JUNE 5, 2007

  1. The meeting opened by Chairman Andy Habe at 7:10 PM with all members present except Tom Fermi. Trustee candidates Marianne Williams and Roger Lange were also present.

  2. Andy reviewed the agenda for the annual meeting to be held on June 12 at the clubhouse. Tom Rogers and Merle Ray will accept and record votes for the two trustee positions. The audience will be asked for any nominations from the floor. Ballots will have been distributed to the residents prior to the meeting and many will already have been received by the facilitator (Merle Ray). Completion of the process is expected to be a short process.

  3. Andy is trying to get more residents on committees to support the trustees and lighten the work load.

  4. There has been a report that about someone moving into a residence on a short term basis without approval of the Board of Trustees. Tom Rogers will look into the circumstances and take appropriate action.

  5. There was a lengthy discussion about the Snow Removal/Landscaping contract and contractor as pertains to damage done over the winter to areas adjoining sidewalks and driveways and to the area where the equipment was stored during the winter. We are negotiating and waiting final agreement with LEI to pay for the repair of plow gouges and where the truck drove in at no cost. They are asking $4,000 for the repair of grass around drives and sidewalks and $1,500 to repair the snow dumping area. Further negotiations will take place on this situation. The Board is not in favor of paying this amount because they feel that the contractor was at fault.

  6. A communications form was received from a resident concerning damage to plants caused by the contractor during weeding. Roger Lange will review this report.

  7. Merle Ray announced that the annual accounting review has been completed and copies are forthcoming. He will discuss the results at the annual meeting. Copies will be given to each trustee and one will be placed in the file. A copy will be available for loan to residents who would like to see the entire report.

  8. The meeting was adjourned at 8:58 PM.

Andy Habe



JUNE 12, 2007

  1. The meeting was opened by Chairman Andy Habe at 7:00 PM with trustees Thomas Rogers, Bill Patten, and Merle Ray present as well as a contingent of Olde Canal Village residents.

  2. Andy Habe provided remarks about the outgoing trustees (Tom Rogers and Bill Patten) concerning the outstanding job they did while members of the Board. He also thanked members of various committees for their help in making Olde Canal Village a viable and affordable place to live.

  3. Andy presented the state of the trust and gave the residents an update of the situation concerning LEI, our snow removal and landscaping contractor. To date, the Board is not enjoying a good working relationship with the contractor. Many residents voiced the opinion that our temporary contractor used in 2006 (Tony Carlino) would have done a much better job than that currently being done by LEI.

  4. Andy Habe turned the meeting over to Merle Ray to provide the results of the election of two trustees to replace Tom Rogers and Bill Patten. Candidate Roger Lange was present but Marianne Williams was out of town due to personal business. Both Roger and Marianne received over 80% (82.046% for Roger Lange and 84.802% for Marianne Williams) of the residential interest and were declared winners of the election to the Board of Trustees.

  5. The meeting was opened to comments from residents. Problems were addressed concerning mulching of private areas by the contractor, washout of areas due to deeper than need edging and use of bad language by LEI workers in Spanish. Comments were also made that during fire alarm testing, some alarms did not go off when a single alarm was activated. Andy Habe pointed out that any repairs needed to fire alarms were the responsibility of the home owner, not the Condominium Association. There also were also some comments about windows failing either by broken seals or broken glass. Again, the audience was reminded that windows are the responsibility of the home owners.

  6. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00 PM.

    Andy Habe Chairman