JUNE, 9, 2009

The annual vote to replace or reelect officers for the Board of Trustees took place and Andy Habe was reelected to the board by a vote of 61 out of 62 votes submitted.

Andy called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. He began by assuring the residents in attendance at the State of the Trust was fine. He mentioned the state of the finances and the effort being made to control the costs and condo fees. He listed various projects that were in process or completed by the board. He thanked the members of the board for their attitude and management skills which resulted in savings for the community. Andy spoke to the resident regarding the timeline of work. He explained that the jobs were prioritized and, while the board understands that all the residents want their project done as soon as possible, sometimes the job requested will have to be done at a later time, but, he stressed, all jobs will be done. Andy told the residents they will be receiving a copy of the original Master Deed once it is printed and that they are to add it to the copy they presently have.

Andy went on to thank the members of the various committees and the work they do. He pointed out the beautification committee as well as Romeo Berthiaume and Tom Fermi for planting the trees. He also welcomed two new members to the beautification committee, Jackie Marenghi and Donna Oncay. He added that the clubhouse cleaning committee was looking for new member and two ladies raised their hands and indicated their desire to join this committee. They are Judy Lange and Diane Sawyer. He then thanked Bonnie Trombert and her committee their work on the Sunshine Committee.

Andy then informed the residents that the number of general meetings has been reduced to three per year due to low attendance. He thanked Bill Oncay for his work in publishing the Newsletter. He then turned the meeting over to the members of the board for their comments.

Marianne spoke about the finances of the trust. She reminded the residents that the monthly Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Statements are posted each month on the bulletin board for their perusal. She pointed out that we are at this time below budget in most area except for irrigation and landscaping. A number of CD's have matured and were renewed but a lower rate which was not unexpected. She also reminded everyone that, if they ordered a tree for the tree planting program and have not paid, they should reimburse the trust as soon as possible. Marianne then thanked Lucille Whitehouse, Merle Lalor, and especially Nancy Jackson who has left the Beautification Committee, for all the work they did through the years. She also thanked Jackie and Donna for stepping up to help out and added that others are also welcome to join the Beautification Committee.

Romeo then in formed the residents that there is only one week to order a tree as the planting season is just about over. He has three trees to plant and might do it again in the fall if people want more trees planted. He will begin the annual trimming of shrubs when the flowers fall. Romeo reported that 71 out of 72 owners responded to the petition for Emergency information and he thanked everyone for their cooperation. He reported that the annual fire alarm inspection will be held in October which would correspond to fire safety month. He also reminded owners that, if they are interested in installing heating wires for the prevention of ice dams, they should let Romeo know by Sept 1st so the wires can be attached between Oct 1 and Nov 1 before the storms start. Breaking through the ice is the greatest part of the installation bill. If they are installed before winter, Wilson can install them at a great savings to the board. The residents were reminded that they must pay for the wire but the board will install them. They were also reminded that the cost of using the wire was about $2.08 per day. Romeo thanked Gil Joe for showing him how to install the sensors and that periodically he goes out at night to check the garage lights.

Roger spoke about the painting of the units and he said Wilson is ahead of schedule. He sands and primes two building at a time. He reminded all owners to clean their fronts to get them ready for painting. The project includes all wood trim around garages and porch as well as the pillars. He commented on the communication forms and reiterated the point made by Andy that all work is prioritized but all work will be done. He pointed out the new fences on the side of the clubhouse and told residents that in the fall, gravel will be put between the fencings in order to prevent damage to the fences by weedwackers as well as for weed control. Anyone wishing to stain their own deck can get the stain from Roger. He then thanked Andy for all the work he does for the community.

Tom thanked Wilson and Tony Carlino for the great job they do for the community. He said that spring cleanup was late this year for several unavoidable reasons but next year spring cleanup will begin the first of April. If any resident decides to cleanup ahead of the schedule, he or she should be sure to pick up the leaves and debris and not blow it on the common area. Carlino will repair any snow damage per the contract we have with him. Regarding the mulch- Tom explained that Carlino took out the excess much and added a small amount of new much. This program will be repeated on a three year cycle. The excess mulch was placed in various areas around the community for use by the residents. Tom reminded owners that they are welcome to put new plants in front of their homes but the board should be notified for approval. He also advised that the dryer vents should be cleaned once every three to four years for safety reasons as lint buildup in the long duct can start a fire. He then said he was trying to work a deal with Mighty Duct if he can get 30-40 owners to sign up. Mighty Duct charges $125 per unit.

Tom thanked all who purchased a tree: The Fermi's, Anne and Nelson Pouliot, Jeannine Komrorek, Romeo and Diane Berthiaume, Don and Judy Godeke, Ed and Priscilla Machacz, Joe and Jackie Marenghi, Ed and Pat Tejeiro, Bill and Donna Oncay, and Barbara Worsham for the use of her water.

In closing, Andy reminded everyone about the community breakfast on June 14. He thanked Sylvia and Marti for organizing it.

The meeting ended at 8:15 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Marianne Williams

JUNE 9, 2009

The meeting began at 8:35 P.M.

  1. Marianne gave the financial report and pointed out the over budget items of landscaping and irrigation. Tom explained the added figures were due to repair work on the irrigation system that required additional new valves and sprinkler heads as well as a new motor. He said he is looking into purchasing new sprinkler heads on the internet which would prove to be cheaper and thus save us money in the future.

  2. Because of Marianne's concern for overspending especially at the end of the month, Andy suggested holding off on transferring reserve money each month and doing it on a semiannual basis with accumulated funds of $9000 per transfer. The motion passed.

  3. Tom has collected the Emergency Information sheets to be filed. He made a chart of the information for each trustee. He suggested the building reps also have a copy as there is no information on the sheets that would present a security problem to the residents. This suggestion was approved.

  4. Because there have been several complaints regarding the speed as to when problems presented via communication forms are presented, a notice will be emailed to the sender and acknowledge the receipt of the form. Because of the need to prioritize the jobs requested, no time frame will be given as to when the work will be done. The acknowledgment will let the homeowner know the job is listed and will be taken care of.

  5. A suggestion was made to give Wilson a bonus of $100 for the outstanding work he has done. T his bonus will be issued on a quarterly basis. Motion.approved.

  6. A number of miscellaneous items were discussed as to whether or not they are still viable items or if they have been settled. Most were discussed at the general meeting.

  7. Marianne brought up a water issue at the clubhouse pointing out that the spigot for water use is in the rear of the building when all the plantings are in the front of the building. She asked if a pipe or hose could be installed that would extend the source of water to a more accessible spot. Romeo suggested looking into taping into the pipes in the men's room and hooking up an addition faucet outside the side door. Another suggestion was to extend a hose along the back of the clubhouse to the side area. Both of these suggestions will be looked into.

  8. Andy Habe was unanimously reelected chairman of the board of trustees.

Meeting ended at 10:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Marianne Williams