Date:        6/7/4

Time:       7:00 p

Place:      Clubhouse




Tom Fermi






VC of Operations





Call to Order:  7:00p

Open Session Adjourn:            8:00p

Closed Session Adjourn:        9:12 p

Unit Owner Open Meeting Minutes


1.       Chairman Andrew Habe opened the meeting welcoming two new families to our community, Joe and Margaret Derderian into @ 19 Nature View Drive and Robert and Carol Crotty moving into 61 Nature View Drive

2.       Andy’s opening comments - “I am pleased to say that the scenery is starting to look a lot better around here. The lawn across from the clubhouse is coming in, the trees in the circle have been moved to beautify the grounds and to make the trip around the circle safer. The Olde Canal Village grass that was burnt out with the salt and plow damage over the winter, continues to be repaired. We have had problems, April was the wettest month in Massachusetts’ history, the month of May was not much better, with the cold and rain. Roberto brought his son Eddie up from Florida with high hopes to help run his business but due to lack of experience on Eddie’s part, it has not worked out for Roberto or Olde Canal Village. I should mention that Eddie is a very nice young man and with the proper training will eventually be a significant help to his father.

Roberto has committed to personally attend to his business here at Olde Canal Village and has spent a major part of the last four days mowing, edging, mulching, loaming, seeding, and Fertilizing. Hopefully the weather will also turn in our favor”. Andy, Tom F, and Bill P are meeting with Roberto on Monday mornings to discuss the schedule and to review what is planned and what has been done.

The Board is working very closely with Roberto to insure that the best possible job will be done for Olde Canal Village.

3.       People are still going the wrong way around the circle. People are URGED to please make an effort and go around our circle counterclockwise.

4.       The deck-staining project is continuing.

5.       Arthur Matson was recognized for volunteering to finalize the bulletin board’s painting and artwork so that the board matches the “Olde Canal Village” sign at the entrance to the compound. The traffic circle bulletin board is for ALL to use for special notices only such as clubs, committees, & Trustees. The inside bulletin board, to the left of entrance door is for official use only and a third bulletin board has been placed on the wall in the hallway across from the restrooms. This Board is for personal use (classifieds) so people, put your advertisements on this board. All postings on all bulletin boards should have a contact name and/or phone number. People are encouraged to read all bulletin boards.

6.       Adult Community - Olde Canal Village is an adult community with restrictions on occupancy. All residents must be 55 or over or have special approval from the board to reside here. Residents who do not have a copy of the governing documents should contact Mr. Tom Rogers for a set.

7.       Use of garage lights is again encouraged. We’re almost there for total coverage. Please participate. Turn your light on. Contact one of your Trustees about adding a timer.

8.       The garden committee is thanked for a job well done again this year. Nancy Jackson, Merle Lalor, Ann Lewis, Carol Perda, Barbara Van Heest, Joan Viens, and Lucile Whitehouse were recognized for their stellar performance.

9.       Special thanks to Carol Lavallee, Bill Patten, Barbara Van Heest, Ann Darling, and Jean Doherty for their efforts relocating the six trees from the circle which are thriving in their new venue. The trees will certainly add to the beautify of the condominium.

10.    Each unit resident should check out the operability of their fire alarm system. Pushing the button in the center of the alarm should set off not only that alarm but all others in the house as well. If they don’t work this way, there is something wrong with the system. This failure is a dangerous situation. Everyone should check their systems immediately. In the event that one unit detects smoke, all units should sound their respective alarms and the unit that “detected” the smoke will blink so that it can be located as the source of the trouble. It appears as if electrical storms may have destroyed some wiring. If the alarms don’t work you will not get clearance to sell your house if you choose to do so.

11.    Merle Lalor brought up the point that Olde Canal Village does not have a fire alarm box outside. If there’s a fire, one must use the phone and call 911. Tom Fermi will look into the alarm box situation.

12.    Parking. Residents must park their cars in the driveway. Guests must park in the driveway unless space is not available then may park in the street and under no circumstances, park on the sidewalk.

13.    "Tree or plant removal from the condominium grounds is prohibited unless authorized by the Board of Trustees."

