative with the Board and has been keeping its fees down due to some good negotiations. While water leaks continue to crop up from time to time, Whitinsville Water Co. has done a decent job although a recent job at 11 Nature View Drive resulted in a poor patch-up area. It was suggested that in the future, the Board should contact Lafleur Paving Co. to do the final patchwork. There was some criticism aimed at J.R. Dowding, the snow contractor, for the damage being done to the lawns as a result of plowing. The Board has already spoken to J.R. about this and has suggested that better markers would help the drivers avoid damaging the lawns and driveway dividers. J.R. repairs the damage in the spring but several homeowners expressed concerns that the repairs are not adequate. Jim will bring those concerns to the table when negotiations for the next contract begin in the fall.

Romeo reported that several residents are expressing concern about the lawns. Due to the recent drought, some of our lawns are turning yellow in spite of our irrigation system. Romeo reported that the irrigation system has been thoroughly checked with the assistance of former Trustee Tom Fermi and our handyman, Dave Doppler. It was determined that 4 stations are not operating and the irrigation contractor (Bourque Brothers)has been notified. It was also decided to increase the watering periods from 28 to 35 minutes since we are in a drought period (5 inches below normal for June). Unfortunately, due to the e-coli situation, irrigation has been temporarily suspended and will resume when the Town of Uxbridge gives the OK to irrigate.

Romeo also reported that he and Marianne did a "walk-around" with Village Green, the landscape contractor, earlier in the week and that many of their concerns were addressed and hopefully will be rectified.

Roger reported that this year's maintenance schedule calls for the bulkheads to be painted. The gas pipes from the meters to the buildings will also be painted to prevent erosion. He reported that the painting of the front doors will be optional and residents are invited to paint their own doors. The Trust will supply the paint. Roger also noted that next year’s schedule calls for painting of the trim on our buildings. However, the decks may take precedence since many of them are fading and peeling.

Roger also reported that Marsha Petrillo, Director of Uxbridge Council on Aging, spoke to him about the "Code Red" program and she also donated several cases of water to Olde Canal Village in light of the e-coli crisis.

Incoming Trustee Don Godeke addressed the gathering and gave some of his background. He explained that he was eager to serve and was warmly welcomed. Don will begin his term on July 1st.

Several residents had various questions about some of the issues.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Romeo Berthiaume Board Member Olde Canal Village Trust