14.    Carol Miller passed out the Resident/Trustee Communication Form. People are urged to use the form for formal communication with the Board. The use of the form is important because it provides a measure of liability against an issue falling between the cracks. These forms are regularly discussed at special sessions of the Board and used to help in making qualified decisions. Please use the form. Once you’ve filled it out, mail it or hand it to a Trustee or bring it to one of the next meetings. Use it to report problems, raise issues, express concerns, etc.

15.    Bill Oncay has been appointed to chair the OCV WEB Committee. Wendy Quinlan reported on the matters before the committee at this time. The committee is drafting a charter to put before the Board which identifies a plan and a list of items designated to be “put up” on the web site.All community members, that want and with web access will be given an email address as follows where X = first letter of the first name, and YYYYYYY = last name. One’s email address can therefore be derived from the above convention. Mr. Habe’s email address is therefore,

16.    A list of three people that will do household jobs will be posted to the bulletin board along with the types of things you can call them to do. John Trombert is $23/hr, $15 for the first ½ hour. DPS (Roberto) is $25/hr minimum first hour then $20/hr after that. ETC is $40/hr, $250/day and no charge for a quote.

v    John Trombert of 61 Nature View Drive, Tel: (508) 278-7910. $15.00 for the first 30 minutes or less; $23.00 per hour thereafter.

v    DPS Home Service (Roberto) Tel: (508) 887-5442, $25.00 for the first hour, $20.00 thereafter.

v    ET Cetera Handy Man Service; Tel: (508) 735-3559; $40.00 per hour, free estimates, Large jobs can be negotiated

It is the owner’s responsibility to see that the people they hire have Workman’s Compensation Insurance.

17.    Mr. Merle Ray presented the monthly financial report.  The annual report is posted on the inside bulletin board. Copies can be had by calling Merle. Monthly report is positive.

18.    The shrubbery in the circle island cost $201. Labor was donated by the Trustees

19.    Al Bresciani reported that the potluck dinner is Saturday night. Cost $3.00/hd for barbeque chicken and kielbasa on the grill.

20.    Will Roberto be painting the bulkheads? Yes as part of the normal maintenance schedule. They won’t all be done, only those that need it because of rust.

21.    Bill McGee. Deck stain on the vinyl. Will that be taken care of? Andy - yes it will be. So will the stain on the deck footings. The footings will be painted.

22.    Everyone was asked if anyone objected to having his or her picture at the last potluck published in the newsletter. Responses were negative.

23.    A unit owner reported a hole in the siding and wanted to know if it would be fixed. Andy - yes, it’ll have to be fixed. This item should be reported using the Communication Form.

24.    Fred Tognacci asked the status of the items still open with Marinella. Andy - there are still a few items open with Marinella. The board is looking to holding another meeting with Marinella construction.

25.    Andy Habe thanked everyone for coming and acknowledged the attendance.

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Blaise Pascal

At this point, the Open Session of the June 7 Condo meeting was declared closed.


Closed Session

1.       Mr. Gary Miller proposed giving the Association a SONY 32” TV. The board voted to accept Carole and Gary Miller’s most generous offer.

2.       Prepare to distribute with the newsletter, copies of the Trustee Communication and all documents pertaining to the clubhouse and the rules for its use. Bill Oncay was assigned that task.

3.       The referendum ballots to change the annual meeting were collected. At this writing, while the vote is open and ballots are still being collected, the referendum is anticipated to pass.

4.       Prepare to review and analyze the work done on the original Reserve Fund study.  Andy recommended that all Trustees go online and obtain a copy of an article by Mr. Jeffery Goldberg about Reserve Funds and the responsibilities of the Board and the Unit Owners to put these funds aside.

5.       Several people wish to replace the mulch between driveways with stones sighting water from rainstorms washes away mulch while it passes harmlessly through the stones. Tom Fermi was commissioned to seek out acceptable styles and colors of crushed stone that residents might use. Residents should seek permission first from the Board before they make any substitutions for the standard mulch.

6.       The project to identify and get quotes for repair of damaged roadways, driveways, sidewalks, and walkways is proceeding.

7.       Deck awnings - The Board is continuing to look at the deck ‘awning’ matter and will make an announcement once a decision is made.

8.       Clubhouse extinguishers - It has become necessary to replace the fire extinguishers in the clubhouse with newer models that can be certified annually. The new extinguishers have been installed and certified.

9.       Tom Rogers was asked to provide insight into insurance coverage regarding committee volunteers.